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RE: Is there a whale voter cult on Steemit? Yes, and it's killing Steemit!

in #steemit3 years ago

Kill all the bots. It's the only answer. We must heed Elon's warnings. I found myself enjoying @discordia more than @randowhale and @booster, I also haven't used any of these things in a while, and last time I was using them I was doing it heavily majority other people posts I follow not my own.

Seriously though Steemit would be a bomb ass site if all bots and other entities were shut off and manual curation by ones self was the only thing going on and the site was just organize in a different or better way so people wouldn't feel they need to rely on so many outside tools.

Imagine if someone just took Medium, tumblr, or even reddit, and just slapped on the voting abilities we have on Steemit. As much as there is a bad or "cheating" user that gets away with views or traffic or whatever there goal is on those sites, we still have those issues too PLUS we have bot b.s. to deal with as well. I rather just deal with the shitty users without the bots than the shitty users with the bots, because we just now have smarter shittier users that are gaming not only us users, but gaming bots as well.

Anyways, great post and lots of aspects of Steemit I am sure I wasn't thinking about before this post.


Technically feasible to shut off the bots? How? Are you sure? Are you sure I'm not a bot?

Yes. Honor system. Yes. Loaded question, I never made that claimed one way or another!

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