This could help anyone on steemit with no money to invest

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                                Hello steemit community,

    i want to pay my tribute to this incredible community with some ideas because i have plenty of them, i don't know if all are reliable but with good feedback we can change them for our needs.


    I am here since last month and i have seen few things and i believe its room for improvements. I don't have power and i mean steem power to make a change, i put all my savings on steem power to give a .10 cents upvote, this will not change your life if i upvote you, but i have fingers to write and brain to control them :)

  This how steem power looks:




    The reality most of the time its to hard and cruel, but we live in a world based and created on and for money, incomes, cuts and shares.

    Since we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep over 60% of the time we spent thinking how to make money or how we can do better to earn more to have the life we dream on.

    The whales or dolphins and other marine creatures are no excuses from this unwritten rule, they need money and more and more, most of them delegate their power and other things just to make a bigger fortune for them but not to help the community for real so we are gonna to help each other as long as we can.

    And lets be honest with us, i dont judge them somehow, who i am to judge someone?

    Its understandable, when you have over huge amount of money in steem power, you want to have more time to do things than you do like and enjoy. Why to stay in a room and read posts, or in a jacuzzi when you could do other things. So you delegate your power to bots and other marine animals to payback you and keep your money flow to get shares.

    Why should i lie? i would do the same but giving back from time to time, who knows, maybe i say this because i dont know how its to have big amount of money :)

    The witness role another important key, most of the time its bought through different types of influence, helping others with votes, buying votes or make some favors which i don't know.

    When you have 1.000.000 steem power with a value in real life for over 2.2 million us dollars your vacations are something like that: in the morning taking breakfast and coffee on Champs-Elysees few hours later watching Nadal at Roland Garros, going for shopping same day anywhere in Europe from Madrid to Milano via Vienna or straight away to New York or Seoul via Dubai :)

 one million usd dollars x 2.2= one million steem power (lets eat some Lays)

    Also if you want in same day you can watch any concert you like, going to visit something in The Carribean Islands and you have a problem because you cant decide if its Nassau, Punta Cana or simple go in Martinique and figure out what you will do because you have someone who have a "small" mansion there.

    For maximum arogance you go swimming with real whales and real dolphins :)

    Its close to impossible to have so huge amount of steem power just by earn it from the community, this means you have real money invested in steem and you are a type of businessman who wants something on long term, nothing its for free, because we pay with time and we all want to achieve something, thats why what i said top it fits your lifestyle more or less of course because i know some people who works twice more than average person and dont have time.

   Even Einstein if he would be alive and post here relativity theory 2.0 could earn somewhere from 0.00 up to 40k usd or a flag for insanity :)


    Lets get back to business and lets grow togheter when we have no money from other sources to invest in steem or promoting



    After reading many posts, i found huge amount of quality posts but what utility when i give them an upvote, having low number of followers me or them, 0 steem power and no influence around and so on.


    Even if you have a number of followers, most of them have 0 power, most of them have daily jobs and things to do for their income, school someone, dates, meetings and some days they forgot to enter, days goes by and your post build with soul and our all creativity its lost somewhere in the steemit annals.

    For example its 1am in my country when i found some time to make this post, most of the time before sleeping i prepare my tasks for the next day, during the day, work, few discussion or more, relationship and if you have kids or other tasks your time its short and compressed. If you live in a house with your wife or girlfriend, most of the time if she goes to sleep doesnt let you stay all night long and she sleeps alone, you know that fellows right? :)

(These days i have more time to write because a hero from my life story died one month and a half ago and i stay with my cousin because she is afraid to stay alone.) See the story here Chapter one: childhood

    Even if a "big shot" baller from here gives you a like, this doesnt help you as it should, because a follower doesnt follow only you, like you follow hundreds or thousands, they do the same, again your post its lost somewhere if they dont see you at the right time.

    Of course you earn some money, but we need to do something to centralize all this good posts and give them time to be seen by all the people.

    We need to create a weekly or/and monthly contests where the best 10/20/30 posts of the week/months from a specific # are on the same post. The contests can be promoted, upvoted and be of the top of the list.

    This way people will do their best to bring quality to earn that privilege to be seen by the entire community for more days in a row, we will connect better the users with the same interests, they will start talking each other, they will grow organic the list of people to follow or be followed by, they will create own small community inside of steem to promote and grow each other.

    Imagine the amount of followers with true interests on your content you reach when your post its seen into a "contest" by all people from the tags you want: #life #steemit #travel #blog #money #cryptocurrency #photography #food #nature #music and so on.

