MAJOR Steemit & dTube Mainstream Media Promotion Initiative

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Greetings Steemians! I've been saying I had big plans for promoting Steemit to my broadcast and online audience, and I'm kicking that into high gear early in 2018, starting this week!

As background, I host The David Pakman Show, a nationally syndicated talk show airing on 200 radio and television stations nationwide, on DirecTV and DISH Network nightly, and through a YouTube channel and podcast, both of which are nicely sized, the YouTube channel recently surpassing 420,000 subscribers


I've previously promoted Steemit to my YouTube audience through segments in which I answer questions from Steemit, like this one:

I've also done segments like this one, with @andrarchy to promote Steemit to my youtube audience:

Now that we're in 2018, I'm launching a number of more aggressive new initiatives which I'm announcing here:

  • Starting this week, I will be talking about joining Steemit not only on the YouTube version of my program, but also on the radio and television version
  • I am starting to line up a series of new interviews with Steemit witnesses and whales that will further promote Steemit to my community
  • Later today, I will be launching a contest to design a new avatar for me for one week, which will not only have a 25 SBD reward to the winner, it will be another opportunity for me to go to my broadcast and YouTube audience and say "not only should you get involved in Steemit, here's a specific opportunity and contest for you to participate in." Thanks to @meno for the idea for this contest. I hope you will help me promote and that you will participate in the contest!
  • I will also bring back the "Steemit question on YouTube" segments that have been so popular, and which haven't had new episodes for several weel
  • Now that @dtube has also experienced some major and fantastic upgrades to its infrastructure, I will also be cross promoting dtube specifically as a video platform that is an alternative to YouTube, in addition to the promotion of Steemit more broadly. I will also continue publishing my content to dtube, including clips like this:

Thank you to all for your support and to the nearly 4000 followers I've garnered so far, a number I hope will continue to grow! If you have other suggestions for cross promotion, please leave them in the comments!


Nice, it is good to promo steemit in mainstream media!

I'm willing to do an interview with you to promote Steem if I fit your criteria.

would love to, can you email me [email protected] to discuss?

David your idea is well. I think that is nessesary to do. thanks bro..

@davidpakman and @marketingmonk, I would certainly like to see this interview.

Let's do it!

Hello @marketing your nice posts I wish your support me

I will be following and watching that interview.

Binance registration is open

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I love to see that interview please let me know when it will be done.

steemit will rock till 2020

yes good idea to think doing an interview with him

I want to learn how to do a dtube who will teach me pls

Thanks for the great initiative

Hello @olsm your support me i will support you thank you

A little help for Utopian as well @davidpakman? (sorry for the aggressive marketing) ;p

A spectre is haunting blockchain-based social media--the spectre of Steemunism. #utopian #utopian-io

I'am of the opinion @elear that you and @davidpakman should talk about how you both can help each other's vision. Maybe David can comment on this, but I'm sure he is aware of Utopian-io and we had a short conversation about how it could work with the Pakman show..

Hello @elear your nice Articals I wish your support me i will support you

Great work David,
I think as the value of STEEM goes up and all the stakeholders of the token see how contributing to the success of the platform is very rewarding, we can really build something amazing together.

It's all about taking on the role as a co-owners of the blockchain, which we all are to big or small extents, and doing small acts here and there to improve the quality and diversity of content and making it more and more attractive and well known.

2018 is surely going to be an exciting year :)

@fredrikaa your Great job i wish your support me thank you

you are not guilty that i become free, You are guilty of quality content. is just that bastard Dollar Vigilante that put money into my pocket with my permission.

Holy cow! That is amazing! Thanks so much for this!

I first heard about your show here on Steemit. I will definitely be checking it out because of all the things you are doing for Steemit. I can't thank you enough!

thank you so much, looking forward to it!

I will as well. Glad to know about your shows. Thanks!

Nice job @bbrewer your nice Articals support me Steemit thank you

Great project with a window of opportunities!)

That is very AwEsOme sir!
Steemit is how I found your show.
Thank you for this major contribution to the community!!!

this is probably a dumb question, but how is dtube different from youtube and why do you feel the need to start another youtube-isk service?

