Hitting 4000 followers: another milestone unlocked - thank you all!

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

It was just before Christmas, not even a whole month ago, when I was writing a post to thank you all after I reached 3,000 followers here on Steemit.

Yesterday, my followers base surpassed the 4,000 mark and I am really happy to write another thank-you post for you because it is only you, my awesome Steemit friends and followers, who have been making my Steemit career successful and I really appreciate the support of each every one of you!

As you might have noticed, Steemit and Steem have had a tremendous start to the new year and I am confident that our Steemit community as well as the whole platform will be up for even more exciting times soon.

I feel so privileged to use this revolutionary social network in its early stage and be a part of this amazing community.

Thank you so much and Steem on, my friends!


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CEO & Founder of CGH


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Congratulations! I am really impressed by the lightning speed of the growth of your followers base. Hope that 2018 would be an epic year for us and all the Steemians!

yes hopefully.
grow more follwers.
lets get connedted.

Please what does it take to resteem.

Good intentions aren't enough. People have good intentions when they set a goal to do something, but then they miss a deadline or other milestone.

Thank you so much Desmond! I am sure 2018 will surely be an epic year for all of us here on Steemit. Have a great day. Tomas

Hi , I'm UPVOTE and FOLLOW you . Please you do it Upvote and Follow Thank you . (group business) :)


I'm closing in on 500, a long way from 4,000, but happy with my progress. That said, if you have any suggestions to gain more quickly, I'm open to hear them. :)

One thing I do is upvote all comments and replies on all of my posts to help my fellow Steemians earn Steemit rewards and gain more voting power. Consider doing the same to help other Steemians.

I just skipped my first 100!

LOL - good idea, just go straight for the top!

I am going to try this...

One thing I do is upvote all comments and replies on all of my posts to help my fellow Steemians earn Steemit rewards and gain more voting power. Consider doing the same to help other Steemians.

Great, I think it's a good idea. :)

Now i hv decided that not to try it BUT TO FOLLOW it

great stuff!

Glad I was able to help

let me follow you so i can get your support and upvote.
also see: https://steemit.com/motivation/@obikris/creating-a-better-tomorrow

500 is a great number! Congratulations for that. Soon will be 1000 and then the sky is the limit. Have a good one. Tomas

Thanks. It's funny your name is Tomas. I have a good friend in Prague who's name is Tomas as well.

Wonderful and well deserved! Congratulations and thanks for the contests your organize!

Thank you so much for your kind words and your continued support. Have a good one. Tomas

Bravo, well deserved. Your work here is inspiration to us and active help to spread the word about Czech tourism.

Thank you so much, truly appreciated. Tomas

Congratulations 😀. I just barely crossed the 200 mark. Hope to celebrate my first 1000 soon.

With hard work and dedication that milestone will come very soon for you. Good luck. Tomas

Congratulations!!! Thanks to your reputation and very interesting contests with big rewards, you will soon celebrate 10,000 followers.

Thank you so much Jul! I truly appreciate that. Tomas

Congrats dude, good wishes for your future :)
Just racing behind you :D

Thank you so much and good luck to you. Tomas

its great that you have 4000 followers now and sure you will get more followres and share more good photos in wonderfull challenges

More amazing photos are on the way, that is for sure:)

its more awesome to listen for your reach 4000 followers @czechglobalhosts sir
best wishes for you and best of luck

Thank you so much! Keep on steeming. Tomas

And you fully deserve it. Enjoy this moment! One small question: for the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge, would it be possible to sometimes change the days of the continents. I would like to participate more, but I don't always have the time during the week. Maybe other people have the same problem.

Hi, thank you so much! Unfortunately I will not be able changing the dates as those are set. Hopefully you will find the way to participate. Thank you for your understanding. Tomas

Wow that a great news!! Thanks for sharing it us!!

You have 4000 followers as you have posted the greatest post of steem!!

Following would pleasure of one person because of your post!!

time for [email protected]

Thank you so much. Have a good one and Steem on. Tomas

It's my honor!!!@czechglobalhosts

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

many many congratulations @czechglobalhosts and its really a bigh digit in followers and hope you get mroe success in steemit and also in your whole life

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. Tomas

Having many followers is already a big accomplishments because the followers are looking up to you. Congratulations! thank you for your response every steemianS. CHEERS for more followers sir.

