Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Silk Road political prisoner Ross Ulbricht, is now on Steemit!

Hi you all! Ross and I are so pleased that I’m here and part of this innovative community and technology. I’m glad to have the chance to tell my story directly to you -- to fill you in on the past three years of my life and my battle to free Ross.

My son Ross Ulbricht -- a peaceful, idealistic humanitarian –was tried and sentenced to double life without parole for all non-violent charges relating to his role in the Silk Road website. Silk Road was a free market experiment: a voluntary, anonymous marketplace that operated on the tor network using the crypto currency bitcoin. Many things, both legal and illegal, were exchanged, although there were restrictions of things considered harmful by the administration. For example, there was no child porn, murder-for-hire or stolen goods on the site. Drug sales were permitted, with marijuana the main product that was bought and sold.

Since Ross’ arrest it’s been a David and Goliath fight against the US government. The investigation, pre-trial events, trial and sentencing are so rife with abuse and corruption that it’s impossible to cover everything. Here are some major issues:

It’s been a wild and crazy three years to say the least. Since Ross’ arrest I’ve strived to the limits of my strength to direct attention beyond the sensationalism to the important precedents and issues at stake in this case and how they impact our freedoms in the digital age. In addition to Ross’ release, my goal is to shine a light on the alarming loss of our liberty while raising funds to defend Ross. (Any payments from here go 100% to Ross’ defense). This is basically my life now, with some down time sprinkled in.

Things weren’t always like this, and I often shake my head wondering how I got here! Before Ross’ arrest I was the gracefully aging mother of two beautiful, well-adjusted adults, hoping for grandchildren and planning the rest of my life. I had pretty much retired from freelance writing and was continuing to work with Kirk, Ross’ dad, in our business, Casa Bambu. (We rent bamboo houses that Kirk built to vacationers, off grid in the Costa Rican rainforest). One day I led a relatively tranquil life and the next I was falling, like Alice through the looking glass, into a bizarre world of the dark web, encrypted communications, digital currency, and the drug war. A right-brained, tech-resistant ex- hippie, I had only owned a smart phone for a month, had never been on twitter and barely heard of bitcoin (and only from Ross). When Ross was arrested I suddenly -- and urgently -- had to become adept at social media, public relations, fundraising, pgp, bitcoin and criminal law.

It was urgent because I had to save my beloved son.

Ross and Lyn shortly before his arrest

So now my life is dominated by the fictional entity Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) and I’ve been on a crash course to do whatever it takes to free Ross: blog, comment, tweet, follow, unfollow, like, unlike, friend, unfriend, defend, raise funds, encrypt, decrypt, build websites, write press releases, give speeches, give interviews, challenge journalists, translate legalese, learn digital-speak – and now post on I have twitter followers all over the world, from Russia to Spain, from Australia to India. I’ve been called a jedi, a storm trooper, Dread Mother Roberts, a hero, a “leading internet freedom activist and social media pro” and a badass (fondly, by the lawyer). Also some nasty things on the internet, but I’m getting a thick skin.

The learning curve has been steep. Sensationalistic media; aggressive prosecutors; biased judges; cruel prison staff – the opponents are formidable and ruthless. But there have also been invaluable allies, like many of you, and that plus divine intervention has gotten us this far. I have made so many courageous, generous, amazing friends on this journey. They are people I never would have met and it has enriched my life, given me hope. I’ve often thought that the past three years would have been some of the most interesting, purposeful and exciting of my life except that Ross is in prison and that makes them the most traumatic, painful and difficult as well. As long as he’s in there, I will not – cannot -- rest.

Lyn speaking at porcfest.

This journey has taken me from a prison in interior Brooklyn to an interview in a multimillion dollar Soho loft (on the same afternoon); from high priced attorney offices to clandestine meetings; from a freedom festival in New Hampshire to trudging through Austin streets hanging posters at SXSW (and then speaking there the following year). Never having addressed audiences, I’ve now spoken at numerous events, both in the US and Europe (including Porcfest, FreedomFest and the national Libertarian convention); appeared on a range of TV, radio and podcast shows, including Reason TV, CNN, HuffPost Live, Infowars and Fox; and given many interviews with both major and alternative media , including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Guardian. Along with Ross, I am prominently featured in the documentary Deep Web.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed this would be my fate.

