And the winner of 75 SBD to design my avatar is... @plojslydia

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Two weeks ago, I announced a contest to design my avatar for one week, with a prize of 75 SBD to be voted on my the Steemit community:

The contest was a way to not only engage the community, but to promote Steemit to my YouTube audience (over 425,000 subscribers)

One week ago, I selected some of the top submissions and voting began:

Many votes were cast, but in the end, only one can win.

The winner is @plojslydia with 143 votes. I have set @plojslydia's image as my avatar for the following week, and have transferred the rewards of 75 SBD to @plojslydia

Thanks to everyone who participated! I will do another contest in the future!


Congratulation, Note you in here is very useful I really like her and really hope you upvote me.

very nice design, she deserves to win

Lol...its a she darker.A she.

oh ok thanks, corrected.

congratulations @plojslydia for fantastic design and reward. I am waiting for new contents @davidpakman

Nice work @plojslydia, good design!

Congratulations to her because it's worth it.

very nice design well done davidpakman thank you

With love,

harj : ) xoxo
Abstract artist
(My latest artwork is "Government")

excelente tu iniciativa!!

Well I love creative contests not only it encourages the people taking part but also it gives them opportunity to win a good prize for their work. I am willing to take part in your next contest.

Congratulation to you @plojslydia. Your logo is indeed so nice.

Thanks so much

Thank you so much @davidpakman, I got the sbd and thanks for the contest..and i also appreciate those that voted for me. I am very grateful

@davidpakman is such a generous man. God will surely bless him.
He's such an inspiration on steemit

Congrats for winning it @plojslydia ! It is a nice good looking logo :D