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After A Month Here in SteemIT I Come to know that, SteemIT has Limited Many HTML Tags to be used freely. But It has Given Some BEST Tags to be used in Combination with Each other. So, I have Decided to Share those tags with you all. The Reason is: if you Write Good POSTS and Make IT Beautiful, then the Chance of More Exposure is Possible. So, Why Not Try to Make Our Creative Contents More Decorative and Attractive. So that, We can be liked, followed & Shared into a wider community. My LIST of TOP 7 TAGS are Listed Below. GOOD LUCK AHEAD...
  1. Header Tags: Header Tags are the H1...H6Tags. They are Use to Make our Text Bold in Various Heading Levels. They are Used as under.
    Whatever You want to set as Header One Content
    Likewise all other header tags are used.
  2. DIV Tag: This Tag is More Powerful Tag here in Steemit Markdown. Because to Control the Content's Layout and Look it can be used along with the existing "class" of steemit Stylesheet. Let's See How?
    <div class="pull-right / left"> Any Content you like....</div>
    <div class="text-justify / right / left"> Any Content you like....</div>
  3. CENTER Tag: This tag is also Good here @ steemit, but a depreciated tag in html 5 and above. This tag is used to center align the text and even can be used as nested tag with other tags to center align any contents inside it. It can be used as under:
    <center>This tag center aligns 
    the contents inside this tag...</center>
  4. BR & HT Tags: These Two Tags are the inline Tags which is solely used to give a line break and a Horizontal Line. and they can be used wherever the result is needed. as under.
    <br />
    <hr />
  5. BLOCKQUOTE: To Write anything inside Quotation Mark or To highlight Some Special Text or Paragraph This Tag is used here in STEEMIT. This tag Develops a result as under...
    This text is inside Blockquote
    and the tag can be used as under.
    <blockquote>Text inside this text are shown 
    in quotation mark or highlighted...</blockquote>
  6. UL or OL along with LI Tag: These tags are used to generate Unordered or Ordered Lists in any HTML Scripts and the LI is to create LIST ITEMS. So, The Result will be as this POST in Ordered numbered List. Usage is as under.
  7. FORMATTING TAGS: To make Basic formatting of the Contents here in STEEMIT we use the following tags.

For Example H2 and Center tags are Used Here...
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss


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Thanks, I studied HTM in school but completely gorgot about it :)

Hehehe... This is Not That hard Again. Just Basics are here...!!!

i like your post, thanks for sharing

“Honest write-up!” and Nicely explained

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