CONTEST: Help Promote Steemit and Win 75 SBD ($600+!!!)

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The Background

As many of you know, I came to Steemit with my content that was previously posted to YouTube, and came here partially to try to mitigate the destructive impact of YouTube's demonetization adpocalypse, the details of which I will not bore you with here.

I've experimented with new ways to promote Steemit to my YouTube audience. I've answered questions from Steemians on my YouTube channel (420,000 subscribers), I've done Steemit exclusive or "1st on Steemit" interviews, and much more. Today, I bring you a new idea for how I'm going to be promoting Steemit to my YouTube audience, and it means that I will be giving away 75 SBD and you can win it!

The Contest

The contest will be to design my Steemit avatar to be used for one week, the winner to be selected by the Steemit community itself. I will then do a video clip on my YouTube channel explaining that this contest is happening, that it is only happening on Steemit, which by the way my YouTube audience should join, and to come on over to participate. This will bring lots of new people to Steemit! Thanks to @meno for suggesting this contest to me!

How to enter

  • To enter a submission, post your image as a reply to this post before the posts 7 day mark is up. I will then select the top choices (my discretion) and will create a new post in 3 days where the winner will be determine by the most upvoted submission as measured by rewards, not number of upvotes.
  • Entrants who make submission must also resteem this post


  • Entries must be your original work, not memes that already exist out in the internet, etc
  • The entries cannot contain anything obscene, as per my judgment. Don't worry, I don't offend easily.
  • The entries absolutely can make fun of me in any way you see fit or funny to do
  • The entry must relate to either me or The David Pakman Show in some way, even if indirect, since it is, after all, going to me my avatar for the week.


The winner will receive a prize of 75 SBD to come out of my wallet. As of current valuations this is worth about $600 USD, but has been worth as much as $975 USD based on valuations over the last couple of weeks.

Let's do this!


Awesome. I wish I was the arty type so i could enter

ha ha just amazing

This is my entry, it was originally designed by me. The logo has two letters DP which means David Pakman with the steemit logo ontop.
I blended the steemit logo color with "The David Pakman "

This depicts creativity at its peak

Nice on sister, success is our's (amen)

Amen, thanks

Nice one sis, this is the winning

It is yours to win

Amen by God's grace

Good one runaway girl. This is superb.

Lol, thanks dearest

This is really nice.😉

You should bring this one home

By God's grace

All the best dear

Amen, thanks dear

This is really beautiful

Thanks I really appreciate

Keep it up dear

Oh that is badass. Pure professional work as far as I am concerned 👏👏👍👍


Nice.... U must win

amen.. thanks

You just display an act of creativity here.
All the best

thanks for supporting and appreciating my work

OMG! It seems that David cannot escape the Packman reference! I'm jumping on the wagon with my own version :D

David 03a.jpg

Well done !! I realy like the idea !!

Welp I was going I enter until I saw this one

hahah, thank you for the compliment, but don't hold out on having some fun

Big head. Big mouth.

This gets my vote!

thank you so much!

It needs to win, you must get your friends to vote or something.

thank you so much for your support! i'll try to bring a few steem hommies :)

haha! I was also going to enter until I saw this. Good one!

Do it anyway! I saw this and i was like, oh. Then I went in a serious direction.

very true, it seems that there are more packman references than i had originally anticipated... if i knew that when i started the illustration, i'd also had gone another route... there are more than one way to make an avatar for David

The Pacman thing is very tempting if you can pull it off. I couldn't after I saw yours. I thought, mmmmmmmm. Mine wont be as good as that, I will do something more sober instead.

This one looks really good.

thank you so much @soundwavephoton! <3

I love your work. Can you do an avatar for me, and maybe for another brand I am creating... Or I could give u a photo to work from. Reply please either way. Could pay a few Steem. Worth 50 bucks plus to me.

Thanks, am elated.

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Thanks so much, am greatful.

You're the winner of this contest, man.

Thanks bro, am honored.

As humans we meant to labour for prosperously. The expectation of the boy will never be cut short. I support deeclown 💯vote.

Everly strong bro, thanks for the support.

Nice job keep it up


Great minds think alike.

haha ! indeed.



I am not a professional in graphic design, but will participate this time.

This is my entry of DAVID PAKMAN SHOW

I am not sure if I will have time to create something to participate, but I wanted to second @sofaperdido 's comment. It took just over a day to receive my email with new password confirming that I had been accepted ;) If you want more of your YouTube audience to be able to possibly participate, maybe 72 hrs would be good? Just a thought. Cheers :)

I have expanded to 72 hours


Finally got my entries done ;) these are low quality previews, I put the relevant High Quality-link under each picture.

16:9 HQ here

1:1 HQ here


16:9 HQ here

1:1 HQ here

I made like 20 different versions, but that seemed too much for a comment, so I tried to pick my favorites in order, hope I picked well ;)

Awesome contest, learned a lot.
cheers for this opportunity <3

This is my entry for this contest. I guess the entire message is clear enough to drive home the point. Thanks @davidpakman for this opportunity to try out for this contest.

Very professional.

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!

