It's Time: Vote for the Winner of the 75 SBD "Design my Avatar" Contest

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The time has come!

Last week, I made this post calling for entries to design my Steemit avatar for one week:

The prize: 75 SBD

  • I will be posting the top entries, as selected by me and me alone, as comments on this post.
  • To vote for an entry, upvote the comment
  • The winner will be determined by number of upvotes. I originally stated in the first post that the winner would be determined by amount of comment rewards but heard the feedback that this put all the power in the hands of a few whales, so in the interests of a more democratic outcome, I've changed it to number of votes.
  • The contest will end 7 days from the publishing of this post
  • All entries have been posted, upvote away!

Well worked out logo, kudos

I. Trust that you win.

U must win oo have u ever wanted to win so badly that you can do anytin
These cup must go to you
I vote you check out my blog guys

yess good @davidpakman The contest will expire 7 days from
All entries have been created, upvote

Nice design.

Wow... Creativity at it peak..

this is a nice and well designed logo.

Your works are amazing, just prepare to design an avatar for me also...

Kudos bro

Wonderful work,,, you too much....

Nice concept and also it's great.

Simple but the best

This design is amazing

I love the simplicity and ingenuity here.

A well thought out design, good job.

this is the best

Keep d good work

Amazingly creative!

Awesome 👏

we gat your back Lydia

Way to go @plogslydia great one.

Make sense dp I love the design of the logo I vote yes

Stunning avatar

So creative.

My vote goes to this amazing avatar.

Well thought out one @plojslydia

This is great... you're already bagging the highest number of upvotes. Congrats in advance dear @plojslydia

That clown guy is dam creative.

This logo is awesome with your image @davidpakman. The tie with dp and the back reflect the same. It's really cool.

Thanks @seyiodus just trying what my hands could do, and i arrived at that..

Wow! Wonderful work.

This is awesome.

You are most highly kind sir.

Nice painting

U always there man

Thanks for always giving a hand

Great artistry

Very nice logo

Nice one man!

This is excellent. I like this logo

you are always exceptional

This is an açt of simplicity

Do you want it be as my steemit avatar?

So beautiful and cute.

wow very nice .. i think this is very good

Cool dude!

I love this.... Really cool and mature

Cool design

nice design))

very nice man

Nice design. Keep the good work bro

Nice one man. Stay bless.

Simply nice..

So good 👍🏼

very nice. XD

This one is so good! Hope it wins

I love this one. The resemblance is astonishing :D

I am in this competition and I urge you to vote for this one!


This is the entry by @paradigmprospect

Tagline: Go back to sleep, you're more useful as a battery. @ironshield

Take off the glasses and i would choose this one

could be easily done, probably too late ;)

This is awesome

choose the blue!

My vote goes to this one :D Best wishes to you @davidpakman

did you upvote it? it is showing 0 upvotes

oops ! Here ya go :D

I like this one

This is my favorite. David Pakman meets Joker! If this one wins you might want to change your hairstyle for a week :D


This is the entry by @marlon241982

For the win! 👍

creative awesome work you kid


This is the entry by @jimdraw

I have not entey but i wanted to win :p

I guess I missed the contest.

Cheaper than Fiverr eh? Lol.

Really wonderful article done well, my friend

A very beautiful contest

too bad i didnt make it :D

Congratulations everyone

This is my entry by @marble20

My Steemit account has JUST been approved today, it took a total of 8 days. I hope you will still consider my entry. Please and thank you!David Pakman Final.jpg

Nice work you gat here, Ride on man

Amazing creativity. Hope
You win

Amazing creativity. Hope
You win

I know i will not won but it is just my try