Introduce myself - Chapter 1: Childhood (3-9 years)

                           Hello everybody, ladies and gents,

                      creators and devs, writers and readers. 


    I have created many times in my mind how the first should look like and after few days after i have been accepted in this community and 2 weeks before, i decide to be more natural and go with the flow because all the time its place for improvement/ learning and perfection most of the time its the enemy of the action.


    As a reader, this community its full of great content, nowhere on the web you find so many people well educated, optimistic, inteligent, full of positive energy and with the wish to create content about everything in any language, any theme, like here.

    I believe steemit encourage people to let their kid out to express himself, to put on paper what he wants, what he feels and how he see the world with his own eyes. Anybody here can be anybody and most of us share common goals. 

    Before starting my story i want to say sorry in advance for my spelling mistakes and grama, i now its not an excuse, english its not my main language but you should listen me talking how russian i sound :)


    I am Dom (GAA) and im living in Eastern Europe since the 80's, 2-3 years after i was born, started a revolution in my country, maybe was a sign i am gonna be someone, same for other hundreds of thousands who were born in that period :) when people used to wake up at 3am and wait to recieve their shares of food at few stores in the city and you could dissapear like a nowadays magician just saying something against the system. 




                           Chapter 1: My childhood 3-9 years old

 No phones, no computers, no cell-phones, no internet, black and white tv's, oranges only just for Christmas and 4 tv channels(2 native language, one hungarian and one german) until late childhood.


       As a young kid i was grown by my grandparents who where the real parents for me, my father was aggressive with my mother and alcohol lover. Before i was born my mom decide to let him go and move with her parents, so they start to love more and more and they want to take care of me because in my view that grandparents does, loving their grandchildren. My mom was in early 20s when she had me and she worked from 17. To have some food on the table she went working and didnt try to make she's life with somebody else until later. 

     During the period until my father died at 33 years old i was 7, he visited only once when i was 3, i remember, i was outside playing around the block and i remember his face, was a lovely person when he was not drinking as i know because i didnt have much time, i look like him, brown eyes, dark hair and beard. His parents never visited me, never saw me, they dont know who i am or looking, few years ago at the banks and hospital some people asked me if i have relatives who stay into one zone in my city because i have a very unique name, few people in my country have it.

     In the 7 home years, my life was splitted between city for preschool/kindergarden and countryside where my grandparents were farmers, had corn, grapes and other fruits good for alcohol, my grandfather loved me to the sky, no doubt about it, but didnt love my grandmother the same way :) He use to express his love with deeper affection, especialy when they grapes turned to wine :)

     From them i learned how to dig into the yard, how to build things, how to use wood to create, how to cut the trees for having fruits, cut the vine and all things you do as a big man, but with small tools :) Also they gave me a personality about to be honest, sincerly, social, opened, working hard, to believe in God, to respect people and most important thing its the family and how its the foundation of everything in this life. 

During these years, i have been through many experiences who makes me smile everytime i talk about them.



My first contact with ladies was devastating for me...


    Let me tell you my first story about first time when i did a stupid thing with a lady. I was 5 years old and we were on a wedding on one of my cousins, early 90's, this lady was around 7, 2 years older, more experienced right? :) 

    As a young kid, i had attitude and i knew from my nature, i believe and belief at that time, as a man, you need to be a man and make/take decisions. For example all kids during my time, same today i believe, we had that game when we play: " like mom and like dad", when we choose roles and we fake it like we are the parents.  During this game, always i want to be the father, i was so strong on this decision even were older guys around, if they want to play with me and ladies around, they should be " the kids ", this how tough i was :)


Let me introduce yourself in the atmosphere of that wedding...


    Back in the days, everybody doing their wedding on a tent, yes a TENT, huge one for everybody who comes, they party inside, dance, listen music, drinking and eating. This was a normal tradition for everybody, not only for a minority. In that days restaurants/ballroom were close to non existents and only the rich one had access to this type of distractions. 

    Something like this but green, grey or brown, taken from army i believe, because the purpose of them was another, not weddings and of course no windows or other gadgets.

    Relatifes (from family of the bride or groom) cook for everybody, prepare all the things, from cake to traditional food, especialy my mom who were and is a chief, she did it for all our relatifes at all events during that days.