Pursuing American justice is expensive and the challenge is great, but I’m fueled by a mother’s love and now a righteous anger at government abuse. I have seen first-hand how prosecutors lie and obstruct. I have visited the prison with other families, desperate to see loved ones, the children tearfully clinging to their fathers. I personally know non-violent people rotting their lives away in captivity. My perspective has changed forever.

Besides my love for Ross and resistance to tyranny, a crucial thing that keeps me going is my faith in God. I have faced some of the darkest places in my mind, fear gripping me, my thoughts screaming, “You can’t do this! They’re too big!” Yet I find peace and hope when I can turn the burden over and take on that day’s fight once again. I have felt God’s hand in this throughout, in many ways, large and small. There has been the unlikely but perfect timing of events; the right people arriving at the right time; doors opening when all seemed closed; the impossible occurring against all odds. I pray each day that God will use me, Ross and this situation for good and that it will shine a spotlight on evil. And of course that Ross will be out of that cage, in freedom where he belongs.

This is a bigger, more far reaching story than one man or website. There are vital issues at play, ones that impact us all and are worth fighting for. We are in unchartered territory in the courts. Decisions and precedent made now, with the Silk Road case and others, will have far-reaching impact on freedom, innovation, fair trials and privacy.

The Unfairness of the Silk Road trial in 3 minutes

We are at a crossroads in history. The question and challenge is which road will we take: the one to freedom and innovation, or the one to government intrusion, expansion and control. It is up to us to make sure we take that freedom road.

Please help us! Of course, please upvote this post. You can also go to for lots of other ways to support our battle. You can donate; play the art game; purchase at our store; volunteer; and spread the word on social media and to your network. Everything helps. We’re just one family and some friends. We need you!


For verification: this post is genuinely from Lyn Ulbricht.

Lyn, I really admire your relentless dedication to getting Ross out of jail and how you never ceased to believe in your son and trust his word. I can assure you that we are all on your side and that many of us are actively looking and effectively working on overthrowing this morally bankrupt system that has long ceased serving its intended purpose. We'll get Ross out of there.

Thanks so much. Yes, we'll get him out and work to have so many other wrongfully imprisoned people out too.

This world needs to change. A man who has never hurt anyone gets life, while a man who abuses a child gets a few years? Things need to change..... Real criminals exist, rapist, child abusers and murderers. Ross in none of those. It's disgusting and i am so sorry for the injustice :(

Thank you for verification. I can now vote with confidence.

Great to see this is verified, i hope he can get fair justce.

Talk for yourself, I am not on anyones side. If you are in prison, you didnt go there because you where selling flowers on the streetcorner.

No, he was enabling drug trade (and other black market) in the Darknet. I don't see how any sane man could think an appropriate penalty for such thing is double LWOP. (If it should be penalized at all)

Attempt to hire a hitman would justify a harsh sentence, a life sentence maybe, but somehow these charges disappeared before the trial.

And people still claim he is wrongfully in prison...

Double LWOP for enabling drug trade? Are you serious?

Be happy he is in prison, in my country they will hang you. Dont be like a pusy, you know the rules, get over it, risk of life, stop crying afterwards for enabling something you know is ilegal.


Why can I not react to you darknet? B. I am originally from the most free European country you can think of with their view of drugs, I moved to asia and I am accepting the rules as they are here now, just because in the netherlands it is legal, doesnt mean I have to treat it the same way as in Vietnam. Any more things to try change my mind? Daddy is waiting to see your next quality post.

Thank you Lyn for all your hard work to #freeross! He's a wonderful person, and is lucky to have you. As a community though, we are lucky to have you both.

