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It can be very hard for new members to get started on Steemit. In this series around Upvotes, I intend to highlight and write about some of the projects and ideas that allow for increased post payouts. I hope to help others discover more ways to get upvotes and hopefully learn something in the process myself.


Steemfollower (non-referral link) has been around for a long time. It always seemed something of a ponzi as many were spamming their steemvoter referral links on Steemit. I only started to try it out a month ago just to see what it's all about and how it works.

What Does Steemfollower Do ?

Steemfollower is basically a manual curation platform where you get the $ amount of what your upvotes are worth in points (minus small fee). This puts your latest post on their platform for others to upvote in return for your points.

In order to get your latest post on the steemvoter website your need to upvote at least 5 posts yourself that day. While this platform won't make anyone rich, it can really help to give your content some good exposure and your blog extra followers while getting you something in return for your upvotes. Accounts usually stary with ~14 SP delegation from Steemit which should make your averageupvote worth around 0.003$ right now.

Most people who are on Steemfollower have lower amount of Steem Power which makes the upvotes themselves quite small. The biggest value of this platform does not come from the short term upvotes anyone who uses it will receive, but from the abillity to build social bonds and potential longer term friendships that can arise from manual curation on steemfollower. Many Dolphins and Whales on this platform support each other but often started out small and grew over time. Making small friends now can lead to having a lot of bigger friends in a couple of years!

How to start on Steemfollower ?

It is all actually quite easy, anyone with a Steemit account can log into Steemfollower by using Steemconnect. By going to services and Manual Curation you can start browing all the post from users who made at least 5 upvotes on the platform themselves. Just upvote the post that you like and once you gave 5 upvotes, your latest post will automatically be put in there for others to see and curate.

There are at least a few accounts I personally follow and ocasionally upvote that I would probably not have found out about if I had not explored Steemfollower (I assume it's also the other way around for some of the ones that started following me). I would recommend everyone to at least give it a try. Worst case scenario it will teach you something about the way steemit works.

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I will be writing about more initiatives and ideas that can provide regular upvotes. Feel free to let me know your experience with Steemfollower or other ways to increase your own post earnings as I am always looking to improve myself !

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