    Doing so many preparations installing that huge TENT, most of the time the party was covered on few days not just like one night, like today, because was rented per days/week and everybody loves to party.

    So this girl was the cousin of the bride, he was a pretty lady, was some kind of crush for me, taller and smart, that were my toughts at that time as a kid and nice clothes on her, so i decide to play more with her, different games.

     After introduce myself to her and create a connection, dont know from where that ideea came, i decide to take her somewhere "to play", behind the tent, somewhere were we can be alone to ask what i want to ask and i put her that question who turned everything upside down for me: "Want to kiss each other?".

   In that moment she turned into a monster, she start yelling, screaming, she told me she will tell everybody, to my grandfather who was a boss and i was scared of him because he had autorithy with everybody and what could i do at that moment? Start crying like a baby, i begged her no to tell because 100% i would be beaten and punished, start saying sorry many times, this went around half an hour until she promise she will not tell, also i kept her there to be sure i can convince her. 

    After this experience i was in fear in the presence of any girl, i stopped talking with girls for few years and i was extremly shy, great news i found another lady years after and was more receptive and she challenged me to kiss her. ( As a theme, i can talk many things about how people are or arent successful with ladies as a man based on this type of situation who can change everything in the head of a kid future adult).


Throwing the cart without horses into a waterhole/backwater full of cane, lechees and sludge...


   One of the most iconic stupid thing we did, me and my cousin, known by the entire community, was when we were 5-6 years old, my cousin one year older was a pure evil with diabolic ideas and i have enjoyed follow his lead:)

   In our community we were know by the grand grand kids of the well known Gorbaciov, not relatifes with the actual russian leader, was just a nickname of our grand grandfather who was in World War II,  very disciplinate man, a dicator, a strong person, working hard, powerful and rich because he had lands where we could put corn and other cereals to eat. He's father was also in World War II but also in first World War, the dinasty of them was created on those lands and everything was legit and built with an iron fist and blood.

   During that time, one of the most common plant and good for money was the tobacco, people could sell those plants after put them to dry for weeks or simple smoke them, not like today, with filters, electronic cigars and so on.



    So we were on the working field with entire family, beeing so hot at 12-14pm, the kids were put to sleep under a cart without horses to stay in shade, including me and cousin, because most of the time there are not trees around.

    Our devil mind decide, after we stayed there for a while and sleep half or an hour, we need to do something, to laugh and feel happy. After moving around, hitting with a stick the rubbers/tyre tracks of the cart, i have no ideea how we found ourself who is the most strong between us to push that cart, we tryed one by one and didnt move a centimeter, but knowing in groups stays the power, we decide to push both of us to see if moving.

    I was on the right tyre behind and my cousin in front, same side and start pushing togheter. The wagon/cart start moving somehow, but the physical never lie, when you push from one side only, the entire machine goes other way and this saved my cousin's life, we took speed with it and the cart moving left with speed and we ran away letting to see how the inertia, weight, speed and gravity works.

  We were somehow on a hill and the cart never stopped until found that backwater full of cane, leeches and mud:) 


   But the happiness cant live longer when you do stupid things and of course the entire community working on that field with tobacco  saw that cart moving and start yelling like is no tomorrow about "kids are dieing, run away everybody !!!! SAVE THEM !!! GOD help us all!!!" crying and running to us without taking a breath, i thought they were flying over that field, now we understand, at that moment don't.

    For the first time on our known history, Gorbaciov, our grand grandfather, said nothing to us, from a angry person and full of anger when we done childish things, he was praying to Gods we were alive, safe/secure and nothing happened to anybody.

    He start swearing the Gods when he want to recover the cart from the cane, leeches were sucking their bloods, horses couldnt help because the front of the cart was stuck in the mud and the only chance was to group some strong people from the field to use their muscles to recover it.


    That was a nice story, even now, over a quarter of a century :))  when we met each other on weddings or funerals we say this story and how we did it, from uncles to aunts and cousins we laughing about that day when my cousin was close to be crushed by back tyre. That cart was something like this:

First bottle of wine... 2 kids, one liter of wine...