Its the 7th day... Cant wait who are the shortlisted entries :D

yep, the new post with the contest entries is coming later today!

My entry: Baby David. Yes that is really him. I got the picture from his mom. No I'm not joking. Cheers Dave!avatar.jpg

mm hmm

I am loving logo on the forehead. Reminds me of Dr Manhattan from the Watchmen. Or The Vision from the Avengers

Little Dave, a superhero in the making

yeah, Harry Potter is also a super hero <3

this is the reason why Steem is great... like right here... this is it...!!! LOL

i will pick this, @davidpakman you are so cute

haha! thats a gem! Child of the STEEM!

yeah Dave was a pudgy little guy back then

Steemit at it's best, brilliant work.

why thank you

If he's holding the camera, then who took the picture? Creepy.

Baby Steem Dave is all powerful

I think that the Pacman motifs will be legion in this post. I decided instead to go serious with this one. It is a development of the existing logo/avatar where i see that the d and the p seem to want to be an infinity symbol. I developed that a little further. Please note, this symbol can easily be converted into Pacman too!
The David Pakman Show 4000x4000.png

Realy nice logo !!!

I also really like this one, its very professionally!

Greetings , your friend Zebra wishes you a good luck !

I fell in love with this cute duck.

Thank you , this duck is a developed mode of a Pacman !
I tried to do something like that :)

Thanks for the great contest, Mr. Pakman.

pakman 3.png

Contest entry submission #originalwork


kindly accept this for the entry

my second one

This is my design that i'm submitting for this contest i added a little touch in refrence to Buenos Aires i hope you like it.

Really nice work! I just found where the reference to Buenos Aires is, at least I think I did. :)

Well done !!!!

I'm not entering, but I think you should expand it to 72 hours, since it takes about a day to get a Steemit account approved.

good call, updated!

interesting job

My entri for your contest


My entry

Make the hatriots deal with your progressive bias.

there's more than one way to skin a tofu cat,

i finally finish my creation its a classic!!!

DavidPacman classic


I am quite disappointed @davidpakman.
How can you decide to reward just the person with the highest upvote value and not upvote number from their entry.
That means that if a whale comes up with any avatar even if there are other designs far better than that of the whales, you will still pick that of the whale. So that means you are not promoting creativity and hardwork, you are just inviting only the rich to contest. What happens to your youtube subscribers who are definitely going to be minnows when they join, how do they get the rewards from their posts. They are just coming and they probably need some motivation to continue on steemit if only you made it free and fair. This contest is not fair. There are good designs i see here but they wont win because they didnt meet your "criteria" of having huge rewards from their entry. You are not promoting steemit, you are just getting the attention of the whales. I am a huge fans of yours, but i dont agree with you on this.

interesting, let me take that under consideration

Ok, this was a good point, I've considered what you've said. I'm pretty confident whales will not be participating in this contest, as they understand that the idea is to promote Steemit to the new users, in order to not create any confusion regarding this first post, on the next post I will put out with the qualifying entries I will change it to the number of upvotes, with the understanding that double accounts and bots will result in immediate disqualification... I will have someone check on this for me of course, to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to win the prize.

I was watching another contest and I really liked the way he chooses the winner. It's quite transparent and democratic, and I perceive that it makes all the fans happy.
I share it with you, maybe you want to consider it in upcoming contests.

The user made a post in which he uploaded all the images of the participants, (they were more than 90) Yes, it can be a long job. Then he assigned each one a number. People vote in the comments, selecting the number .. Nobody knows who is who, so the choice is simply more genuine.


Hope you could give consolation prizes too :)

This is my entry.i think it's good for the show. Simple And Straightforward

Submitted with love <3
( can display animated gifs)

haha love that one ^^^!


Rotation and text slightly different,

How? I'm having trouble.

Double check, but I think uses the first image of the animated gif and then dtube plays the entire gif, so maybe set the first frame as the completed image? At least that's what I did.

I did this myself. Simple and official
Thats my entry

I Love this sir.. can I get one of this

here's my first entry David

you have a nice design here!

I think you can get a Pacman in there somewhere.

I love this piece man its amazing

WOOT! I figured out how to add the picture. It was pissing me off.

This is my logo, it was originally designed by me.


Mi imagen trata de mostrar en cierta manera la relación de su nombre "pakman" con el juego (pacman) pero lo realmente importante es mostrar la situación en la que se encuentra, Youtube y su escape a Steemit. Como el juego tiene las alternativas de comer (los logos de Youtube) y sobrevivir un tiempo, pero la verdadera salida es Steemit.

Es humor negro, nada literal, espero que cuando lo vea entienda y diga ¡AhA!


This is my entry, it was originally designed by me. hehe

I was reading this post, but then I blacked out, and found this staring back at me.... I suppose the universe would like to consider this as my entry for your contest.


here's my entry , which was originally designed by me @follypandy.

Good artworks from all of you guys.. all entries were good.. i really learned a lot from this platform.. glad being here..

You do not need anything, sir. Your name is already a mark in the social network..So your current picture is ideal ! @davidpakman

Thats so creative of you sir.. May you be highly rewarded for this

Thanks David. I'll be glad to put something together and support the Steemit community.