The Corbett Report is here. Here's how I introduced Steemit to my 150,000 YouTube subscribers

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Hi everyone, James Corbett here from I have just signed up to Steemit today and have just made a video to introduce people to Steemit. Check it out here:

We all know by now that the tech giants of Silicon Valley are in bed with the government and they're not afraid to censor posts they disagree with from their social media platforms. So what if there was a decentralised, open source, blockchain-based social media alternative? On today's thought for the day we talk about the censorship problem and the Steemit solution.

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The Corbett Report on Steemit

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Lesson, before posting a new reply, look to see if someone already posted your thought.

@"S@$ts just got real"!!


I don't know who he is, and I'm cool with that.


Ironically, it seems that people are most willing to give their upvotes/SD to the people who already have too much money.


Steemit seems like a celebritarian circle jerk at this point.


A bit harsh. James Corbett has exposed more than any main stream media organisation you'll see on your television set.
He is a leader, not a celeb with too much money. He doesn't have corporate sponsorship, and is dependant on donations from the community who like him.
Good news though, you dont have to give him a cent.
Same goes with @lukewearechange. These guys are leaders, not spoilt celebrities


video works well and I now follow you


How do I rate posts here?.... Found it :)


It's the up arrow next to the payout amount.


amazing subscribe, awesome video...

Mr. Corbett! Finally an internet celebrity on Steemit I have heard of before :p

Jokes aside - I admit I am not an avid YT follower, but a huge fan of "9/11 - A Conspiracy Theory" of course and I value your research, approach and opinion (and humor) highly.

Welcome! Glad to see your intro receive so much power, now all will be well.

A little problem you might help solve: the /r/911truth community will be lost, Steemit's categories don't allow the first character to be a number; so I was just trying to cautiously prepare all for a tentative #investigate911 introduction (not reinvestigate, there never truly was one in the first place) and see how well the call for an independent and international investigation will be received. Now you have the ball :)

Great to see you here, James. Welcome to the madness :)

Welcome James. Glad you are here! Will be following......

I'm going to say something that may be controversial.

Wouldn't it be easy to censor things here? After all, if a whale downvotes a post, said post will sink and the poster's reputation will go down. Whales control what shows up on the front page; they control what the userbase sees. Honestly, I think this platform has as much potential for shady business as the rest of the web.


Steemit developers will solve the problem of whales being able to censor, and is only the first application to view the steem blockchain, there will be many others


You can't censor the Steem blockchain.


The content cannot be taken down.


It can't be taken down but it can be suppressed so that it goes unnoticed if you have enough money in steem power.


Are down voting and flagging the same thing on Steemit? While that isn't exactly the same as censorship, it's not entirely unlike censorship either... Censorship free by 2100?


Unfortunately there is no clear distinction between flagging and downvoting or a "thumbs down".

The idea of flagging would seem to be from reading the rollover tooltip to be used for abuse in content, such as plagiarism and spam, but because it is tied to rewards there is no way to voice disagreement simply like with a separate downvote button.

A lot of people would like to have the option of just a downvote that doesn't penalize the rewards. And the opposite as well. There are a lot of posts I would like to give a thumbs up to without using my "valuable" upvote. Also for a whale that doesn't want to give a lot of reward to a post but wants to show that they agree or like the post have to spend their time with a comment saying "Good post" because they have no other option. I think that many whales would be using a thumbs up button if there was one, not to mention all the users that are "curating" with their votes and are trying to keep them close to 100%. Votes are valuable, and so is recognition of someones post and comments.

Steemit can pay people in Steem and in "karma" and the "karma" is free and easy to implement in the site. All you need is a thumbs up button.


Agreed, I've had similar thoughts, and if I were a big corporation or a government, this type of platform would be a dream come true as it makes it easier to control the narrative when you have deep enough pockets.


You are right, of course, and the comments responding to you are ignoring the empirical evidence. It won't be censored as in burning every book and deleting it's very existence, but it is de facto censorship when the voting system can reduce the visibility and the incentive of a users comments.

On the other hand, at least it does have permanence even if it isn't promoted and seen or even flagged, so I'm still very very bullish on Steemit over the long term and the idea of social media on a blockchain even if there were no absurdly high rewards.

