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A Great Place

To be completely truthful, as I'm sure is true with most, I was attracted by the idea of making money on the same posts I do on Instagram and Facebook. At the end of the day who wouldn't want some extra cash?

I'm not a writer, just a guy who stares at charts

But isn't that selfish?

I don't think it's selfish to want to make money off your pictures or ideas, They do!


Social media is a multi-million dollar business that reaches all corners of the earth and pretty much all social classes. Not to forget these are large corps with the "centralized" mindset, where all your moves are monitored then sold off to the most interested buyer. They can even sell your pictures 😶😶

But they don't share! All of this money is kept by the businesses, and even though they sell your pictures, you will never see a dime. But you could end up seeing your picture used in an ad that you had no idea even happened....unless of course your super devoted to become ultra famous with an amazing following and enough energy to keep going to keep them entertained....breath....



And then here comes this great place, Steemit!

Where the big and small, or as we all know it, the minnows and whales each get the opportunity to make a profit here! I wouldn't quite say equal opportunity but as a minnow if you make 1$ on your post you'll get your share!

I wasn't supposed to go this way?


For those of you who follow me you know my blog is a blend of thing focusing on good crypto chart movements.

Recently after getting over my own bias on the subject of bitconnect I decided to give it a try.

Why now after knowing about it for so many years?

I've been watching so many videos of people that have been on bitconnect for years and they are making profit!

Is because they are promoters in the pyramid scheme!! They say

So then what about those with no team? There are videos from those people too...

No answer

But i make mention of Bcc and i get flagged all over the place. I was making my way to steemit abuse appeal after the suggestion of my friends @drakos and @erelas. To my surprise @erelas was already there...so this is what they told me

  • item

Then @erelas like a Harvey Specter straight out of suits


Take special note to referal links

Then he needed a family break


But not before giving some good legal advise he no doubt got from Mike Ross (suits....yes im binge watching suits, you should too )

And right back to it


Everywhere I turned @erelas was there already


So how decentralized are we really??

I can't believe that I'm having these kinds of Facebook issues here on steemit, but mainly how its unfair...you don't think so? Take a look for yourself


So this guy can't get flagged because he has "invested" too much?!?!?!?


I DON'T GIVE A F#@$!!!

Who are you to determine what is enough?

$1000 may not be a large amount to you and me but there are those whom an extra $100 could change their month.

So pretty much seems as though @steemcleaners is arbitrarily dropping flags on us minnows but turning a blind eye to those with larger sums invested....I'm pretty sure that's called corruption....just saying...

And I wrote a post about minergate because I wanted to let others know that you can make free coins with your computer...steemcleaners...although you my consider it great news we consider it spam bla bla bla. But the crown of the king writes about minergate he makes 2k 😶 more power to the crown but that's still messed up....

Ultimately seems that the problem is referral links...so I'm supposed to recruit my friends to steemit and crypto currency but referral links are frowned upon?? An easy way to get credit for work done in denied?? If you think it's a scam them require authors to state that it my be a scam not censor us and remove our freedom of speech!

I still want to thank @dan for giving us this great platform and the chance to partake....but I guess there are still some hiccups to be resolved.


Thank you for coming to read, upvote, comment or resteem!! Any support is appreciated.


Come join my team on bitconnect!! Lets grow together!

....no link.....for now.....

Also you should check out the minnow support! It's here to help us small guys grow!!




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Not sure how that's relevant but thanks...


Hi @cryptohustler I apologize for the lack of relevance in that link. We're currently working on the bot to make sure it only provides more relevant links.

If size is an issue it should be pretty easy to get steemcleaners some delegated power if they need it to deal with the abuse.


that's what i was thinking too

Great, now I have to watch "Suits". Thank you for the very nice words, but I'm not Harvey, and not a lawyer, but, sadly, I have had to face an accusation of libel before, though thankfully nothing came of it as I know now, I would have lost. You live and you learn, it was a good / bad experience to have in that way.

Best of luck @cryptohustler, and I'd speak up for anyone I would think is being shafted, that is also what community is for :)


Definitely my friend and thank you! I just found the manner with which it was done to be ridiculous and honestly I couldn't have said it any better!

And your welcome for suits 😎 if you have amazon prime they have all the seasons.

"So pretty much seems as though @steemcleaners is arbitrarily dropping flags on us minnows but turning a blind eye to those with larger sums invested....I'm pretty sure that's called corruption....just saying..."

That's not the case. Steemcleaners doesn't have unlimited SP, they really cant do anything to a large account. Flagging is based on steem power and if you only have a drop in the bucket compared to the person you are flagging it isn't worth it. I would rather use that voting power to remove rewards from 20 smaller plagiarists than use the same amount to remove 1/5th of a whale accounts payout.


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