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This is a very crude idea and I am just a beginner about Wordpress, but I want to share my idea(or wish) with the community.

As you may know, Steem is a database that enables reward-based contents creation system. So its position is similar to MySQL or MongoDB (while Steemit can be compared to Reddit or Facebook).
Given this fact, my idea is simple; Use Steem as a database of Wordpress with SLAMP(Steem, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Here's a rough diagram.

  • Reader's side

  • Writer's side

  1. Database converter from Steem blockchain to MySQL
    SteemSQL already made a good start. However, SteemSQL still have very different structure from Wordpress's MySQL(See Here and Here). We need more efforts to synchronize them.

  2. Steem login module + editor
    SteemJS or SteemConnect already made it too! But we need to make it as a Wordpress plugin with editing features.

  3. Remote public node
    For average Wordpress operators who don't want to run a $100-month server, we can provide public node with Steemd websocket endpoint and remote MySQL database. It can be opensourced, and either free or charged service.

  4. Full SLAMP and Light SLAMP
    Most of all, users easily can install a full package of SLAMP on their VPS. This should come with user-friendly documentations. And we also need to provide a easily install-able light SLAMP, in which Steemd and MySQL is outsourced.

The advantage of this maybe Steem can expand into Wordpress ecosystem. However, custom database tables created by some plugins can be problematic and should be addressed.

I want to add a simple story to stimulate your imagination.

Bob wants to have a blog. He found that Steem-based Wordpress blog can give him real rewards so he want to install it.
He opens $5/month VPS on Amazon, and downloads a light version package and install without any hassle(or can create VPS via Steem-Wordpress image). He also adds some cool plugins that support SLAMP. Then he opens a browser, goes to his blog site, and writes a post via provided editor. The post is recorded on Steem blockchain through remote Steemd server.

Annie is surfing the web, and visits Bob's blog. She thinks the post is good and notices there is a upvote button. She logs in via Steem Login(assuming she already has Steem account), upvotes Bob's blog. She also leaves a comment to Bob. It should be mentioned that Annie is also enjoying Steemit, Busy, and other many sites that are based on Steem blockchain database.

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Well, this is a easy seeming application to implement, however, I find it in the realm of almost impossible, and also in the realm of not very useful.

With wordpress, you just point it at a database, and as long as its fully functional, (MySQL, Mariadb) it will work. The problem come in, in that the database has lots and lots of information that isn't the content. Such as where, when, what to publish. What to show to whom. Click tracking...

So, in the end, you would have to write a complex database interface that got the content from the blockchain, and kept everything else local. That kind of split would be a pain in the ass. And the interface (since it is clearly deep inside the domain of WP) is not published and can change at any time. (So you may find yourself completely rewriting this part every new version of WP)

Now, the other part. Is it worth it? If you are a successful blogger, then you need the convenience of having all of your information in one place. You also need to have quick enough hosting to serve your users. Having a part of it not in your control can cause real issues.

WP and Steemit do not seem to be 1 to 1 compatible. (I can't even find a list of which tags are approved for steemit use. And there are all kinds of hacks, like class names, that are used in steemit only)

For me, the easiest thing would be to write an app for WP that would push content to Steemit. Right now, I would just copy paste it in. I am sure someone has already made a cludge that does this.

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Interesting idea.

I recall Steemit, maybe in the whitepaper (?) saying they wanted unique content to be found on google or other search engines, and it gets people to come here exclusively.

I don't see the advantage of having your own personal blog, which has an extra point of access for the same content. Once the distributed content system gets up, then I would see this as more viable to be able to interact into steemit, from the outside blog as well. But for now, that's missing, and the double content thing which might not be favorable... dunno... But interesting idea.

Cool idea. I would be happy to have a wordpress plugin that accepted steem and sbd payments.


Hello, here are the plugins I created to let these shops accept Steem currencies as payment method:


Easy Digital Downloads:

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