DTube is different on the back end technology wise, but the practical reasons are at the very least:

  1. Content creators are paid using the Steemit, steem currency model instead of the ad revenue model. That means their content cannot be demonitized by the platform.
  2. Content cannot be censored by the platform. Copyright, libel/slander, etc. claims can be filed of course, but that is(presumably) between the company filing the claim and the company hosting the video.
  3. DTube offers diversification away from Youtube, which is virtually a monopoly due to other alternatives sucking either through poor UI, poor community involvement, poor monitization scheme, etc. So if Youtube were to fail, it wouldn't be game over.
  4. There is no banning/termination mechanism that I know of on DTube, so creators won't wake up one morning to find their accounts have been locked/terminated like they could on Youtube.

well explained, thank you!

the main difference is that dtube works on the Steem blockchain

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In addition to what abuyeti says, Youtube is owned by Google for some time now and they operated it at a loss year after year in order to keep the huge marketshare and mindshare Youtube has over online viewers of content. There is no silver bullet for marketing online in a way that generates profits that any reasonable business can operate off of, and many other app-type of services operate at losses because they are funded by investors who hope that the gamble that sinking more money into such businesses will pay off when they can either flip it to another set of investors or IPO it. I know many content upload or streaming sites have failed in the past and the few successful ones seem to get bought out. Decentralization takes some leverage away from the big players like Google (Youtube) and Amazon (Twitch) and back in the hands of the users and producers.

I found this link explaining what dtube was (not sure if it's all still applicable as this was the release post)

It's open-source and appears to be made by someone who actually cares about users, which is arguably a much different approach than most of the big dogs.

Greate info! Thanks for sharing! Steem to the moon!

This message is for all of you Steemian finding @davidpakman for the first time on Steem, or finding this post. We all need to do our part and stop thinking as only users of this platform, all of us, in our own way are investors and with out actions we can affect the success of our investment.

So finding this post, learning about this avatar contest, is not only an opportunity for one of us to make a great reward, but also a golden chance for more people to join Steemit, help us grow, so that this year, 2018, becomes the year where Steem Token really shoots to crazy valuations.

When the contest is announced, take it upon yourself to share it on Twitter, share it on facebook, the more people that join, the better. The current number we are seeing on Steemit have to do with the amount of users that are jumping on this platform everyday, and you should know that you can be part of that success too.

2018 Baby!! Steem to the Moon!!

I agree meno.

I think we all should be motivated to grow the platform.

That being said I do not think we can stress enough that it should be a platform that we use incessantly to get information from, interact with others, learn about different subjects, share some of our expertise about different types of niches etc..etc..

I think for it to be successful we cannot just write articles about Steem, blockchain, how to grow steem followers etc.. ( Btw, it was cool to see Jerry Banfield today talking about Gardening :) )

It has to be bigger than that. Of course that is part of it and a major factor in growing it but think of a place where people come to get and share information from Gardening to losing weight to getting your hair done and of course info. on being successful on the Steem platform.

But ,imho, we must think big.... i.e. Steemit as a huge efficient aggregate of interesting ,helpful , and educational content across many subjects.

You are right on Robert, but in my opinion the process of fine tuning the content, that is of growing in quality, needs to be preceded by a healthy amount of active people using the platform.

If we had a blockchain with only 5000 users, it would be a hard sale to pitch, to say that the coin is worth more than mere cents, but if we grow to millions of active daily users, a high valuation is almost a given.

There will be a stage where promoting steemit might be, and I will say might, not as important, or at least not priority #1.

We are at about 60k active users a day, the number, as impressive as it might sound, it's actually pretty small, it needs to triple, quadruple if we ever want to see a steem catch up to BTC's growth.

But i'm not disagreeing with you.

Hi dear @meno how are you my friend your nice posts I wish your support me i will support you

Hi @cartooni. you will never grow on steemit if you Spam like you are doing. This is a friendly warning. Create good content and make informed comments. You are wasting your time with comments like this and could get flagged.

Cool. Great post.

Fantastic news, best I've heard all day @davidpakman.

Media coverage for Steemit has been lacking, therefore drumming up some action helps immensely.

Dtube has been great for Steemit to keep content off of competitors like Youtube or Facebook Video, and updates are always welcome.

Thank you @davidpakman for your continued contributions to the Steemit community and may 2018 bring great things for the platform and us all!

-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report

Screenshot 2017-07-24 at 10.50.28 PM.png

Thanks for your efforts man!

God bless your media promotion.

Follow me and upvote all my posts. Comment 'something' on any of my post and i'll do the same. Come lets earn together:)

very nice

bien David! q bueno tener un Argentino tan metido en esto, yo tmb estoy tratando de dar a conocer a Steemit a mas gente! :)

buenísimo, sos Argentino también?

