NEW SECRECT WHALE ACCOUNTS REVEALED! - A Look Into Which Accounts Were Behind the Massive Spike in Steem Power Recently

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Between September 19th and September 25 there was 3,072,438.36 Steem powered up. A large amount of wealth poured into Steemit/Steem and locked itself in for a 2 year commitment. While many of those powering up were minnows and dolphins a like just reinvesting small amounts into their accounts there was also the arrival of some new whales.

Steemit, I proudly unveil our new mystery whales @databass @created @safari @hendrikdegrote. These 4 accounts all arrived in the last week and powered up at least six figures of Steem power.

Here are the top 20 users powering up Sep 19 - 25

@databass 1215039
@created 700000
@safari 520731
@hendrikdegrote 156398.245
@creat0r 69541
@katyakov 39989.184
@renohq 37597.147000000004
@yan-kovalenko 33333
@insider 20000
@salva82 18874.504
@helikopterben 17936.126
@jamesc 17729.431
@arama 16166.751
@charlieshrem 10376
@mecon 10201.763
@cardiff 9505.097
@ioc 9333.043
@kmyang62 8733.66
@vortac 6751.022
@a48 6229.069

So what do we know about these accounts? Not much. There are a few people that have known and followed these accounts too. They appear to be witnesses like @teamsteem and @picokernel did they notice the big power up and follow or do they know the identities of these new whales?

Previous post with charts of the Steem power up

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The top three accounts I am 99.9% sure are new Steemit employees. The fourth might be the someone who bought quite a lot of STEEM on the market recently, but that's pure speculation.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing

Maby they will read this and respond. 8D


212 votes/1.39 sbd... I just can't remember such statistics..

congrats to everyone doing well!

very good news. it also means that at a certain steem price power up will happen and I assume we hardly will see certain lows again so soon....

The top 3 seem to have received their Steem from the Steemit account. Is that significant? That's just moving some Steem around, but locking it into SP should be good for the platform. As for the others, it's good to see that investment going on. I wish I had to spare cash to invest.

For those new whales who don't have any plans on Curating and receiving Curation Rewards, I would suggest to look into and follow a voting trail. :)


well, d'U have an invite code?)


I do! DM me on if you use it!

That's means these 4 new account have a lot of faith in the project to do a two year commitment and powering up a lot of steem power, that is a good sign is it not?


I take it as a great sign.


or ... the whales that are powering down create new whales with it ...


Like whales within whales within whales!

Interesting development! I think these accounts might be run by the devs. This is discussed in another article I read today: I hope the value of steem has hit a bottom and we go up from here! If people keep powering up, I think that will happen.

Brave move from @hendrikdegrote

I just heard you or someone else talk about those account on the chat and followed them. Interesting post and comments.