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For those who are interested, this is an update on Steem Guild, including a list of the authors who are being supported by its votes.

You can see Steem Guild’s original announcement here:


Several months ago, Steem Guild began with the support of @ned and other accountholders to continue the work that Project Curie had begun. Curie is ideally suited to discovering new authors who are producing great content in a variety of different subject areas, but it lacks the voting power to continue supporting them for very long. Some of these authors hit a brick wall when their votes from Curie ended.

At that time, there were complaints on the site and in chat channels that good quality work was going unnoticed and unrewarded. Despite producing good content, authors often went back to making a few dollars per post after Curie had to move on. Despite the fact that they were generating a good following, the community was not capable of supporting them yet with adequate rewards. Due to the low Steem price and the disparity in voting power, only the large accountholders had the power to allocate rewards on a broad scale.

Steem Guild was formed to distribute rewards to a wide range of authors, artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, and other content creators (To keep it simple, I’ll call them all “authors”). Steem Guild connects large accountholders with high quality authors, ensuring that those who commit to Steemit and produce great content will be recognized and rewarded for their work. In the future, we hope that voting power will be distributed widely enough that the market can handle rewards on its own.

Today, several months in, it is time to provide an update on Steem Guild’s operations and its place in the community. Here is my best effort to explain what Steem Guild has achieved and which authors it supports. In addition, I’d like to credit the staff members who work their asses off every day to make sure any good posts from the listed authors are voted on and rewarded. Staff members put in varying amounts of time; their only source of compensation is upvotes on their own posts, per the preference of the project’s whale supporters. Steem Guild is not a business, so it has no budget or fundraising of its own.

To date, the Guild has voted on more than 18,000 posts. And there are 350-400 authors being helped by these votes at the moment.

We are including the main list of our authors and staff members in this post. There are additional authors in some of the special focus areas who also receive votes. These votes are specific to those areas (explained further below), so while the main author list is the heart of Steem Guild, authors in those fields receive votes as well.

How Does Steem Guild Select Authors?

Creative Commons via Flickr by David Goehring.

Actually, it doesn't. Steem Guild receives its author list from Project Curie, which is better suited to finding newer authors (including writers, musicians, videographers, photographers, and others). Curie begins to follow authors who post good quality content from different fields and whose work meets its guidelines (for example, the project’s whale supporters prefer no Steemit-related or overtly religious content). Once these authors have received some Curie votes and reached a certain reputation score, Curie hands them off to Steem Guild, which then follows them and keeps an eye out for good quality posts.

The list does not include all good Steemit authors (after all, that’s what Steemtrails, Robin Hood Whale, other initiatives, and community members’ own individual votes are for!), but Steem Guild’s team distributes meaningful rewards to as many worthy authors as possible given the available voting power.

What are the Special Focus Areas?

In addition to the main author list, Steem Guild works with whale supporters and content curators who have strong interests and expertise in particular areas of content. These include Science, in partnership with SteemSTEM, and Photography, which has grown steadily since Steem Guild team members began helping to curate it. Both of these are popular subject areas on Reddit and we are working to help duplicate that same success here.

Steem Guild also curates posts in several foreign language areas, which are curated and reviewed by staff members who are fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Turkish, French, and Japanese. Given that around 95% of the world’s population has a first language other than English, it makes sense that much of Steem’s future growth will come in other language areas. Yet the Steemit platform is still being developed and has not had any real localization yet, aside from the Golos spinoff.

As the website (and other Steem sites, interfaces, and apps) reach prime time in the coming months, the sites and materials can be localized to support various languages. At that point, if there had been no community-building to date, these language areas would have been starting from ground zero. Instead, Steem Guild’s language curators have been hard at work not only bringing in posts, but actively helping to build communities these last few months.


Some of Steem Guild’s language curators began with a small trickle of posts a few months ago and now are sifting through floods of content. The Chinese and Koreans bring in a steady stream of posts each week and the other language areas are getting established also. When the Spanish (Proyecto Cervantes) and German curators began, they had a hard time finding any good posts to reward; now there are up to 25 good posts per day in each of these areas. This is due to hard work from many people, not only those within Steem Guild.

As @hilarski 's recent analysis of Steemit's online presence indicates, Spain and Germany have become two of Steemit's largest market segments in recent months.