If I had my druthers I would tweak the system so that a post starts to enter diminishing returns after a certain point. I am unable to fathom what makes any of the 10k rewarded posts worth that much. Just because the posts can make that much doesn't mean they should make that much. Many users think these rewards are coming out of thin air, but giving a highly rewarded post even more upvotes takes away from the pool of rewards for the day. So if a post makes 5k and you think that is about what it should be paid, hold off on your vote. Don't just click because you like it or think you will make 0.002 steem from it. You and voters like you will be essentially downvoting and lowering the reward for every other post on the platform. Those rewards have to come from somewhere. This is essentially a zero sum game and we are divvying up the slices of pie.

Please stop feeding a user that is already full in the hopes you will get a crumb that falls from their mouth.

If I'm off in my assessment, please correct me where I am in error.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but only the cryptocurrency transactions are stored in the steemit blockchain, right @dantheman?. The posts are stored in a database no differently than a Reddit post. Therefore, the post could be censored AND the payouts still happen. What's the difference?


The posts, votes, transactions, comments, changes to account, everything is on the blockchain. I think the reputation thing is being piloted on the frontend, and thus isn't on the blockchain.

Wow, what wicked news this is, thank you so much for uniting us all that way. All for one and one for all!!! Namaste :)

Welcome. It is interesting that one definition of fascism is corporatism where the governments and corporations become indistinguishable. We are seeing this in action globally now they don't even try to hide it anymore.


Have you looked up the root word for terrorism and how it describes a government's actions against a populace? Now people define it as an individual's actions against a government.

Next video should have title 'How I earned 15k$ on Steemit in 12 hours' and third would be guide How to Earnd 50k$ per week on Steemit. :P

Hey Mr. Corbett!!!

I'm a fellow YouTuber!! I have a much different style of channel (Mostly Mobile Gaming, 93k subs), but it's great to see other YouTuber's here on Steemit.

Censorship is never a good thing. However, it's always going to be there in some form when we are dealing with privately/corporate owned entities. With the Steemit platform being decentralized, that is less likely to happen.

I think people have gotten comfortable with sharing everything and anything they want, that they may not think of if they should. I've gotten thousands of hate comments on my videos over the years, and there've been a bunch of them that are 'just to get my attention'.

The blockchain will help take away censorship here, however I believe there will be a 'Value Censorship' or 'Perceived Censorship' if certain controversial topics make the trending page. I think it may have already happened when large voting power 'flags' or downvotes dropped the value of a specific "introduce me" post from $15k to 5k in a matter of minutes.

It's all subjective though, and the information is still there, so it's would be classified as a 'different type' of censorship (or not at all really - not really sure).

Thanks for being here and have a great day!



more like self policing to prevent abuse. In any case, the content cannot be deleted.

"I'm not particularly promoting Steemit"

OK, here's $11k.


It's getting absurd.


I wish I was a whale, you'd have a few hundred $$ for that laugh!

Welcome James, i follow u on utube so great you are here. Im from the UK and i managed to get a few of the physical Satori coins which are amazing. Look forward to reading your post on steemit.

Thats exactly how you promote steemit and not by having clickbait titles saying " hey look ive made 10000 $ in 2 hours on steemit" #jeffberwick


He still got many high profile writers in his niche to join. Pound for pound, it was a great investment in term of marketing.


Not denying he's helped bring in people but this whole winning 30k in a week got trough his head. If a community bring you to share more of what made you famous with them you provide them what they initially brought you in for. In any case this guy is a known scammer it was just a question of time before his money greed side start popping up. Will he reimburse all those people he scammed with the money he has made? Well it's yet to happen


And it's the same crowd that could drive the value of the network as a whole into the ground. This isn't some get rich quick scheme, nor a quick exit ponzi. Getting too many 'shady marketing types' onboard will only hurt long-term legitimacy and image of Steemit. Greed is only good untill it is bad. You can only milk the cow for so long, and the balance is a fine one.


What's wrong with clickbaiting? You're another communist thinking that we should ban marketing and advertisment?
@dollarvigilante Good Job!


I agree, genzai, having followed The Dollar Vigilante for some time now. Founder Jeff Berwick is eccentric, but he's a fearless defender of freedom. And in that spirit, I hope the problem I'm having (pinwheeling) when I try to post an essay I wrote will be fixed soon.