Thank you so much. Have a good one. Tomas

your always welcome. Steem on.

Congratulations on reaching the new milestone. I just recently surpassed 300 followers which is a small beginning but at least it's a start and a fairly decent one being that I am new to the site and still have a long way to go as far as SP is concerned.

I hope to eventually gain in reputation score as time goes by, also. I think that's what truly generates the potential reward as many won't even vote on posts with less than 60. I am working my way up each day by remaining consistent in commenting and getting to know people on the platform.

I am sure that with hard work and dedication you will reach your goals very soon. Wishing you the best of luck. Tomas

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


There certainly will be very exciting times ahead for Steemit and its ever-growing worldwide community.

Steemit will grow perhaps exponentially but irregardless of the potential instability of the world's economy as analysts express real fears on the overbought /overvalued stock markets and a crash, even if they and cryptocurrencies dive in the dash for cash and or gold the VALUE of STEEM must be a safe haven for all because as we see from the TOP 25 posts, the 'mission' is THE most important - attacking global poverty
There is strength in community
The mission must not be allowed to fail, or they will die

Top 25 Steem Posts!

Steemit Good News Story #1 Attacking Global Poverty with STEEM and Steemit written by @paulag and recommended by @clixmoney!

Summary? 74 million of us on earth live on under $1.90 a day. Steem provides the opportunity for nearly any author today to consistently earn this much meaning that Steem currently is the best opportunity for a basic income token globally


Very well said and summarized. I am sure we can do miracles here on Steemit. Have a good one. Tomas

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks to you, Tomas
It suddenly occurred to me that Steemit is many different things to many people, and we have the whole world in Steemit
For many it is a 'business' to escape poverty
For others like yourself it is a business to advance it and its goals from a position of creatuivity. knowledge and influence

But as an old reactionary the people we really need to give the most encouragement to, to get out there and create, are those who will build their Steemit business to the point where they can tell their employer to take the company's incentive scheme, pension plan and health benefits and shove it. Steemit IS #FREEDOM

Here's something I discovered after a cursory look at some of the TAGS stats.
The consequences for a steemer's long term earnings could be very significant as the value Steempower holdings increase. I look forward to your take on it
Vaya con Dios


Congratz Thomas! 4000 followers is a great milestone! You made it amazing!


Thanks a million. Tomas

Congratulations on your success. It has been amazing following your recent success and thank you for the support as well as you have been a vital part of my early growth. Thanks for the quality posts and the fantastic platform you have started on here.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that I can be a part of your success as well. Tomas

Congrats for reaching this milestone! Its not easy to get this audience and you have done great with your photo challenge.

alot has changed in a year :)

Congratulations @czechglobalhosts
Goodluck For next Milestone of 5000

congratulations for this best job and get big amount of followers i see your all photographs are incredible and exellent stuff @czech

Congratulations,, You are really posting some great photography.
so you are talented and we all waiting for ur posts everyday we log in to Steemit.
Keep it up


Congrats and I am personally happy for you.
Your hard work proves itself here,,, Keep up the work and wish u success

Hey sir @czechglobalhosts
Wow. I am glad to know this success and i m also your huge follower and learner. Its wonderful to achieve good result from steemian follower.


Stay blessed and keep it man

Congratulations my dear brother @czechglobalhosts , it is an honor to allow me to be one of those 4 thousand followers that support you in your different publications according to the taste of each one.

When you set yourself a goal and fight with constancy and perseverance, you achieve those goals that are also accompanied by a great satisfaction achieved.

Your effort is valued and I want you to surpass all your expectations and be an successful

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Congratulations @czechglobalhosts its great honour to follow you because i learn more from you.
If you have time visit my blog.