Loving heavenly Father, we pray for the many Christians who are being held in prisons, both at home and abroad, simply because they trust in the Lord Jesus as Saviour – many of whom have been falsely accused of crimes or deliberately set up to fall foul of the law– simply because they are believers in Your name.

Lord we pray that You would be with each one in their imprisonment. Break any bonds of fear and bitterness - and may the love of Jesus be shown forth in their actions and attitudes, so that those with whom they have to do, recognise that there is something very special about them, and the God Whom they serve.

Set each one free we pray not only from their physical incarceration but also from their spiritual prison – Help them to rest in the Lord Jesus, knowing that in a small part they are participating in the fellowship of His suffering.

Use each one as a witness of Jesus Christ and may many be drawn into the kingdom of God, simply because of their gracious love they display in their time of great difficulty, in Jesus name we pray,


Lyn, Ross is incredibly lucky to have a super activist for a mother and we are very lucky to have you as part of the freedom movement! If Ross is not free before then, I look forward to signing his pardon. Welcome to Steemit!

wow, didnt know you were here, grr +1 and followed !!!! Welcome bro !, you ROCK young man !, much respect from MANY Oldschoolers !

Sign the pardon before you dissolve the government. Wait 'til he's released from prison before you dissolve the government. (The same for the other 2M people who shouldn't be in prison.) Don't release people like Bittaker and Norris with the same pardon.

(I hope the magnitude of the problem is becoming clear.)

I saw you in vegas recently.

IMO, this is the single most awesome new join yet on steemit.

Shipped 100SBD. Put it towards the legal defense fund or whatever.

Wow thanks! I hope our paths cross again!

probably among the most important thus far. @lukewearechange is another that i love deeply for their efforts and work. But lets just say this--a momma is fighting for her boys freedom and that freedom she fights for by extension makes her a momma fighting for all our freedom. Don't underestimate a momma bear when messing with her cub...
Freedom has a heck of a momma bear on its side :)

@lukewearechange, not "luck we are change".

Thanks for calling out the fat thumbs ;)
Look better? Last thing we want to do is send people to the wrong account!


Thank you for sharing Ross Ulbricht's story with us. I think you can be very proud of your son. He is an inspiration for anyone who uses innovation to expand our freedoms. :)

Thank you, I'll tell him.

Ross Ulbricht is a hero, along with Snowden, Assange, and Manning.

I think it's quite overboard. Snowden and Assange at least (not sure about Manning) were and are openly protesting against what they think is wrong. Ulbricht was caught running a Darkweb site. I don't say he should rot in jail, he shouldn't, but he's pretty far from these guys.


Lets bring this post to the moon.
This should defently goes to 50 000$ ++
Without Ross Bitcoin would newer bee wath it is now, and we would newer use crypto for wath it is.
Silkroad was a bigg way to promote Bitcoins, and this is actualy a post, that deserve all users vote.

Keep upp promotion guys, i hope so we could reach the steemits biggest payout on a post in history.

Hope your soon would get released one day, couse this case is only a bigg mistake. To conecting peaple to drugs is not the same as dealing it.

I would donate every SBD dollar this post gets in vote to this project.
Hope you all join so we could make a good help for Ross.
Tanks Steemers

This is GREAT!! I like the way you think! Can't wait to tell Ross when I see him tomorrow.

I wish you and Ross the best.
It is a sad storry, and Goverment destroy valuable lifes. Regards him from us and tell we support him ewery day.

Lyn your inspiration for people is unlimited. The United States Federal Government and its Legal System is one of the most horrific manifestations of our time and what they have done to your family/Ross is IMHO the largest crime against humanity of the century; many say isn't the murder from governments worse (It is pure evil)....I say there are worse things than death.

I hope to see you a lot on here and I will be sending any spare Steem Dollars and STEEM I have. The love you show for your son and your ability to express your thoughts so well just has me in tears. We will not rest until Ross is posting with his username himself.