Si! sigo tu programa desde hace rato y me encnato que hayas hecho el salto a Steemit! mucha suerte y segui con todo q esta buenisimo :D
Yo por ahora estoy usando la plataforma para compartir mi arte y articulos sobre crypto y ICOs

It's great that you're promoting Steemit and DTube - well done on 420k subscribers and almost 4,000 on this! I will soon be starting a blog, crypto beginners facebook page and YouTube channel. I plan to promote Steemit through all of thes channels, which I will be working on full time to grow a dedicated following.

Thanks for the work that you're doing for the Steemit community, I'm sure that you've brought an immense amount of users to the platform!

thanks very much!

No problem at all. Ill be doing a lot of cryptocurrency research and posting multiple articles, if there is ever a cryptocurrency you're interested in let me know and I'll do a post on it.

i wish you all the success you need to make steemit as huge as other big social media platforms!!

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Wow, that's great news. The more people learn about Steem the stronger we will become :)

my thoughts exactly!

Thanks for your help on promoting the platform David, we all have a stake here and it is to our best interest that this thing grows!

my pleasure, and that's also my hope

Wasn't waiting for a reply at all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us small fries :D

great :D Steem will get stronger and stronger

I just found David and his show here when I first joined Steemit a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy discussing current events and politics. And I found David's commentary to really 'quench my thirst ' when it comes to that. Thanks and keep up the great work, David :)

Your doing some great footwork for not just the steem platform , but everyone that is part of the steemit community!
I will be following and trying to catch your videos and updates...
I have been doing my best to tell everyone I can about this great new platform, great work my friend!


Thanks for all of the work you're doing to promote Steemit, @davidpakman. I really appreciate it. I'll keep an eye out for your Steemit mentions so I can link to them on my site.

A spectre is haunting @davidpakman show--the spectre of Steemunism.

Very good opportunity for everyone, will dominate the social media platforms next years!

Great going,this will help both steemit & dtube to grow together with the massive speed and both having a massive community to support them .just go for it lets BOOM with it .

Nice post! Dtube is really starting to take off and it's great to see that! I wish all of us, Steemit users ,huge success!

Exposure for the platform will for be beneficial for sure.

@davidpakman Thank you for continuing to make Steemit a great community. Together, we can all make Steemit strong.

@davidpakman excelente Iniciativa, no solo para la promocion dela plataforma y Dtube, esto generará seguidores mas importantes y mas ingresos, dandole peso a Steemit. Gracias por compartir.

Congratulations my dear brother @davidpakman for this strange initiative to promote both Steemit and dtube and contribute to the growth of our family for the benefit of all of us.
It has all our support and we will be waiting to participate in each of the courses you organize.
Keep going...

Im only a dolphin so please pick me and make me a big fat whale....
I won't let you down and am willing to learn along the way..

I would do an interview with you if you wanted. I've been featured on Playboy and a number of other publications. My biggest following is on Or you can find me at The censorship of YouTube is getting out of hand, and I'd love to talk about the potential of these new platforms.

my proposition is that we can buy some ads to promote this.It is not big cost I mean advertise in Google AdSense of course only if they don't ban us..I am sure that if the ad would have something about getting money here on steam or D-tube it will bring new blood because many YouTubers are disappointed by Google.You know all this censorship is crazy on YouTube.

You gave us an awesome news, best I've heard throughout the day.
Dtube has been awesome for Steemit to keep content off of contenders like Youtube or Facebook Video, and updates are constantly welcome.
Much thanks to you for your proceeded with commitments to the Steemit people group and may 2018 bring awesome things for the stage and every one of us.i hope other members will like it too.

yes you should definitely promote steemit to your audience ..I think its a great platform and pretty sure you'll have great ratings aswell....great job and keep up the great work

Really excited to see where Dtube ends up in the next year or so. I'm waiting with baited breath to get a Steem powered livestreaming platform! Hopefully it's in the cards.


yah you did it keep it going man good luck!!! @davidpakman

Amazing, i like it dtube steem.. Thank. Please bite and follow me

Good post... Really excellent!

Dtube is becoming a platform that could face youtube in the near future, this is no longer a doubt and I am more than certain that this year with the new improvements that are being implemented on the platform will highlight the interest of the creators of good content.

That are really great news. Cool to see you getting really into Steemit and DTube! It'll be a great year for all the recent Steemians and new ones of course.