If you have time you can also view my blog: https://steemit.com/motivation/@obikris/creating-a-better-tomorrow

have got cool stuffs there

Congratulations @czechglobalhosts
Best of luck

You created value for this platform and people loved it that's why people would like to follow . It's your own great achievement . keep it up . Hats off your hard work .Congratulations Sir @czechglobalhosts
Thanks @czechglobalhosts (

Congratulations mate! Only just joined, but hoping to climb the ladders quckly :D

Thats a great progress, you are exceeding it 👍👍👍

that's a great achievement indeed.. congratulations @czechglobalhosts
You have been a great inspiration in Steemit community,
all the best and keep up the good work

@cnogratulations to reach your 4k followers it will be your good work result and wish your more best and your work is best of wonderfull photographs

I am happy to be one of the 4000, thanks for posting. @czechglobalhosts

Vote back bro

wow that's nice , i am also trying hard to get to that level and working on it its nice to see people growing here.... ;-) have a nice journey on steemit...;-)

If you like to check my blog you can at @adityajainxds

It was just before Christmas, not even a whole month ago, when I was writing a post to thank you all after I reached 3,000 followers here on Steemit.

Great progress. Keep on Steeming and growing!
And thank you for your photo contests

well it's all the hard work of you you always inspired us to grow your popularity and working capacity always inspired me to post more in steem with quantitive and qualitative post . Today you got 4000 follower it's the day of celebration congratulation bro keep it up and support youngster like me love you bro @czechglobalhosts

Congratulations😆👍 keep on steeming. I have just followed you as well!


wow sir its your good success and sure you get the more new followers in next in just some days @czech sir

Congratulations This number of followers deserves all the support
I wish you the best and more successes
Always stay positive

Congratulations brother, you deserve it because you are putting great efforts to share beautiful places of this world and also helping other Steemians by giving exposure to their efforts through contests. More heights to attain. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Congratulation Tomas

Congratulations Tomas! It's a very big achievement yet:)))) I'm sure that another 4000 will come soon😉😉😉 Steem on!!!


... and ... That is a beautiful office!!!

Hurrah !!!!!

It is an honor for me to be your follower, yes i am one of those4000 followers.
Yes you said well, storm of steemians happened in near past amazingly. ALTHOUGH 2018 started beautifully but lot more to come.

I hope so you will cross the 5000 in the following month Tomas

My Support, Respect and Prayers are always with you @czechglobalhosts

Congrats @czechglobalhosts. Am currently at 50 followers in two weeks but am hopeful i'll also get to 4000+ followers one day.

Congratulation dear .

Congratulations! Soon you hit 10000 Followers :)

Warm congrats with another milestone :)

Congrats. I love the contests and the quality of the chosen photos. Not to mention it's just great seeing stuff from around the world. Again, congrats!

Congratulations !!
It is the result of your Personality <3


Wow heartly congratulations bro for 4000 followers..really you are doing a greate work and got a huge followers.. i hope that you will get a huge followers in future....all the best bro...have a nice day....@czechglobalhosts

Congrats! I just followed you as well, so that's 1 more for you!


keep anjoying with steemit community.
lets get connected.

Oh great, I will be the new one in your list

Congratulations @czechglobalhosts

Congratulation @czechglobalhosts . You are doing some great work there.

wow congratulations on your achievement.you have come a long journey..and you have a long way to go..and i wish you all the good luck in all your future work :)

Wow, you're really raking in followers, Tomas! Good job, and of course congratulations :D It is well deserved!

Congratualtions! Next target, 5000 this January 2018 :)

Congratulations! i'm honestly inspired by way of the lightning pace of the growth of your followers base


is (1).jpg

Congratulations Thomas, you deserve it all, I am very happy to follow you. Have a nice day bro!!

I am your follower.Congratulations for 4000 above follower.Your follower increase day by day.Its great achievement.

you are on fire ... congo ..loved to see your success

All the best.Congrats dude, good wishes for your future.keep it up.

thank you, nut there is still request that upvote each one whos affricated you thank you.

Congratulations...i wish you all the best in steemit...

Congratulations! I'm not surprised cuz you have awesome blog. I believe you will have much more followers in the future.

Congatulations! @czechglobalhosts
And best goodluck!👍🙏😄

Making Moves! :)

Any suggestions @xzechglobalhosts to have these followers

@czechglobalhost care to teach me how to have these followers

wow congrats. thats growing really fast!! 💪

Congratulations! I just followed.

Congrats sir, you deserve it.

That's that great news that you have hit another milestone with your hard work. @czechglobalhosts I followed you because of your photography contest and you can say I'm one of the follower in 4000.😉The final credit goes to you only because you have out your efforts to make huge following.

In this happiness moment, you should upvote to celebrate this happiness. Did I say anything wrong? No 😍

i will upvote follow and resteem regularly...

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