@kuriko Aww... Someone's got sour grapes... :D

Warm welcome to Steemit. I already know you have a lot to bring to this platform. We need people posting honest articles on this decentralized platform that can't be censored by those social media giants who rely on advertisors and other companies support.

Hope this makes you feel right at home!



Come on, you really follow that train of thought? On Steemit you may as well be censored if you post stuff that the 'masses' dislike. I'm all for a free blockchain, I love it! Being able to post here and not have it deleted and pruned for being against the current? awesome!

I'm not gonna get more than 2 people to read it if it's flagged, though. The anarchy and censorship circlejerk is going too far. This is turning off the masses of users that we want to flock to Steemit. It sounds like we're all wearing tinfoil hats and live in shelters innawoods when this sort of stuff trends day in and day out.


The anarchy and censorship circlejerk is going too far. This is turning off the masses of users that we want to flock to Steemit

So you're hoping the masses will flock to Steemit so that you'll get more money (somehow), but you're afraid that talking about reality will scare/keep them away?


Yes. Because this isn't reality. This is schemes to sell waterfilters to protect us 'from the evil government'. This is no different from tabloid nonsense in delivery and content.


The government certainly is evil, and it's important to talk about it. What "this" are you even referring to?


New Flagging System With Mandatory Feedback I think you should weigh in here @spookypooky I feel the exact same way and @smooth and I have a good conversation going there.

Welcome onboard. Great to see you here.
Hope you like your stay :)

Thank you for this work my friend! This is what the world and Steemit needs (my world becomes Steemit lol)

If you have any time I would appreciate if you check my latest fictional Story - Steem Survivors

People come here for the money, but stay for the decentralization of social media.

More conspiracy, anarchy and tinfoil stuff at 10k? Great.

You're inventing problems where there are none to 'sell' a cure. This is not durable marketing, this is snakeoil selling.

Thanks for coming to Steemit @corbettreport - I've enjoyed your work for some time now and will look forward to your original content being posted here. Not sure if you're ware, but your video upload failed...

Love the podcast an will be following you as i do with it. Great to have you among us fellow steemers.

Very nice. Always glad to see your content.

I'm so happy to see you on here @corbettreport , this social platform just got more true news serious! Bravo!!!

Cool. Now more people know about Steemit)

Are you claiming to be a terror figure???

Great, finally a Place where you can follow Corbett without sacrificing your Privacy. Thanks for sharing James

Welcome to Steemit! Love that you are here! Your content is fabulous and I expect that when people truly realize the power of no censorship... it may just blow the top of the "establishment"

Welcome! I love your video on 9/11

How do I rate posts here?.... Found it :)

Good to see you here, l'll follow you if your posts gonna be interesting like this one)))cheese

Good going, Mr. Corbett. Keep up the good fight. Many people support you. I am one of them.

James Corbett is one of my favorite "open source" news/blog sites at It's through him that I now follow Michel Chossudovsky at and Sibel Edmonds at Corbett is at the top of my go-to list for all those things that people are afraid to say out loud like "marxism" or "anarchism" or 911 conspiracy etc. etc. I'm now on Steemit and will follow up with my own two bits of juicy mind nuggets!

I knew it would not take too long until you are here James. Thanks for the outstanding work you have done all these years from the sunny climes of Japan ;-)

Looking forward to see your youtube subscriber numbers explode with a little help of many Steemians in here ;-)

Thank you James Corbett for bringing me here to Steemit :)

Awesome! I'm subscribed to your channel on YouTube! It's cool that you are here on this platform as well. I just signed up today and I'm looking forward to all of the possibilities that this platform brings to the table. Mainstream social media has totally crossed a line and I'm glad that I came across this site! Anyway, looking forward to your posts here!

I try to watch all you reports and interviews on YouTube. I think your reports are very informative and well done. great to see you here.

Just made my account as well after watching Jame's and Luke's videos, steemit is worth checking out .

I watched this video earlier and now I'm here :) am looking forward to using steemit.

Excellent news! Hopefully your viewers take a close look at this facebook and twitter killer and sign up!! Thanks James!

Welcome to steemit James. I love the name of your website, I will definately check it out.

Thank You James for introducing me to steemit! I missed this video 2 years ago, but I recently saw another video conversation you had and decided to give it a try. Been a follower and supporter of yours for years!

really good post

Follow yo already on Youtube... well, I now will follow you here too :) @corbettreport Welcome to Steemit!