Wow! Really, you have done justice in terms of promoting this great platform.enging it in youtube ,even going extra mile in radio ,television means a lot to me that you like the progress and growth of steemit community.thanks for your great work .

yes yes yes !!!!!
Marketing is the best tool to promote any product.
AS dtube is new , we should promote it ..
and you are doing a great job man .
i'm with you and following your every post brother...
btw nic name brother @davidpakman

I've been posting this message to my undersubbed, underpatreoned favorite creators:

"[Creator] If you're reading this, I say this solely because I love you and I want you to continue doing this forever. Get on Steemit so I can give you money just by liking your content like I do with David Pakman. Spread the word to [Other creators I know are in their social circle] if you can.

Anything I can do to spread the word.

nice work davidpakman thank you for sharing

Thanks for the information!

Hello @davidpakman. It's fun to work with Steemit. However, first of all thank my friends Thomas @ th2017, Esperanza @putignanoespe and Oroncio @oroncio for their enthusiasm and trust in the Steemit Platform.

With the few hours that I have been able to dedicate to Steemit, I recognize its potential to improve interpersonal relationships and provide participants with high quality knowledge.

Successes with your followers and the next ones. I am already one of them.

i am new user of steemit and i learn very much from you thanks bro for sharing valuable posts with us and sharing new ideas.thank you very much.

Exactly @oroncio have a similar academic work to that of the figure you can communicate with him for the details. regards @hussykhan

Hi I am new in steemit. I work and earn steemit.

it is great initiative that u took

Steemit is going to be the best social platform. You have some great community connected to the blockchain. What more can you ask :)

Unbelievable. I haven't checked on you in awhile so I'm going on the last program I watched of yours on cable TV some time ago, and I'm simply floored by the fact that you have such a large following.
So I have a question that you probably won't answer, but maybe it'll give my fellow American's/Steemers some pause to listen to you a little closer because the issue that brought my watching your b/s show was your belief in the psy-op/false flag/big fat Obama regime lie that Sandy Hook was a real event, that children really did die, and that there wasn't a bone in your body that didn't believe the mainstream narrative.
So for anybody reading this, especially those who know the truth about Sandy Hook, the Boston Bomb Drill, Pulse Nightclub, San Bernadino, and on and on and on, take a real good hard look at this Pacman character and ask yourself how this bozo rates all this attention when all he really represents is the agenda of fake news and lying fake Jews...

Dear davidpakman.
Can I just tell you that your content is amazing, thank you for being a big part of making Steemit what it is and what I love!

Muy interesante. Gracias por tu promocion

This is awesome. Thank you for being an ambassador for Steem. Hope to see thousands of new Steemians joining courtesy of your promotion initiative! Your audience seems to be pretty savvy too.

Good! You always help to improve steemit, it also help to stronger steemit..

intersting blog.....

I just wish that our "Pacman" -Sen. Manny Pacquiao will get a chance to watch one of your videos that's promoting steemit and he will be enticed to join, that I guess will be a huge result...

Steemit thinks to build a platform that looks like ?

Such great work to make steemit grow! The passion and hard work are great example to minnow like me! I hope to continue to grow in steemit and I have been posting daily and giving constructive comments for posts! Thank you for all your effort in growing steemit!

thanks for the good work. steemit most grateful

great stuffs

you look like a newscaster on tv and it's really cool.

Great news! I will check out your show :)

Great job! You are a steem evangelist!

wow really,, good post,,, i like your post,,,,. plz follow me

Amazing posts your @davidpakman I wish you will support me Steemit thank you bro

David, Great energy in your post!! keep up this work!
Do you have on your network people who are interested​ to create a cryptocurrency​ for a new sector?

Awesome news, have been thinking about going to radio and tv shows to share the word. It's a positive step you are taking. Won't mind creating an avatar for the week

thanks for sharing your post , I am going to start following you I hope you will get back follow me ........

This is such great news! We are at all time records in terms of users, posts, votes, etc! More and more people are discovering steemit, a lot of them thanks to you! Keep up the good work!

Wow, that's great news. The more people learn about Steem the stronger it will become :)

Great Step!

Awesome news, thanks for sharing!

I like it, I like people as you

I want to promote Steemit in India...Guide me what to do.

Wouldn't it make sense to wait until after the HF20?

Important brother

Great idea as more people need to know what is all about :)

your videos is excellent

Go get 'em David!

buena iniciativa

this is awesome interview, I got the detail information about what the crypto currencies is and the analogy that compare to the real life is easily understand . thank you @davidpakman and @andrarchy..

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