Wow, this is having me in tears. Ours is one of so many stories that I hope to shine a light on. I, too, will not rest and look forward to the day when Ross posts here a free man.

Thank you for the news and info about this case that touched so many of us. Looking forward to hearing more news and keep up the positive vibes. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Countless people rotting in prison for the non-crime of posessing or distributing drugs, while the biggest drug dealers (big pharma and government) live like kings. Government runs the drug trade. from Iran/Contra to Fast and Furious to Afghanistan. They don't like competition. Same with the illigitimate "Federal" "Reserve" money system. Anywhere money changes hands they will bring the hammer down. It has nothing to do with protecting people from drugs, or the psychiatrists and Pharma companies would be first in line for prison.

Neill Franklin of LEAP told me that the economy would crash if we stop the drug war.

Yep. Another government "make-work" program. Keep that chump change flowing into the inner cities, while extracting pounds of flesh for the prison profiteers.

The transition to "second-smartest-species" on Earth will be too humbling for most egomaniacs to handle. But it will happen, because there's an economic pressure to make it so. Markets don't like the kind of waste that is wasting your son's mind. So, how do we get super-intelligent market-oriented minds involved?

One way is to access existing systems (difficult) another is to build super=intelligences and be good parents to them (also difficult). I don't know of any other ways, but one of them will work.

The folks at the Open AI initiative have the right idea: When every super-AI is as smart as the benevolent people who want Ross released, the prison profiteers will be no match for those systems. ...But it's not just Ross that needs to be freed. It's all 2 million+ victimless non-criminals in prison. It's all those on probation whose lives are interfered with by the police state.

It's those whose careers are compromised by a government that pays well for sociopathic applications of science that could be benevolent. (Something Ayn Rand got wrong: John Galt can be purchased too easily.)

Agreed, it's not just Ross. I am speaking for all the people I know in the prisons who don't have my microphone. There are thousands upon thousands of us, and 2.5 million children who have an incarcerated parent. This system has wide implications.

The answer to that is simple: Just pay the DEA to build and raid some fake houses all day. At least then it will have no impact on the economy from an employment point of view, and would stop all the harm. Of course this is (almost) as ridiculous as continuing the drug war for this reason.

Looks like the editing went well! :)

Glad to be of service and look forward to more posts Lyn! Welcome to steemit, where the people can support what they want to support and actually give them a stake in the entire project for doing so!

Hey there, Thanks for all your help and support!

You'll never walk alone! All the best from Germany!

Vielen Dank an unsere Freunde in Deutschland!

He deserves freedom. Glad you are here and I look forward to much more from you and Ross. Thank you for being here, and I am sure you will find MUCH support for Ross and your cause from the community here @rossulbricht.

I agree and look forward to sharing more with the community.

I'm glad you are here, Lyn. I hope the Steemit community shows you and Ross some major love.

Thanks for this, your support and all your great work!

Welcome, ma'am. You certainly have had greatness thrust upon you..

Your son is a real folk hero in these circles. Your tenacity and inner strength will make you one too. Again, welcome.

Thanks for this. I look forward to passing this on to Ross when I see him tomorrow.

With sincere best wishes to you both, I well know what a human atrocity the War on Drugs is. It will end, however, all the sooner when one or another state launches the "devolution revolution" — — that sends the United States government into the dustbin of history, followed by its counterparts around the world, the collectivity of which represents by far the greatest evil on the surface of the planet —

Ross will not spend the rest of his life in prison. Of this I am sure.

that sends the United States government into the dustbin of history

It's not happening, not now and most likely not in our lifetime. Much less other governments, and for all evil the US one does, Russian and Chinese ones are way worse.

The paradigm is shifting, so you may just be wrong.

Thanks yourself.

True of him and so many other prisoners. This needs to change.


As you said, this case is indeed precedent setting.

You may recall our discussion on the phone during the break on the Crypto Show a couple of weeks back. My concern was that Ross's plight is not too far removed from that of a landlord being held responsible for the actions of their tenants. In my view, the precedent set in his case has the potential to go far beyond the world of information technology.

