Yet another reason Steem DESTROYS Reddit; paranoid Moderators... got banned for nothing today. STEEMIT FTW!steemCreated with Sketch.

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1. I have used Reddit for forever it seems, but every single day, it gets worse and I hate it. More reason to stop using Reddit today.

So i'm going about my business today like a normal human being, and it just so happens that @PIVX is pumping like a mad man, so I post a tweet of the 745% price increase over the lifetime of the coin and then proceed to post that link on /r/cryptocurrency like any regular social media user would do on any given day and.... I wen't and got myself banned I guess.

Now I understand banning people for breaking the rules over and over or whatever, but this guys reasoning is going to make you laugh...

Yes, he think's I'm having conversations with myself because the PIVX community is on point and helping each other out, so if you are looking for a social media website to help educate others, Reddit is not the place it seems. This guy is the most paranoid moderator I have ever encountered... and it's just proof that we need less people 'in charge' in general.

2. Today I was banned by /u/pasttense from /r/cryptocurrency for...nothing. Paranoia perhaps? 

Like I stated above, he took it upon himself to make a judgement call that I somehow was controlling multiple accounts around the world with different IP's and what not, just for a whopping 2 upvotes and 2 comments... I'm not sure whether he is just bored or he really believes this crazy nonsense... i'll leave that up to you guys to figure out.

At first I thought he banned me for calling him boring:

Then I realized he was just nuts.. and needs to not be a moderator lol..

3. What's the point of Reddit, when a few mods can choose what content is shown? Which members can post and which can't.. This causes echo chambers.. amongst other things.

Now that got me thinking, why do we need moderators in the first place? The purpose of the downvote button is to hide crappy content, since when does a moderator know more than an entire crowd? I mean come on people! Steemit has the perfect balance of self moderation and freedom and I absolutely adore that feature.

I mean look at /r/bitcoin, it's the perfect example of moderating gone wrong, constant censorship, constant fighting, same goes for the /r/dashpay sub reddit, you say anything ill about Dash, say bye bye. No critical thinking allowed. Atleast in Steemit you can say whatever you want to and people choose whether to just upvote or downvote you and thats as complex as it becomes... It's like cutting out the middle man for social media website such as Reddit and its a flipping wonderful idea. 

4. Steem is the future, and in that future everyone has a voice. Everyone has a vote. 

This leads me to my next point, in a system like Steem, instead of it being a top down power structure, the more people that get involved in Steem the better, because it slowly distributes the fairness of the open system and lets it become a more viable governance and earnings platform. With Steem everyone gets to say whatever they want, whenever they want and the worst thing that can happen is your comment is hidden or earns no money. Thats a HUGE step forward in the battle for freedom IMO. What do you guys think? Share some comments with me about what you think Steem can do to improve governance and freedom...!

5. Also #PIVX is awesome, see no one can ban for me for this on Steemit... and THAT is awesome...

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Sure you can't be censored on the Steem blockchain and it's better than Reddit in that.

Steem is the future, and in that future everyone has a voice. Everyone has a vote.

But in Reddit every vote is equal, here there's the Steem Power game with a quadratic curve. So i you have 200 SP and I have 2000 SP, my vote weights 100x yours (100x, not 10x).


Yea but you have no voice or vote when you get banned was my point lol

I do not like using reddit, myself.

I usually ask around on irc where to post something on reddit. They are awfully trigger happy when it comes to deleting stuff. I just posted this on alt history: "How, in 1166 BC, Elephants and Hippopotamus ended up ruling society". I think my article is hilarious? The subreddit is definitely not serious. But after writing: " Proof of human origin without religion, evolution or aliens" Which I intended to post there I found my previous contribution to be delisted.

Reddit absurdity isn't limited to steem. I also found a message that I was banned from the_donald for posting a link to my fake news aggregator. I think it looks perfectly harmless? There is no advertisement. The page doesn't even have a link to the rest of my website.

This weird new internet is in no way limited to Reddit either. I've experienced similar things on hackers news, wikipedia and wordpress comments. On Facebook and Youtube the social engineering is so obvious that I feel obligated to apply self-censorship when using the platform. I did however get a strike on youtube for including 10 seconds of 1990 news footage from a local news agency from NZ who I had linked and credited in the comments.

I think I'm still getting used to the freedom of steem as I feel reluctant to provide links to the other materials described above. In 2004 I would have provided multiple links and screen shots to illustrate the absurdity of the censorship. Trust me, as I'm loving and caring person the instances are much more absurd than you can imagine. Usually I'm punished for providing multiple sources or reading materials. Heaven forbid anyone would actually provide sources with what they write.

Even if one believes that any kind of self promotion is undesirable one should be made to explain how we are going to defeat the multinationals if we cant promote our own shit. Its like saying only google, facebook and reddit are allowed to promote websites.

I've been regularly coding, writing and posting stuff since 2001 and have about 10-30 visitors per day. There is not enough exposure to argue my stuff to be unpopular. 1 visitor for every 1000 pages is not enough to make the conclusion.

Its like the perfect woman, I don't know what she looks like but she is sure taking her time to find me.

Thus therefore as a result thereof and so on I envision a great future for this platform. :-)

May the steem be with you!