Steemit’s language communities are poised for massive growth once localization comes.

Main List of Steem Guild Authors and Staff Members



Staff Members and Key Contributors:

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication. And a special thanks to @ned and our other accountholders for sharing voting power with the project. You have enabled us to help a lot of great authors, keeping Steemit’s retention levels much higher today than they would be otherwise. Best of all, there is a diversity of great content on the website, which gets fresher and more engaging every day.

Tom @donkeypong, for the Steem Guild team


I am really grateful to Steem Guild team, I have no words to explain how much they have helped me, I live in Venezuela, as everyone knows, the situation here is very difficult and if it were not for you I do not really know how I would do it Study and have some income of money, just as Steemit has changed my life, Steem Guild has improved my way of living and great value to my words, THANK YOU TEAM!!, GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU

Well deserved as so many on this list. I do remember your first post and so happy to see how much you help those doggies

Thanks you always supporting my cause we continue in the fight for street dogs

Happy to see this. Six months ago, this would have been a long list of total strangers. Today, a community.

What an awesome thing to say! So true.

Yes - I recognize about 17 on that list as people I interact with regularly. Awesome to see community developing!

so good to hear that, because it's even only the beginning:)

so true @kevinwong much fun ! I appreciate all of the teams work so much

couldnt agree more!

@curie !! Yeah ...@donkypong You are a star ! I need to find those @steemfest photos. I am so proud to be a part of this awesome, diverse community and even though I am inactive once in a while, I still enjoy my emotional roller-coaster rides on this wacky platform I love so much. When I'm gone I miss your stories. The moment I am back, I feel like coming home. OMG OMG, I even found my name on this list:) Thank You so much and hello to everybody. Keep on steeming !

No, thank YOU, Steemtrail. What you guys do, day in and day out, makes this community a far better place. It's been a privilege (and a lot of fun) to work with you on building this platform.

@donkeypong am 3 days late but better late than never
I have to admit I just upped this 3 days ago and read it while brunching this morning :0!

'Vote first and read later' is something like 'shoot first and ask questions later.' But sometimes, it's the best way to fit Steemit into our busy schedules.

@donkeypong am busted hahaha
I skimmed and switched sorry about that
you're right, I don't have much time to post and return upvotes and vote so I do that sometimes

You're not the only one. ;)

Many things I have to be thankful for one of them is knowing you and working with you Tom. Also with the rest of the team in the Steem Guild, the Curie team and all collaborators who helped a lot as well.

Hopefully we can continue helping many people and the platform and we can keep pushing forward!

Thank you for everything!

Man it is truly an honor to work with you. If the success of this platform was based solely on your will and effort... it would already be the greatest success story ever!

I just loved this update Tom!! I was kind of smiling while reading it :-)
I feel really honoured to be part of the Guild Cervantes. Its been already 4 months non-stop with cero days holidays :-( and I have to say that I feel kind of proud when I look at the hispanohablantes chat channel and I see 140 members interacting to each other, having fun and promoting spanish posts.
I still remember as It was today when you commented one of my posts about electricity market and you invited me to andrarchists mentoring me together with other members of that channel like Andrew or Kevin.

Anyway I wish we continue working together as a Team as we are doing now helping to distribute the steem to original content creators.
@the-alien I also have to thank you for ur hard work and dedication. You are amazing Adil, but please you need to find some time to sleep!!

No man, thank you and Pablo for all the great work that you do, growing and nurturing the Spanish community.

It has been a great pleasure working with you and looking for more!

Like many among us I am very happy that the Steem Guild picked up on me! It means so much to have support!
Thank you for the hard work and the upvotes and of course all the help!

You can thank the Curie staff for finding your blog. Steem Guild helps with the rest of it!

Project Curie, and Steem Guild, amongst many other projects have contributed to the development of a great community here at Steemit. Many thanks for the support, to both myself, and all the others on this list. Your time and effort is appreciated.

Content creators are the life blood of steemit. Keep on steeming!

Agreed, and there a some great content providers here. Keep on steeming indeed :)

I would first like to say thank you to Curie and Steem Guild for supporting my writing. I have always identified myself as about a niche writer as it gets and I doubt I would have received any support or recognition without Curie and Steem Guild regardless of how well any piece I create is written. Curie began to provide some recognition and awards right as I was considering walking away from Steemit to consider another vehicle for my writing.