 Top posts on #life



    Congratz!!! Now you are a "influencer" if your content its posted regulary into the "contest".

    Even someone resteem you now, maybe he doesnt have the type of followers who can help your blog to grow on long term or are have no interests to follow you on long term reading about a specific subject.


Talking about marine animals its an old say in my country: "give a man a fish and he will have one day to eat, teach him fishing and he will have entire life to eat."

This means, few bucks can't help on long term, creating your own connections will do.


All the best everybody, hope i made myself clear because english its not my main language, its over 4am and im going to sleep, i will try to respond tomorrow because i have some relationship tasks over my normal schedule, not showing like a cave man anymore:))



thanks for the info

@dombusiness Good to read yours thoughts or proposals. It is good idea; I am disagree with certain practices uses to get votes and money.
Better a fail, than to never start a project. Go ahead!

Thank you for support !

@dombusiness You are working strong in steemit. Congrats!

There are so many ways to earn on Steemit:

  1. Blogging
  2. Curation: Manually if time allows. Or follow Curation Trails like Curie, Utopian, Etc. on SteemAuto.
  3. Games: Steemagar, coming soon Steem Monsters
  4. Many More current and future opportunities.

1000 votes of $0.1 each = one whale. With a million and counting members the minnows will become much more important to everyone.

I agree with you on some points but lets be honest with us first off all.

For example you are here since 2016, dont know if you did from post/curation that amount of 11000 steem power or you invest in steem. Its not my right and i dont want to discuss about this, i want to bold something else here because the main topic of this post its "without investing in bots or promoting".

On paper everything and everytime its perfect, but its not. You have close to 2 straight years and you dont have that amount of 1000 followers, you have around 600.

To be more realistic, having 1000 followers doesnt guarantee a .10cents upvote because 90% didnt invest or did 1000$ in steem power to generate 0.10$ per vote. Agree with me?

This means you need at least 8000-9000 followers to achieve your goal of 1000 votes for 0.1 cents each equivalent to a whale, agree?

Who have them? You can count them on fingers?

I bought steem early on. Only started seriously posting and commenting like 6 months ago.

I do not think I will ever get to 1000 upvotes averaged at $0.1 each since my topic is not very popular. But other bloggers in more popular topics will eventually reach this goal. You have to remember that Steem currently only has 1 million members. As membership and activity grow there will be larger groups of people with up voting potential. Also the higher the price of Steem the less SP needed for each $0.1 upvote.

nice post, i like your mellow mood, and positive attitude. Even Einstein if he would be alive and post here relativity theory 2.0 could earn somewhere from 0.00 up to 40k usd or a flag for insanity :) and that bit is quite funny. Any how I am a tiny minnow and am still trying to get my bearings hear on steemit before I start anything serious. I find many things to be complax and hard to understand how all the voting works. I have decided to take a break from trying so hard and just learn for a while. Really enjoyed see your post.

Thank you very much. This is what i am saying and could help everybody alot. If some whales/witness/dolphins create a "contest" for the best contests in one week/month, many users will have the chance to be upvoted and followed by the right people.

A chance who can change everything for any random user here.

Thank you so much for the precious time u ave take to brake this down for whom are blind to it, God bless the work of your hands.

Great words mister, thank you! God bless you!

Thank you for your advices, I'm new here too and I don't have too much time but I always try to take a little bit time of my day to post and comment because I want to success. I like this platform and the concept, but I will lie if I say I don't need the money,, because I need it, is an useful income to my house because I live in Venezuela and here the economy is pretty bad. So I try my best, and sometimes I feel sad because I don't get what I expect to but I know that time will reward me.

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Ok, I agree with you! I would really like to see when that contest starts off! Will you be on charge of it? I offer myself to help in any particular way to see this happening.

Thank you very much for your wish to help. I will follow you and keep in touch, i have few projects for community but i need some time for them. If i need help i will tell you.

Count me in as well. I was just talking about how a friend of mine does an open mic thing on here regularly to great effect.

I was gonna look and see if there was anything similar for writing, but maybe I'll just need to set one up.

Alright, buddy. Count on it!

Awesome post. The truth many don't want to hear. Glad you said it.

Thank you, hope we will make a change!

Very well said, interesting article, although many do not like it, but clarify, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!

You are right about not everybody likes this post but this wasnt my goal, my goal is to work togheter as a team, i respect them because either way you earn your money you put work for them, you make hard decisions, you do huge sacrifices and its not easy.

I want everybody to work togheter, helping minnows and community, i repeat, im not here to make enemies, only friends.

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