My absolute favorite independent organisation, welcome!

Yes!! For some reason the corbett report fell off my regular watching a few years back. No fault of yours, just disorganized internet habits of myself.

So glad to see you here James, I've followed you, and can't wait to see your posts being served from a blockchain.

Shit, this reminds me, that I haven't been on youtube since I joined Steemit a week ago.

  • Best go checkout how much MediaMonarchy, and Corbett I missed out on!

Welcome to steemit. I am a long time follower and hats off to your great open source journalism.

Good to have you here James, hope to see BFP and Media Monarchy here soon as well.

Full Steem ahead!

Welcome to steem.

Lasse Ehlers


Been following you on YouTube for awhile now. Great to see you on Steem too. This is a much needed boost for the indy media community. Thanks James.

It is nice to make money and create content which gives people food for thoughts :) WELCOME ON STEEMIT :)

Welcome to the platform. You have another follower here!

I thought you would have made it sooner, but you are here now that whats counts.

👍good verification @corbettreport

Very good info.

из ютуба сюда идут, а что делать нам простым смертным с кредитами

This is dope! :)

Great to see you here! Looks promising...

Check out

A lot of things access the blockchain.

They also open sourced it. :)

It is going to be awesome. You want to make a page that focused on the 911 tag or something else you could make a website that was the window focusing on specific tags.

This is going to be big.

James you are a great spreader of knowledge. Keep up the fight.

Here's a hint, always use your name corbettreport as one of your tags so you can build a section.

Welcome to Steemit! You've got a new follower here. :)

Long time subscriber to your youtube channel. Good to see you here. It has been a great week for the advocates of liberty joining up here.

You've added yourself to the list in my mind of the following in the last week:
The Dollar Vigilante (@dollarvigilante), Larken Rose (@larkenrose), Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change (@lukewearechange), Rick Falkvinge (@falkvinge), and now James Corbett (@corbettreport).

Pretty exciting week. It is in beta. Let's make it better.

Also there are other windows into the block chain see

Since it is open source there will be a lot more.

I view all these potential sites and tools as windows. The blockchain is where the magic happens, and it cannot be censored. :)

Welcome, James!

Хорошая статья!!!

Watching the interview right now . Really awesome you joined 👯

This was actually not needed, even if 5000 People will Join this will really make the price of steem drop considerably. Just sell all your steem now before its too late.

#steemit is the newest way for the truth to be shared @corbettreport

Yay! Great to have you here. You are my fav news source! :D

I have never heard about you but everyone is enthusiast about your welcome in Steemit. I will welcome you as well and I will follow your posts to understand better who you are and what are you talking about (video in this post at part).

Nice Video. Having celebrities join this website will have a lasting impact. I anticipate lots of growth over the next few weeks.

wow i can't believe this many great minds that have joined steemit over the past couple of days! shut up and take my up vote.

Thanks for telling us about this! looking forward to some decentralised un owned internet goodness.

All the best! Look forward to seeing you around.

This is how you promote steemit, explaining the context and giving a solution "Steemit" ;)

thank you, your the first person I heard of steemit from.

YES!! Welcome James!! @corbettreport

Almost $12,000 already? Wow.

And here I am providing good content and getting $0.30 for it. I knew I should have started a YouTube account! Oh, well. Back to the grind, I guess...

Great to see you here and $10K in few hours cool! Check my intro posts as I would like to help you by being part of your team spreading awareness. (

YouTube fan of yours here...welcome!

Welcome media of the future! This is a great place to get news topics. How about the people influencing what you produce instead of the advertisers or companies? Test here? Might make more money?

Yes!!! :)

Great to have you here!
I listen to your podcasts all the time.

All of my favorite people are showing up here, it's so wonderful :P

Bienvenido, Muy bueno lo que has Publicado.

@corbettreport welcome to the wild west :)

Followed your show for some time, welcome to Steemit!

Welcome James! Your work is extremely valuable and your presence at SteemIt this early shows your dedication to solutions! I hope this post goes viral to help fund your work. You deserve it.

Hello welcome to Steemit.

Corbettreport does amazing work. I have been watching regularly for over a year, I highly recommend everyone check out his channel!