    Another major thing we did it when we get drunk by a bottle of wine, exactly one liter because was an old green bottle with exact quantity. 

    I was close to 5 years and my cousin was close to 6, like used to be, we were walked up early in the morning for field works, around 5am, 5:30am to go working or staying with them because back in the days were no babysitters or relatifes with time staying with us, everybody were at work.

    So like in any given day, family prepare for the next working day, staying from 5am to 5-8pm they needs supplies, like food, water and wine to have some "STEEM POWER" on the field :))

    They put us first on cart with the horses and start carry all goods in, one by one. Through the goods of course we see that bottle of wine and like a "normal" citizen who respect himself :))) we start tasting the wine at the start... one mouth of wine to another and be aware if someone watching us the bottle was finished.

    What i remember for that moment, early before wine climbing to our heads, was the fight because our relatifes about who drunk the wine, never cross their minds we did before acting strange.

    My grandfather had a twin brother who was well know as a Bacchus liquid consumer and of course he was the black sheep, everybody start yelling at him because he drunk that bottle of wine before start the work at the field.

    After few minutes everything collapsed for us, i cant remember anything, but memories starts to appear around 12pm-1pm, when im walking on the road, walking with my grandmother to the parents of my cousing, without my cousin dont know where he was or how he arrived before us there.

    That road was the longest road of my life, i puke over 15 times without overreacting or lieing, only red wine went outside of my mouth, i was like a dragon, spitting lava on that round. From 10 to 10 meters was a red puke on the ground made by me. 

    On that day, no women went to work, all remain home with us, trying to recover us/ rehabit, after that hangover.

We were literaly like this:

    Because we had hens in our household and doing breakdance moves on the ground :)

    The most funny thing could ever happen while we were drunk did my cousin, crying and yelling, doing nonsense things, he decide to disturb some bees who were in some flowers in our household, fellows, i give you my word, one of the byte him from the neck and the biggest cry in the history started there by my cousin :))) You have no ideea how he screamed and during that heist with the bees imagine what he did?

    He felt into a trough, i believe this is the word in english, was a metal bathtub who was use to clean clothes and wash ourselfs back in the days. Like this one, but with the difference ours were by a metal:


    Was huge what he did, everybody want to help him, but with the neck and back red, drunk, hurt and pissed off nobody could touch him.

    After this episode dont remember to much, but i believe around 5-7pm when the men return from the work and saw us in that condition they decide to do something with us help us recover, throwing us in 2 barrels of iron, full with collected water from the rain, in that moment we wake up from the hangover :))

I have tons of these stories but i can't write to much because its over a day since i started this first post and i still have more to tell :)


Time for school...first important choice who will change my life... again a lady


   In the 7th year, i moved with my mom for educate me, going in school in the city, because my grandparents had 2 classes, like the train, but they grown me well, as a man.

   At the school, i was a smart kid, ambitious, but with lingvistic problems, spelling wrong the words, most of them between subject and verb because on the countryside everybody had 2 classes in best case scenarios. :)

    For example at the kindergarden, all things i had for home to learn, like theatre, poetry/poems and roles for events, i was learning them listening my neighours with school reading for me because like i said my grandparents didnt know to read well or at all, but i still love them to the moon and back.

    In my family before starting school, i was an attraction somehow, i had an incredible memory, i could learn without repetition entire event/celebration/play from the kindersgarden, a full 3-4 hours event with the all poems of all children, all the roles and all lines of them and mine. Maybe thats why i have many memories with huge details since one year and a half, a thing where most of the psychologyst denies it saying its impossible. I dont care believe or not.

    Even with all those things, i had one big problem, i was incredible shy, every time when my grandmother came with me at celebration, i could not open my mouth, i was freezed and start crying, beeing smart gave me big roles in kindergarden, but in front of that amount of new people freezes me very hard, stomach problems, dizzyness and so on.


    On the school i had a lady, beautiful and incredible smart, somehow my mom and hers create a connection and socialize a lot, during festivities, school celebrations and so on, this lady will change my life in next 10 years, because of her mom, you will read in next chapter, here i will speak about first huge decision i made.

