We're closing in for 1st place on the Bobby Lee (BTCC) Poll just one final push, within 24 hours! We can do it!

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1. If you haven't voted yet, its the least you can do for Steem and your own investment in the platform!

Getting adding to more exchanges is always a good thing as it allows more visibility for not only Steem, but your posts as well! Beyond the extra money and users flowing into the system you can be sure that more exchanges also means more liquidity, more posts, more upvotes & overall more usage of the Steem blockchain which is really the goal afterall, right?

2. This could open up a larger market for Steem in China, which is huge!

China is the largest market Steem has yet to conquer in my opinion and this could be the tipping point that changes that for the long term. Not only would we see the 'cn' tag rise to to the top of the lists, the user base would be much more active during the evenings, which is when Steem usage usually dies down as most of us are US based... so adding a more diverse user base should be a top priority in my book. So do yourself and @Ned a favor and vote for us!

3. It takes seconds, and just minutes if you need to sign up for twitter, just do it!

You have no excuse not to help, even if you don't have a twitter account, all that you need to sign up is 5 minutes and an email account, so what are you waiting for?



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Have YOU voted for Steem yet in the FINAL ROUND of Bobby Lee's (BTCC) Twitter Poll? If not, please do.


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Thanks a bunch for posting and keeping us up-to-date with this publicity. It sure has given a lot of exposure to our beloved Steem so far, let<s keep it up. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Tis what I do! I'm glad people find this valuable because it's totally fun!

I have blogged on this every single day and multiple tweets too, my post on this is up just now for the day, I just got back in the house.

Good on ya like others for keeping this going.

A solid week I have been on this fighting like a dog to up these votes, we made HUGE gains overnite, while ETC barely moved at all in their %'age, we can really really win this!!




You do such a nice job on here man, keep your great work up, I really like your spirit!!


You've been hard at work yourself! And thank you I'm trying to use Steemit to develop some better habits :P One good post a day is sorta my goal.


I think you are awesome!

That's fantastic! Thanks for the heads up. I just resteemed this to help get it around.


Thank you! You are awesome! Followed!



Thanks for the visual sir :p


No problem! Hopefully we win. Then a whole new crew of people will realize the power of the community!

I voted when it was only at 24% so this is nice to see @decentralizd


I bet if @ned used the @steemitblog account it would be game over in 6 hours :p Or if @Dan wrote about it again too..


But why he didnt? :(


They did last round.


But this round is much more important!

Just voted for Steem and saw that we were at 35%.


All it takes is everyone to resteem these posts, share them on twitter and we should be golden!

Come on everyone! We can do this, get out there and vote. Does your grandma have a twitter account? Get her to vote too! How about your aunt mary? Get her ass over there and have her vote. Any of your friends? Buy them a beer when the steem price goes way up if they vote. I mean everyone and their cat should be getting out there.


We already gained another 1%, if everyone just buckles down and votes over the next 5-10 hours I think we should have this in the bag.

Resteemed & obviously voted! - Let's go STEEM!

http://gph.is/2b8BCpP Vote or die, like my man puffy says.

Let's give it another push!!! Tweeted :-)


NWOforum NWO Forum tweeted @ 25 May 2017 - 22:34 UTC

#Vote 4 #Steemit #Blockchain

steemit.com/steemit/@decen… / https://t.co/2Dtzd2Egn1

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Let's go!


We got this!

Thank you so much for the headsup! I almost missed it! Will share this across to my friends and get them to vote! :)

Just voted! Good thing I was still logged on when I saw you post this. ETC @ 41% and STEEM @ 34%.


We're now within 2%!!!

upvoted and promoted with what little SBD I had, and of course, voted on Twitter. STEEM ON!!

we're moving up..!

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 20 May 2017 - 08:48 UTC

@YourBTCC Congrats to all 4 finalists!
Final Round, Battle of Digital Currencies:
Which should @YourBTCC offer?… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

When the #cn tag takes off. I can imagine @sweetsssj making at least 10 times more than she is making now. Good thing! That's what you get for being an early believer!

Voted! Yay! Steem for the win! :D

resteem and upvote for you