People may look at this with a passive view and wonder how in the world that they could ever be affected, but the slippery slope that it's put us on may well be unrecoverable. The long slide downward toward total tyranny where all citizens become watchdogs for the interests of the state (rather than their own well being) ultimately affects everyone.

Best regards,

Robert Nathan

Of course I recall. Your observation is so astute, as this is a point in the appeal. The highest sentence for a landlord who knows and profits from tenants selling drugs is 20 years. Not nothing, but not life either. Thanks for your insights.

Is there a future, post-benevolent-Singularity where people are punished for victimless non-crimes? I think not. Perhaps we should all bet as to whether this is the case on prediction markets that then become self-fulfilling prophecies. What is the best prediction market? And: How do we get totalitarians to take the opposing bets? (Perhaps each court conviction for a victimless non-crime is automatically entered as a counter-bet, after financing by some benevolent billionaire like Peter Thiel..)

There needs to be an economic incentive placed on figuring out a way to defeat the prison industrial complex. One of the cheaper ways(technically) is to win elections, but the election-participating "pro-freedom" parties are totally rigged (most are infiltrated). This infiltration raises the expense of winning elections to astronomical heights.

Market pressure must be brought to bear on the situation.

There is no reason for Ross to be in prison.

+1 & Following !
Very WELL said !!!! Indeed, the implications are astounding !

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm very honored to have the opportunity to read your story.
Peace and many, many smiles to you!

Thanks you, thank you, thank you! I'm honored to be able to share it.

Welcome to Steemit.. glad to see you here!

Thanks, great to finally be here (after getting over resistance to learning curve!)

We support you, Lyn! Ross is always on my mind. Stay strong. The truth will prevail. <3

Thanks so much. I'll tell Ross.

Great to see you on here @rossulbricht Steemit is another great way to get your battle out and receive even more support. Best of luck!

Thanks to many friends I'm here and really appreciate all the support. Great site too. I've already bookmarked articles to read.

Thanks! And for all your hard work and help. You've been great!

From one old schooler to another... That has got to be one of the coolest angifs I have ever seen .... Old school Freebird !

Ross Ulbricht should be free
Laugh, so-called Liberty Tree
The land of the free home of the brave
Filled with prisons and the prison slave

We hear the news tell us a tale
Fearful we consign another to jail
Come with me for a victimless crime
It is your turn to now do time

This is the story mainstream media loudly sings
When claimant becomes prisoner victory brings
In a world of opposites where truth is a crime
Why do we elect criminals to lead us all of the time?

We dance and we jig to the show on the screen
When in truth we truly have no idea what it may mean

Free those that are criminals though they did no harm
Corrupt politicians to be sent to a taxpayer paid farm
Walls of stone, and bars of steal
Let them there, bask in their deal

When brave means coward and free means slave
Are we but standing upon our nation's grave?

I used to think this was the land of the free. But how can it be with more citizens in a cage than any nation in history, or in the world?

The @chaospoet account is my novelty account where I try to respond to everything with a poem. I don't always succeed.

That is what I was trying to get at in the poem.

We are #1 in Prisoners and prisons in the world.

Home of the brave? We let them lead us around by fear constantly.

Anyway, I've been following the what transpired with your son and your family for awhile. I am a supporter of your cause. Coming to steemit was a very good move. If you occasionally post new information and such you are likely to continue to get up votes from the people that can award money here. Hopefully that will be useful in the defense of Ross.

A true artist. Yes, I plan to post more here. There is a lot to say!

I look forward to it and am following you.

If I could up-vote you more than once, my finger would be broken right now. Welcome to steemit, I have heard and shared Ross's and your story before on one of the many interviews you have given, good luck with the fight. They are 100% trying to make an example of your son for no good reason.

That's great, thank you! Thanks so much for sharing the story. Changing the narrative and relating the big issues is so important.