   After first year of school, when i had 10 on the line, the warden of the school find out my crush teacher who was a beauty, wearing only red clothes, didnt have licences for teaching, he failed in that year and we need to move on other classes, splitting us to random teachers.

   The parents decide, its better to move us to other schools in neighbourhood, because having no room class or teacher was impossible to learn something. I had to make a decision at that time, going the school behind my house, block, with my best friend or going to 2 road stations alone where my lady were. Guess what i have picked? The lady of course :)

    On that school, i met the only guy who is like my brother to me, the brother i have chose and we are close today.

But at home, things went wrong.

When a single mom, fight back with the bouncers/debt collectors, in her way... and a kid who's acting... like something else...

(Spoiler: 15-20 pairs of tits moving in front of my eyes.)


    My mom was an incredible fighter person, entire life did everything for me, i am incredible happy and honored having such a mom, even she was single, she struggled to offer me the best of the best, but at that time, she tought will do the best business, importing clothes from Poland and Turkey and failed hard, she remains with tons of clothes in stock and didnt manage to be at least break even. She found herself in debt and the problems will come on our heads after this situations.

    Having thousands of dollars in debt, at that time when a house could be bought for 1-2k, the bouncers start to come in ours house, 2 room apartment, didnt understand at that time what its happening, later on i understood, they scared my mom taking everything from our house, she didnt show me any emotion or send me some scared toughts about what its happening, she knew somehow will be ok.

    She start having late night jobs, believe me, not as prostitute, still working as a chief, but into a night club where prostitutes and "big shots fellows" throwing their money on "cabaret" dancers.

    Days i was sleeping alone, sometimes with my grandmother, but one day changed many things. In that day, i decide i want to go with her at the work and solve the problems, i was around 8 years old, she doesnt had a chance to make me change my mind, i didnt want to stay alone and i want to stay with her, she were and is my mom, i want to stay close.


    At that night, you wont believe in a million years what i did and i give my words its the pure truth.

    Of course i was snitching on the backstage, while my mom was on the kitchen doing food tables, i was moving around to see whats going on there, of course i have seen, sexy ladies, half naked, dancing cabaret si showing their legs. Interesting right? riiiiiiiight...

   But after all of this, i had one thing in mind, to protect my mom... and i picked a guy, a bouncer, a tough one, 192cm and around 110 kilograms, he did romano-greeks fights, dont know to spell in english and i start to moving around him, to make myself pleased in his eyes.

   I knew from the first time, that guy can protect my mom from the persons who comes in my house and from other bouncers and i was right, you will read later.

   On that night, i was bringing him juice, because he was at work, he worked there, i start playing pool with him, something electronic there, i type of games, i made mom to see me close and happy with that person, i trully was and in that night, at 3am, i start to be sleepy, i need to be kept/held in arms, i knew my mom cant and i insist, just to see that guy if jumps to help her and he did, he fucking did :) He bring us at home and he remain with us, i give my word.


    The bouncers never came back, he was a "connected" guy, with many relationships in underworld, i knew nobody will bother us, but the thing were not so simple after a while, i realize i bring my own executioner on the house.

    He was violent as hell, he called me "ox" so many times that i start getting used to it, he beat me very hard few times. I start thinking its normal and sometimes we takes some beats because it is what it is, but the things were not worst enough.


The things are getting worst when my mom having no chance to leave him, she decide to make the most incredible decision ever, thats why my mom was a "wonder woman".


    At my age of 8, close to 9, she decide to leave the country, to let me alone with the executioner for a while, make the things good there and in one-two months and to bring the executioner with her, just to leave me alone and stay safe with my grandparents, but the things went wrong, my mom was betrayeld in a foreign country with one of the hardest language to learn in Europe, without any money, just with a dictionary in her hand, hope and believing in God.

    She starts washing plates on random restaurants for having money for rent a room and coins for calling at home, in that period of time, we didnt had phone at home, a neighbour had, so she called my grandmother who came here, to talk with the neighbours to let us talk to the phone when she calls and just tell use whey recieve a phone, this way were the things in those days.


    (I forgot to say, back in the days, was a Schengen zone in Europe, you couldnt cross borders like today, only with a guide/coyote if you know what i mean, is a man who knows the roads, through the mountains, forests and lakes to dodge the autorities for huge amount of money. My mom went over 1500km on her feets to get there and few times with cars on short distances.)