Ironically, because I chose to stay, continue to contribute, cross promote on other social media sites and feature my own work on Steemit through sponsored links on more mainstream sites, doors are opening which would not have had I stopped writing. I think for that reason I will give Curie and Steem Guild the benefit of the doubt and support them as best I am able.

A new technology like Steemit is never prepared at the outset for ways a system can be gamed and become broken (whether accidental or intentional). While Curie and Steem Guild are not a perfect solution to a broken vote weighting system, they are a solution which has proven to be effective in lieu of blowing up an existing, imperfect system and starting from the beginning - destroying value and opportunity for everyone.

I'd like to thank everyone in Curie and Steem Guild who voted for my work. I'd also like to thank everyone who ever submitted my work for consideration to Curie.

@donkeypong and @liberosist thanks for doing what you do to keep it going. Keep juggling.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Steem Guild over the last few months. Curating has really helped the CN community thrive and it's evident that the retention has been very good. I'm even seeing quite a lot of old faces pop back in the CN community which is great!
Again, so glad to be part of the community and doing my little bit!

It has been great working with you and checking out your excellent posts! Keep on steeming!

And thanks to Steem Guild for the hard work (and the constant support to my own contributions)!

18000 posts! I know you were doing a lot, but I was definitely underestimating the number...


We were a bit surprised by the total as well when we ran the numbers! 18,000 is a big number ey?! ;)

Amazingly big ^^

In science terms, isn't that 1.8 x 10 to the 4th?

1.8 x 104, precisely ^^

this post helped answer my earlier post

Thank you for all of your efforts here!

Thank you for continuously supporting my work @donkeypong and the whole team. It is actually great to see an update on SteemGuild and to see how it functions!
The list of people you curate is also pretty long, which is great. Keep on doing the great work. If you will need an extra hand with the project, I can always help. Just let me know :)

One of the best ways to hep is to keep creating awesome stuff that will draw new people in... and to vote as much as you can on cool stuff that you see.

Thanks... Curie/Guild has given a lot of support for my posts.
I really hope this may be a good bridge to the future. Because, I see, at the beginning of the account is created, the accounts get appropriate rewards every day. But the longer, that accounts got low rewards. We don't expect people who are already producing good contents will be changing direction and going stress. :D
Thanks a lot, @donkeypong

Very grateful for the Guild team, thank you! You guys are doing tremendous work, thank you for the thorough transparency and continued enthusiasm over this initiative.

It's a pleasure to be a part of this, you are all such great people to work with. I think we are doing a lot to help out such a wide variety of good authors :)

Thanks Tom! It's an honor to work with you and to be part of this amazing team. And thank you to all of the community members who keep creating such amazing content... and to the account holders who allow us to reward these awesome creations. So many people around here are all pulling on the same rope. With this kind of passion and effort, we are bound to succeed!

Great job to everyone who made the list, especially my buddies @ezzy, @dreemit and @merej99! You guys really deserve it :D Such great talents that are long overdue of the recognition they are given.

And, for the others like me who didn't make the cut, keep your chin up and just continue doing what you're doing. As someone on the edge of Curie qualification, I have felt the anxiety of an uncertain future, but I've accepted the fact that everything we are given here is a gift that we should just appreciate. Hopefully, the changes planned for Steemit would give us more opportunities to showcase our work :D

It all makes so much sense now. Everyone on this list has earned their spot. Good job everyone, and to all involved, thank you.

You were on a list, after all -- just not a blacklist like you thought, lol.

That was awhile ago. Things seemed a bit off. I just kept going though. Didn't give up. No public meltdowns because those are funny.

Yep, you just kept going. You have been so consistent in putting up your art.

Wow! Gerat stats and information sharing. To top it all, I'm so grateful to be part of that list too. Honoured and very glad to see myself among the crew. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I am honored to be on this list, i will continue to be the best pirate I can be. Shout outs to everyone who made the list and the ones who may have been missed by accident. Keep up the hard work and Steem on brothers and sisters!

A huge thank you to all involved from me. That list is a veritable who's who of steemians! It's a great thing that there is consideration like this as it is great to know that there is thought about users from newbies right up.

