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I have 30 steempower available to lease out, I know it is a smaller sum but could be more useful to someone than what I am currently doing, as I am more focused on coming up with my own content, and not getting around enough to vote for others in the community as I should to take advantage of my steempower at the moment. I was looking for someone interested in leasing it for a period of two months, with them having the opportunity to renew after the period if the situation warrants mutual at that time. I would be curious on your thoughts and amounts this worth to each of you in the form of a bid.
-Happy Steeming! @cryptkeeper17

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You can delegate to @earnmoresteem, it pays 80% of SBD received.

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I'll do it for 1 sbd a month

i can pay more but no more than 1.5

If you can do 3.000sbd for 60 days, I would lease it to you if you can get it paid for in the next 24 hours. How does that sound @sames? By the way, really impressive stuff you are doing here, nice work.

You got a deal 30 steempower for 60 days for 3 sbd.
I'll have the amount in 24 hours.

Sounds good

once i get the sbd i'll make a contract and you accept the deal. So the blockchain records of our deal. just a security procaution

No problem. I got a little carried away on voting today, so I was going to add an extra day so make it 61 if you could just make sure you get 100% for 60 days.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hmm...wait can you lower it a bit.

I get 1sbd=40 steempower for 30 days. It probably a little more but let's go with 40.
2sbd=40 steempower for 60 days
but they ran out of steempower. So 2.1-2.3 sbd would be a good price for 60 days due to scarcity. 3sbd seems a little to much. i'll pay about 2.2

write it up. Yes.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi, is the SP still available? I'm interested.

Thanks for the inquiry @topgeek, unfortunately no, I leased out a while ago, will be coming due in a few weeks, and I likely will not be leasing it out again because I too will be likely looking to lease more in the future. I am flattered you checked out my post, i am a fan of what you do here, thanks again for the question!

Noted! thanks for the reply.

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That number is fractional, right at/about 0.015 give or take (at most) a thousandth or two, as it is credited to whom you voted. That calculator is very useful in giving an on the nose to a higher amounts (in the 100's and 1000's and more), but for baby guppies like me that is not very on the nose. Thanks again @royaleagle, I am very glad to hear your questions/concerns on this!

I will give you 0.5 SBD to lease 30SP for 60 days.

Interesting, I was hoping more for something 1.25-1.5sbd per month. The vote value alone are worth around 0.10/day, voting 6-7 times, and regenerating fully back to 100%. What are your thoughts @royaleagle? By the way thank you very much for engaging, your start on here has been very impressive!

Ill give you 1 sbd per month or 50/50 of my account total sbd earnings for @cephalopod.


30SP is only worth a 0.01 upvote at the current moment.

I used your advice from below and added zeros to see that decimal places I couldn't earlier. I found out that my 100% vote at 15SP is .005 at the moment, we are supposed to have better upvote payouts when the 3 day price of steem stabilizes. We should do a spot check again in 3 days, I have a feeling the vote payout will go up.

I'm new . but with these stepempower I what if it can do?

more steempower the more your upvote is worth. Your steempower is worth 0.005. 9% of my steempower is 1 cent. I'll give you a cent upvote ;)

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