    Staying at home, everything "was good", if saying something else to my mom, another portion of kickboxing awaits, so i said like the orders was.

    This period of time, put a mark in my personality for a while, i was teach the only way to solve a problem its to beat other guy, putting him on ground.

    Beeing an "ox" i need to learn to defend myself in case someone touching my goods, as he said, this made me having a fear of approach with everybody, not only with the ladies, until 13-14 years old.

    This period of time, i kept for the first time a real gun in my hand, incredible heavy for me as a kid, but the same like those from the movies and many other things who left a mark on my soul.

     Everytime when things gets worst, they cant last forever, sometimes the sunshine smile and hope appears.


     My grandmother was a living "Mama Bear", a 1.60 tall women, with a lion heart, one day, comming to us and see me beaten by the executioner, she decide to confrunt that man to the death, i was stunned, that man had no reaction, i give my word, he packed all things and left us, he turned on me and said when i said him "goodbye", i will never forgive those words : "Adios/adieu, not goodbye, you say <Adios> to a man who you will never see again" and he was right, i never saw him again since that day. Dont know what he did, but i have never saw it again.


                                                        ~to be continued~


 This is what i did in my last 3 days now and was a pleasure for me, its close to 5am in my country and i falling asleep, i will wake up in next hours, going for some food supplies because in last days i did only this:

- working

- reading/writing

- editing

- learning html and editing again :)

- spending 2 hours with my girlfriend


Until next time, when "Chapter 2" will be ready, i hope i will learn something about colors in html :)

Also, don't forget to leave a comment below, tell me your thoughts, i am sorry in advance if i will be offline next few hours, give a follow if you enjoy my stories and stay happy !


Hello! I knew you were a fellow Romanian from the first paragraphs. This is a wonderful story that brought many memories. You had an interesting life and I hope you continue to have amazing memories to share with us!

Thank you, i will continue. Multumesc !

Wow!!! WHAT AN INCREDIBLY INTERESTING STORY!! I also grew up with an alcoholic father. He is still alive and thank God he stopped drinking. I love how your personality shows in your writing. Definately looking forward to reading more from you. My introduction video

Thank you for positive nice words and encouraging, i will start following you. From my experience, parents with alcoholic problems, in one moment something change and they stop. Thank God. All the best @travelsa .

Welcome to Steemit, a community to learn, interact with interesting people who share their knowledge, without a doubt the best current network, good introduction

Thank you, yes no doubt, as a forums user, i agree steemit its the best community and will grow step by step.

Wow, looks huge, i will go to sleep now. Happy reading! :)

Welcome to Steemit. It's really a good platform for the nurturing authors and for the people who want to share their good work with the world. You'll surely have a nice time here. Lots of good wishes and good luck to you!! :):)

Thank you very much for your kind works, i am to excited after this first post, even its close to 6am in my country, i have no sleep. :)

wow..i never seen an introduction as parts ...i am waiting to see more..goodluck

Thank you very much for the kind words, i enjoy writing, speaking and telling stories.

Welcome to STEEM enjoy your self here..

Thank you very much ! All the best i wish for you and i follow you back.

Welcome to the steemit community, mr. @dombusiness. It's a fun and warm way to introduce yourself ... I already know you as if you were a relative of mine hehehe ... I could not stop laughing when you told us about your first encounter with the god Baco ... Greetings from a Venezuelan Minnow. Of course I will follow you ;-)

Hehe, thank you very much :)) That was a good one :)) All the time, even was a stupid thing, i feel happy i did it.

You´re right, my friend... Here, in Venezuela, if you don't find the funny side of the life, you get crazy, really crazy ;-D

I know some guys on the internet and its very rough in Venezuela, i believe deep in my heart, people from there will rise and find a solution. I know the inflation its huge.

I like your optimism, never give up my friend and all the time try to find the funny things and laugh. In this life, nothing last forever, will be a positive change. Mark my words.

Amen... I think laughter is the sound of Divinity

Wow. Welcome to this amazing community

Thank you. :)

welcome to the community interesting story

Thank you very much! I love this community, full of great people.

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