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Hi Steemians! 🤗

SO earlier today I posted about something I want to start - a platform to train and educate people around the basics and and principles of Steemit and how it can benefit them. I opened the discussion floor and invited anyone from any skill or experience level to participate in adding value to this concept by helping me through advice, links to tutorials, opinions etc as to how I can get this going.

Although I appreciate any voting, what I really am looking for is contribution


Currently all I really have is this:

    1 - Understand more myself about the Steemit blockchain, and blockchains in general
    2 . Understand more about the Steemit platform in terms of voting, boosting, resteeming etc.
    3 - Creat a presentation outlining the benefits of Steemit and these mechanics of how it works
    4 - Get people to sign up
    5 - A fifth point would be to be able to sponsor people the 15-some SP that the blockchain delegates when you create a profile, and then they pay that back once they reach a certain level
    6 - Figure out how to get people signed up without waiting 3 weeks (although I think sonsoring SP will somehow help this process along)

So perhaps now you talented and passionate guys out there can better know how to help me formulate and develop this into something beautiful

Any valid contributions I would vote and give credit to!

I thank you for your considerations and contributions

Looking forward to see this develop and grow!

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