Sorry YouTube - I Don't Need Your Money Now - But Please Let me Host My Videos Till Our STEEMQ is READY !!!steemCreated with Sketch.

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I am One of Many YouTubers Whose Monetization System Was Banned / Blocked By YouTube. But I am Happy Now Because of The Single Door and Monopoly Market We people were forced to search or create for an alternative. So Now, We have SteemIT or SteemQ. That's Why I can Say Loudly and Proudly That: !! SORRY YOUTUBE !!!
Being the First Video Hosting and Monetization System You deserve to be a Subject of Thank You ! But, Your
Monopoly System has forced us to ignore by time. Do you Know: Many Top YouTubers are dedicating more time in SteemIT then in YouTube. And I am Sure, One Day including "pewdiepie" all the youtubers will be here @steemit.

Even me a Small YouTuber can make a big impact in the Days of Social Networking in the Community. So, Its Time to Think on Time.

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when will steemq be released?

They are taking pre release registration @ You too can show your interest and get registered. Thanks

Wow .... very nice post and very interesting I love to visit your blog. It includes useful postings. Thanks friend.
I love it. I want you to visit my blog too.

Thanks very much brother. I like it

Thanks for Amazing Appreciation...

Indeed! SteemQ is Coming so Bye bye YouTube...

Let's Hope for the BEST...

I think so same

Let's Hope for the best

steemq will be huge

Let's Make it Huge, Collectively...

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I think You Tube is going to have to increase the adsense earnings.

many people are not allowed to get adsense revenue on YouTube as of 2017 this year more so especially and it is very bad like China style censorship

You are Correct... They need to change their Payment cap and policy... can work until Steem Q is ready and many people on YouTube were disabled by YouTube from getting paid this year in 2017 already and that is why so many people are leaving YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, etc....

Of course, EITHER ... OR... is going to lead...

I'm in a similar position, and only learned about SteemQ today - to say I'm excited would be an understatement!

Thanks for the post.

That's Cool, Keep exploring for More...