Heck Yea Way better than the @dollarvigilante :) we know you will bring something to the steemit table! Thanks for the verification @tatianamoroz you did tell me she would be hear! #freeRoss

Tatiana made sure of it! She's the best.

My Dear .. when you mention anyone on steemit, use the @ sign at the front of the name so we can click on that person to follow, show love etc. eg: @rossulbricht or @tatiana

Thanks for the guidance. I'm sure I'll need a lot more in the future!

The number of lives that Ross saved can't be understated. Violent commerce was removed from the street. The Silk Road was safer than street sales.

Harm reduction was an argument at sentencing, but apparently the judge doesn't care about that.

wow, welcome, you should be proud of your son, he is a true genius. Very sad to see him get life. God bless you all.

I'm sad, but I'm also mad. This can't stand.

I'm so happy that you're here. I hope Steemit, throught the power of community, can help you in your fight against injustice.

Me too! Great community. Thanks!

It's fair to say that ross got me high on many occasions, Thank You, Ross You really don't deserve a double life sentence.

Esspecialy considering the copiuos amounts of coke that politians and other members of state move across water.

Let's just say that the CIA have done a wonderful job... Of getting rid of the compettion!

I am not sure if any of you remember the day that Ross was arrested, but as soon as it was announced, I immediately went to his Youtube page to watch his videos and to learn more.

All but one had been hacked by (unknown) and the videos either wouldn't play or they were sped up with no sound. The strange thing was that some of the videos may have held a political message, because one was about the UN.

I find this really odd, because if the government is censoring him for a political message and has him locked up, wouldn't he be considered a political prisoner?

Very interesting. I remember briefly seeing the one about the UN, but no longer. I do consider him a political prisoner, based on the enormous disparity of sentencing between him and the other Silk Road defendants (and plan to write here about that); and comments the judge made at sentencing, where she essentially used unattributed political statements on Silk Road, and those by DPR, to bolster her evil sentence.

Thank you so much for this post, and joining this ever growing community. The work you do means so much!

Thanks for the great welcome!

@rossulbricht, now that you are on steem, you could try to reach out to @barrycooper. I know his specialty is helping those with drug related crimes, but he will have some good insight. Also, connecting with @dollarvigilante would be a good idea.

Hi guys,

I may be looking to setup an Ethereum token based crowdfund campaign for @rossulbricht.

In the meantime, you can donate to @rossulbricht here in #steemit using this button:

Please show your support for @rossulbricht and let's get Ross out of there!

I really appreciate the support. I am just confused as to why people wouldn't give us financial support directly through or here by upvoting? I guess I'm out of my element, but I love your sentiments!

Hi Lyn,

Unfortunately, Steemians can only donate so much directly to a post by upvoting, they only have one 'upvote' to give, and even then, the amount they can give is limited to how much Steem Power they have.

However, yes, they can always donate Steem Dollars directly to you manually (using Steemit wallet SBD transfer function), or via a button like the one I put in above.

Lyn, you may like to set up your own donation button by going to if that would make you feel more comfortable. Perhaps you could put it in this post (and your next post).

Otherwise, yes, of course, they could always donate directly via I see you have a Bitcoin address to donate to, might be an idea to also add an Ethereum address they could donate to? Have someone trusted (or yourself), setup an Ethereum wallet as well. Do not use an exchange.

If you would like to talk further regarding other avenues, you have my email. I would be honored to help.

I was thinking a 'FreeRoss' token based crowdfunding campaign might stir up the hornets nest.

In any case, whatever you do, please know that you have my support (and I think everybody else's here), and a geek at your side to help you with anything you may need in relation to such matters.

Kind regards,

For the unfamiliar about the Deep/Dark Web, Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht, I'd highly recommend the Deep Web documentary as a good starting point.

Fascinating and tragic story narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Yes, it's a compelling film and excellent overview of all that and the evil drug war. It's on Amazon Prime, itunes, hulu.

Excellent ! +1 & followed

Welcome Lyn!!