Thank you again!

Fantastic project, at every level. Great job and thanks for your hard work.

Thank you for all steemguild. Special thanks to the members of the german guild, @knozaki2015, @twinner (the only I know from the guild). These guys guided me so smart, that I am a real Steemian today, knowing all the guild rules too. It's great to be a part of Steemit and so great to have a guild paying attention.

Thank you to the entire team, your work is invaluable. When you see it all in one post, you do realize how significant Steem Guild is!

You guys (and gals) are the greatest! Thank you for all of your support. It is people and groups like this that keep my hope in Steemit as high as possible!

Thank you Donkeypong, Steem Guild, and supporters... I appreciate it more than you know!

I am glad that you are working on the community to spare no effort. Thank you for your work!

the guild rocks i vote on a lot of stuff u guys write/vote on

Awesome! That is the best way to help. Make sure to vote on other great content here.

It's a pleasant surprise to see my name on this list.Thank you for the support!

Bless you all for including me on this awesome list! Loving Steemit and all of it's fantastic community members.

Here's to the future! :)

Thanks for all the work you're doing with this. It's tremendously helpful to extend that reward distribution tail.

Excellent post dear friend @donkeypong, thank you very much for disseminating this information.
Congratulations to the authors mentioned in this list

And a big thank YOU to all that are involved. I appreciate the support.

Thank you so much for all you do for us, @donkeypong and the entire Steem Guild team!!! It is so appreciated.

Cheers to the authors, thanks for the support and great initiatives.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this. I love posting to Steemit, and this makes me love it even more.

Big thank you to everyone who contributes to this project! You're doing an amazing work.

I have been very blessed to have my work supported by the Guild.

Thanks for all that you do!

GREAT THANKS for the Steem Guild team!

You are doing such a big and thorough job guys, all community is benefiting from that! Thanks a lot and steem on! :)

Wow, that's amazing! I'm honored to be a part of this incredible community :) Thank you for sharing this @donkeypong, your love and enthusiasm for the platform is highly contagious!

Thanks for your hard work, and to the whole team. This is a very worthy unsung project.

Thanks to those of you who are working much harder than I am on this project. It's a huge success.

Every team needs an ace reliever. Perhaps Dick Tidrow...

Well played!

Which accounts are used to upvote posts that are accepted?

ned , michael-a/b etc.

Please see Knozaki's comment. It varies, though, as we move the accounts around sometimes and vote with additional ones, depending on available voting power.

I was pretty surprised to be on the author list... nice and thank you for the support

Something to continue looking forward to. Nice to know it is a part of Curies. Hope the big group just continues to grow.

much thanks ! nice work here guys. full steem ahead

Oh dear, how could I have missed that one!!!
However, I´ve learned in my life that it´s never too late to say THANK YOU.
Thanks for your outstanding support, for inspiring all of us to become the very best version of ourselves, for believing in us, for helping us in creating value. Thanks for making us feel good and this platform even better.
"We rise by lifting others." Robert Ingersoll

So how do you get on the list of supported authors?

If you keep producing good content, the Project Curie curators will begin to follow you and hopefully make some votes on your posts. Ah, I just looked at your blog and you already have received some of those votes - good! Steem Guild is a second stage project for those authors with higher reputation scores, so if you reach that point, Curie would pass you along to Steem Guild for support at that point.

Can you make suggestions for the list when you feel somebody was overlooked or is it Curie handover only?

Suggestions are reviewed... we can't always see everything.

We are open to suggestions. Not for specific posts but possibly to authors that we have somehow overlooked that no longer qualify for Project Curie, for one reason or another.

How to become part of this?

Keep posting good material!

hi @donkeypong, coincidentally i wrote a post concerning this and end up here as a result of @l0k1 on my post and your post is really really helpful. it answered alot. thanks!

Congratulations to everyone on this list! I recognize a lot of you and have enjoyed your posts.

Thank you so much for your daunting job!

This a great service to this community. A fine job and an incredible list of authors you have chosen--the @gardenofeden one of the many on my list too. Grateful to see the support infused in this community.

COOL! And thank you :)

Great information. Many thanks

Very nice! Thank you for the support! I seem to miss a lot of posts when they first come out but eventually I find them. ;)