Exactly 1 Month on Steemit, Let Me See What I Have Achieved So Far

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Time for some statistics and actually figuring out what have I achieved for being an active member of the steemit community for 1 whole month, spending a couple of hours each day writing, posting, voting and commenting...

The Important Stats

Current Reputation Level: 58
Number of Followers: 154
Total Number of Posts: 891
Number of Blog posts: 119 (120 with this one)

How much did I earn writing: $515.487 SBD
The number of earned SP is hard to say as I have purchased some early on

Number of curated Blog Posts: A LOT
Rewards for Curating posts: Not that Much Actually

Data provided by Steemit and Steemdb


The Not So Important Stats

Rank by Estimated Account Value: 980
Rank by Reputation: 4102
Rank by Total Posts: 82
Rank by Number of Followers: 225
Rank by Posting Rewards: 905
Rank by Curation Rewards: 287
Rank by Steem Power: 1039

Ranking data provided by SteemWhales

Something for the New Fishes

Not bad results for a month of hard work on steemit, though nothing spectacular either, still should provide a good reference for people that are just now coming to steemit. This is what you may get if you continue to be a good boy (or a girl) and work hard to succeed as people may tell you here, unless you end up very lucky and are off to a great start, or are a celebrity and get a skyrocketing start. It is very important to manage your expectations properly and right from the start, so that you will not get disappointed!

And a Personal Conclusion

I need to reduce the time spent on steemit apparently and focus it somewhere else, where it is needed more, though I have not given up and will continue to use the platform in the future as well... I have grown fond of it even with all its flaws and issues.

I have managed to learn quite a lot of new interesting things and some not so useful stuff, so the experience so far has been rewarding in many different ways, apart from the rewards that steemit distributes to users for activity on the platform.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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Well, you are doing better than me! Though I guess you post more than I do.

I agree that this is definitely not a get rich quick platform.

If you are not viewing as a get rich at al platform it would be even better :)

The simple fact is that this is a get rich together, slowly but surely platform. Everyone who boosts it improves the image of it, and this attracts more users. Amongst those new users are people who will make the platform even more powerful. I have looked at some parts of this system and I have identified where the most profitable activities here lie - mostly within the realm of building the platform up and expanding its utility for more people. When you look at @xeroc's blog, and you see that he has already made some $50,000 of rewards by building a programming platform for others to continue building the system up, it makes you realise that you can literally make a living as a programmer and system architect in this place.

I don't mind that for now I am only supplementing my income. I have faith that as my projects come to completion, more rewards will come because I have built something that others can build further upon. I chose to live physically where I do because I knew that in the beginning of any enterprise, the less costs you have, the more you can invest into development, and I personally believe, that it is possible, and Steem shows it is possible, to make something big, without incurring a big debt, that makes the outcome so onerously heavy that it MUST turn a profit.

Here, you can start small, make a little that supplements your income and lets you spend more of your time working on it. As you build your reputation, and the body of your work, the rewards slowly increase. I believe that I, as well as others who see the same pattern here, are going to from Steem launch bigger things that build upon Steem, and further increase its value, and importantly, market capitalisation.

My long term goal is to acquire sufficient funds that I can fund the development of a complete suite of distributed system software, that continues to bind together all of the elements we can already see examples of, together, into a more cohesive whole, and secondary to this, I have scientific research plans, to discover how to build machines that enable space travel.

Some may think I am crazy, but people thought we were all crazy even just 4 years ago believing that cryptocurrencies would be the beginning of something that would completely remake the world. The further this goes along, the more our views are vidicated. So I don't think it's that big a stretch to say that, it also naturally leads to what I aim to achieve, which is the end of an earthbound humanity, to a bigger future expanding into the limitless possibilities of space.

"limitless" - space is expanding, thus not limitless :)

Excellent observation. Similar in the way that the surface of a sphere is finite but boundless. This core concept I learned from Peter Carroll's book Psybermagick, in which he speculates on the quantum probability mechanics of magick working. In fact it's interesting because this is not a common view of magick, but it was first established as a principle by Aleister Crowley.

Carroll basically says that the way that magick and science work together, and really are the one thing, is that the probabilities of certain events are greater than others. Take money as an example. You can't just sit there praying that suddenly a pot of gold will fall out of the sky, the odds of this happening are so infinitesimally small, that even God would have trouble making this happen.

But if you are making something that someone might find valuable, your chances of bumping into a buyer who is so enraptured in your product, that they throw a pot of gold into your lap, in exchange for it, are much higher. Or maybe an investor who thinks that they can sell billions of copies, something you cannot possibly achieve, will throw the pot of gold in your lap because they think it's worth that much in production.

excellent, hoping others will follow thru :)

You should not give up easily, no matter what you are trying to do, otherwise you will never manage to do anything good :)

Well done. I have been here 3 weeks today and if you think about it, the achievements are substantial, but it does take a lot of work. Here's to moving forward. (With less neglecting of our other duties!)

Steemit really does consume a lot of time and not ust for writing, but for going through all the posts and voting for good ones.

That's quite something ! Thanks for the interesting statistics ! It's good to have a good reference point of what an appropriate Steemit expectation may be and it seems that yours is a good one !

Thanks, hard work and dedication does seem to pay off on steemit, not as much as some people might expect though :P

How much did you make of of curation Steemit? Like comments and votes?

Not much, but that is not my goal when curating. It is helping good content getting noticed by more people, regardless of the reward I get by doing that... I have quite a bit of voting power already (bought some steem) just to be able to make a difference with my vote. Still most of my curation rewards are either 0.001 or below that as I'm not in for the rewards with curation.

That's so cool. I just checked out steemwhales.com . It shows how your reputation is evolving.

Yes, it is really useful service, steemdb can also provide some useful history stats.

I'm pretty sure next month we'll gonna see even greater stats. keep up the good work!

Thanks, we'll see what will happen in another month... :)

I have managed so far to rake in about $50 from about 2 weeks on here. What is even more beautiful about this, is that because I had the fortune and foresight to realise that I needed to find the right part of the world to do this, that $50 is actually easily 1 week's worth of living costs, and I have only just started.

Steem is an amazing tool for empowerment. I say and I will continue to say, that the effects that this system will have towards making a better future for everyone, are enormous. I have found within 2 weeks what I think my niche is here, to be a developer of tools that continue to boost the value of the platform, and the platform itself, like a big company that hires anyone who wants to have a go, and rewards them for precisely what they contribute, is something that is hard to find anywhere else in the world right now.

If we can build the Steemosphere up to the size of broad market involvement that Bitcoin has right now, imagine how many people's lives are going to be touched by the effects of this genius scheme for helping people find ways to add something to the world.

Thankyou for your work and promotion of this platform, and may we all who see the opportunities and go out and seek to seize them, continue to prosper.

Steem isn't the only platform out there, that is helping this. The entire crypto-world is full of opportunities to varying degrees for this. Steem is simply the first to assemble the means by which individual action, striving for individual gain, yields a benefit to all that further increases possibilities for further expansion.

What are in your opinion the problems with Steemit exactly ? I would love to know where you should or should not invest your time. Thanks :)

Check my posts to learn about my opinions and some suggestions, I have written about these often.

Yay, just recieved my 30 day interest on the SBD I have earned on steemit.

Receive interest of 1.221 SBD