27 reasons to join Steemit

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#1 – Community

Steemit is not just another social media network, it was created with a community in mind. Most of the people stay because they find new group of people that have common values in mind.

#2 – Freedom of speech

On Steemit you can share whatever you want without being afraid that your content is going to be forbidden, banned or removed like in Facebook for instance. Freedom of speech is the foundational component here.

#3 – Transparency

Steemit uses blockchain technology which is fully transparent and publicly available to everybody.

#4 – Killer app

Steemit does not require a deep knowledge in cryptocurrency, because of that it developed a reputation of Bitcoin/blockchain killer app.

#5 – Reward system

By providing value you are getting rewarded which is a complete opposite to existing social networks. There are 3 ways how you can be rewarded: posting original content, commenting on people’s posts, getting curation rewards by upvoting other people’s posts. When the post is payed out, 25% goes to curators who upvoted the post, 75% goes to the author who created the post.

#6 – Bonus reward #1

By helping to spread the message of Steemit, which is additional way of adding a value to the community, you’re also getting rewarded.

#7 – Bonus reward #2

Blockchain technology also allows anybody to create custom applications and other versions/appearances of Steemit using the same database. By doing so and sharing with Steemians you’re getting rewarded as well.

#8 – Monetization

If you’re a blogger or a writer and struggling to monetize your work, Steemit is the perfect place. It doesn’t runs ads, instead you’re rewarded for your efforts from thousands of people who liked your content.

#9 – Bonus reward #3

If you’re a popular blogger or writer or youtuber or you just have thousands or millions of followers, you’re going to be rewarded even more because you will bring lots of new users on Steemit.

#10 – Everybody are welcomed

Steemit doesn’t have any restrictions or preferences in terms of the niche you’re passionate about. That means that anybody from personal development, music, dance, art, cooking, travel, accounting, anarchism, sport, fishing, programming, trading, finance, entertainment space and so forth can go here and start sharing their voice and experiences in any form possible. You’re all welcomed.

#11 – Investment

If you believe in the long-term future of the platform, you can power up, which basically means investing. This long-term commitment causes stakeholders to vote for the long-term rather than short-term pumps. Statistically the majority of people are heavily investing because they see the brighter picture.

#12 – Interest

If you hold your Steem Power (one of the tokens that represents your voting power on the platform), you’ll receive interest for holding it. It’s almost like having a deposit in a bank but instead of fiat currency, you’re getting an interest in

#13 – Benefits

Steemit is still in the beta, that’s why you’re going to be an early adapter, which implies you’ll have more benefits and more Steem Power :)

#14 – Ecosystem

In Steemit there are 3 types of users: whales, dolphins and minnows, which is kind of cool. Every single of them place a huge role in overall economy.

#15 – Transactions

Steemit doesn’t have any transactional fees whatsoever. It is the first platform that actually have done it.

#16 – Mining

If you came from Bitcoin space, you can also start mining Steem (liquid cryptocurrency).

#17 – Developers

Steemit was developed by co-founder of Bitshares Daniel Larimer who learned quite a lot of lessons throughout the process, and used them to build stronger and more secure platform.

#18 – Security

Steemit has implemented a totally new approach to securing user accounts, which is a brand new in the cryptocurrency space. It is decentralized and based upon real-world identity rather than the poor substitute of a single private key. All of this means that you’re completely safe, if you had some issues with that previously on other platforms.

#19 – No censorship

Steemit is a decentralized network that is operated by miners around the world. There is no way of censorship because all user actions are publicly recorded on the blockchain, and can be publicly verified.

#20 – Unique password

You are the only owner of your password. So when you create a password for your account, only you can have it. If you lose your password, there is no way to claim that it is somebody else’s. Of course in this case you have to be careful, write it down, store it in a secure place and never ever forget it.

#21 – Huge potential

Steemit has a potential to exist not only as a social network but to become “an alternative social economy that is bootstrapped though social media”(@dan from the last interview).

#22 – Marketcap

So far the value of cryptocurrency Steem is a top 3 of all of the others that is actually very hard to achieve. Its value is $2.15 on the time I’m writing the post, and has $231,637,626 in marketing capitalization.

#23 – First trillionaires

If Steemit indeed becomes as big as Facebook, there will be created lots of trillionaires :)

#24 – Trading

Steem currently can be traded for Bitcoin/other altcoin on Bittrex and Poloniex which both are the biggest and trusted altcoin exchanges. There is also internal exchange available.

#25 – Top payouts

3 most payed out posts:

#26 – Marketing

Steemit is a fascinating marketing platform. Almost all of the posts are appearing in the top search queries. That is really important because the more content is released on Steemit, the more people are going to notice it in the Google.

#27 – Number of users

Steemit recently passed the number of 50,000 accounts and is growing exponentially.

Thanks for reading, I would like to hear your reason if I haven’t mentioned it yet.


Great post. Not sure on the "trillionaires" part though... a trillion is a LOT of money (it's more than any company is worth in the world)... although to the Pentagram it isn't much, they "lost" $6 trillion. But, definitely, absolutely, lots of millionaires... and perhaps the founders, @dan and @ned, could be billionaires if this continues with success!

Agreed. I thought the same thing when I saw "trillionaires." Unless he's talking about in hyper-inflated USDs :)

Excellent post, thank you for putting together such a comprehensive list! Neat thing is that Steemit is still in beta and with a very limited feature set. Imagine what it could become when fully built out...

Thanks a lot. Actually I cannot imagine. If Ned and Dan are going to implement everything that they want, it will be the most massive platform in the history.

Yes, agree completely. Next 12 months are going to be quite a ride!

Engagement in Steemit is higher than Reddit, community members are really participating and engaging with others

thank you for your good article.^^

you're welcome my friend :)

Great article. Thanks for the info

Thanks for such a great post. I liked your post so much that I reposted it. I would have used the re-steem feature, but it appears that feautre only works for posts less than a week old.

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