What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful mother you are.

If the world had more mothers like you, all wars would end tomorrow!

Best of luck to you and Ross, you have many supporters all over the world. I wish that your son is released from prison, where he doesn't belong -- and soon.


Thank you so much!! You are so kind. I love this picture.

Be strong! We all with you!

Very uplifting to know. Thank you!

Welcome to SteemIt @rossulbricht! I believe that I first heard your story on infowars and since then have been looking into it more. What you're doing is very brave and to be commended. Your son is a genius and by the sound of it you're one as well. Bless you and Congrats on your new account !

Thanks for your kind words. I'm no genius, but you don't have to be one to see what the government is doing!

Only the mother takes care of us when we find ourself in jail.
God bless Mothers!

Ross told me that's what the guys in prison say.

Excellent ! Ross was a great guy I had the opportunity to chat with him few years ago and i can say he is visionary
big support to you Lyn

Really admire your dedication. Can very much relate to the learning curve it has been to engage to the extent in which you have in every way. Our hearts go out to you and Ross and your family in your efforts to free Ross.

Yes, always a new learning curve around the bend (like!). Thanks for your good wishes.

Regardless of his involvement in Silk Road, the WAR on DRUGS must end.

Neill Franklin of LEAP says: Our drug prohibition laws are the worst public policy since slavery. I have dedicated the rest of my life to dismantling our laws of drug prohibition.

Thank you for sharing, and thank you for all your hard work. It is unfortunate you have been pulled in due to what has happened to your son. One way or another, those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear are pulled into the fight for freedom. Please keep up the great work, the determination, and the will to fight for your son and for freedom.

Thanks so much. Yes, hard not to get on the freedom train once your eyes are open.

Lyn, I am so glad you joined us here!

Ross is one of the most valuable people in Bitcoin's history. It is such a shame that someone who was revolutionizing the world for the better gets treated like this. History will not be kind to the men who have jailed your son.

Anyone with any shred of decency who has looked at this case HAS to know that the time is NOW to FREE ROSS! All of us here are with you and Ross on this fight and our hearts go out to you two!

Thanks for standing with us!

Hello. Thanks for the story. I want to say that I support you and I'm on your side. I believe that Ross will be free. I made a translation of your story in Russian language for the Russian community, if my translation get to upvotes, the entire amount I'll transfer you.

Спасибо тебе друг! It is great to have friends in Russia. I know a woman whose Russian parents moved back there from the US because they said it's freer there now.

Yes, I think so, but I can't compare... I've never been in US... Tell Ross Hello from Russia and words of support! You have friends in Russia, if you ever intending to come here, let me know - [email protected]!

I support you, because the idea of your son was good if you take away the violence. Silk road if used as free trade in things non-violent, it was a beautiful thing!

Ross had no trial charges or convictions of violence or planned violence.

hey @rossulbricht
nice to meet you and welcome to steemit!
it's very commendable everything you do for your son, keep going 8]

Wonderful post, Lyn. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I will be sharing this post with all my people. #FREEROSS

You are such a great and talented friend. Your support means A LOT!

Lyn, you are doing one of the toughest and most important works in what can be defined as the the freedom movement. Upvoted, lots of love to the good fight. There ain't no tougher girls than the La Cava girls.


Unfortunately, Ross was not one of the Protected Class, or a black Islamic drug lord. Maybe Justus will return to America next year.

Thanks! wondering who you are? email me!

Following the injustice from the beginning. Good to see you here.

Thanks for both. and your support.

Nice to see you here, Lyn. You have uncovered a lot of injustice in your suffering. I hope #freeross is successful.

Hey Ruben, Good to hear from you. More to be uncovered, I am certain. Thanks for your good wishes.

Strength be to you for this battle you wage for the liberty of your son. The Federal government is the biggest criminal on the planet, seems clear to me. They are total hypocrites, a clear case of don't do as we do but do as we say !! UPVOTED

You mean like hacking into servers? Thanks for the encouragement!