A journey to the 1 comma club and beyond on Steemit & why I am 'powering up' 100% of my earnings - Part #3

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I just cracked 500+ Steem Power!

Here I am, 7 days later, making this announcement. I am astounded. This happened 4x faster than I had imagined. Over 300 Steem Power in less than 7 days.

So Steemit, my next target is now 1,000 Steem Power. Finally, I will join the 1 comma club!

-- original art

What the hell? How did you gain so much Steem Power in 1 week?

I gained the entire 300+ Steem Power by simply 'powering up' all of my authoring rewards into Steem Power. Over the past week I have had some mildly successful posts and some wildly successful posts (at least, in my books).

Why all the 'power ups'?

I love seeing my influence in posts. I love being able to give an upvote when an article truly intrigues me, and seeing the author reap rewards. I love to upvote before the 30 minute mark, for the sole reason that I would prefer to see the author get some rewards, than me. Sure, it feels good to receive. But honestly? It feels even better to give. Especially to those authors that I feel have really put some work, effort and creative thinking into their posts. These are the posts I will be upvoting.

-- My desk when I am Steeming

A note on dedication

I just want to say, if you take a look at my blog history, you will find a lot of very 'unsuccessful' posts, and guess what? I don't care. I didn't moan, I kept going, and I will keep going. The money is a really nice side bonus. I am here to meet amazing people, and read amazing stories. If i gave up after only earning 2c a post, I would have missed out on some amazing experiences and opportunities that have come my way since. Whatever you do, don't give up. You will be able to reach your goals too, you just need some dedication. Talking about experiences...

[BONUS SECTION] My most interesting discussions on Steemit this week

  1. I was in discussion with @rossulbricht to potentially create a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for her son's defense trial. You can see her original post here. Somewhere in the comments, you will find her asking for my email address. I really do hope I can help her in some way. If any of you can support or donate SBD directly to her @rossulbricht account, please do so, this loving mother is going to need all the help in the world to help free her son or at the very least, reduce his double life sentence without parole, and give this man at least his old age and something to look forward to.

  2. I have made contact with the guys at bitbastion.com after my post here.

  3. I have been offered contact details for the guys at BitNation by @tlc (definitely the most beautiful and profound woman in crypto). By the way, @tlc, nice to have you back and posting again, we missed you! @tlc I will definitely email you back regarding those details! Also, I look forward to seeing more of your posts soon.

  4. My most recent post was selected as a daily top pick by @robinhoodwhale. For this, I am truly humbled. I would like to give a big shout out to all the people in Sherwood Forest for making that possible.

  5. I have made contact with @craig-grant who I believe is a MAGICAL force in the space. I have been watching his ETH videos since the days of the DAO and I am a huge fan, so glad to see him here. Plus, dude has some hot flows. :P

  6. @charlieshrem - who doesn't love this guy? I know I do. @charlieshrem, if you are reading this, just know you will forever and a day have my upvotes. Just keep those posts coming. I am waiting for those cow yoga poses though. OP better deliver!

Anyway, just wanted to give another update. Next target 1,000 Steem Power. The 1 comma club. See you then Steemit!


Kind regards.

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Oh okay @darknet, I shall put fingers to keyboard again.... {shrugs off demotivated cloak...limbers fingers} .... it appears one needs to persevere...not purse-vere {grin}.... thanks for the motivation !!


@themagus keep at it! Definitely. Don't ever let a 'failed' post bring you down. Don't let $$ determine your posts value. Your next big $$ post is just around the corner, I promise you, and that will just be a nice little bonus for you among a much, much larger journey. I am glad to hear I have given you some more motivation to Steemon. <3

1000 SP + 1000 posts = HAPPY darknet :-)


Hey, I guess I am on track for that sort of average hey!? Comments are counted as posts too, strangely enough?

I just want to say, if you take a look at my blog history, you will find a lot of very 'unsuccessful' posts, and guess what? I don't care. I didn't moan, I kept going, and I will keep going. The money is a really nice side bonus.

This is quite true, the only problem is forgetting this attitude and trying to compare one's own results with other's and sometimes being frustrated about that.

Thank you for sharing your story, I think perseverance is always the key to everything!


I have faith in the fact that, if I can create compelling content, the upvotes will come. If they don't then I know my content simply is not compelling enough. A nice feedback loop.


Not soooo sure I agree with that statement. Often a blog is compelling but is on and off the radar so fast that those who may find it compelling...simply do not see it. I check my feeds regularly to see what has been posted by people I follow.. and even there I miss a helluva lot. There is seldom older than 6 hours there...and I am in th southern hemisphere and most Steemians are in the Northern Hemisphere... so I sleep through a lot... and they sleep through my compelling {grin} posts !


Perhaps I should say it this way instead; if I create utterly pointless content, the upvotes definitely will not come.

However, fellow Southern Hemispherian, I have the same issue as you re time zones. I'll pay that {grin}.

Congrats mate! I sent you a little powerup, its not much but it all adds up - heres a screenshot from #steemviz :)



Aw far out man! That's awesome! See!? This right here. This sort of act. This is why I am here. You see some amazing things happen around here, let me tell you.

I will make sure to 'pay it forward' in my own way once I reach my 1000 SP goal.

Good looking out bruh, thanks for helping me achieve my 1 comma 1,000 SP goal! :D


No worries :)


Spotted the Aussie. Ok your username may have also been a tiny clue.

Congrats, good work!