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RE: Steemit/dTube EXCLUSIVE:'s @elear (Diego Pucci)

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Was a real pleasure to have this interview with you @davidpakman! And sorry for all my "ehhhmmms" and "actually" and "practically". My english isn't always the best! :D


my pleasure, and your English is far better than my Italian, so we made the right choice in terms of doing the interview in English! Pleasure hosting you.

@davidpakman English is just a tool for communication just use it ..don't make your identity ..hmmmm

Awesome interview, keep it going!

Would love to see an interview with someone from TRON? Here's a valuable technical analysis on it:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.29.55.png

Another guy trying to predict more than a single elliot wave at a time... sigh you guys are too greedy in your technical analysis! lol

Hehehe very good interview, it was entertaining

What do you think about all the Ethereum game developemts?

Where would you find out information like that google sucks

Thank you , it was a pleasure for David to meet you ,

Lovely and funny.... Nice one.

plese my all friend give me vote pls pls

Being weak in English does not decrease your value. 👍