@berniesanders (@nextgencrypto) is Trying to Destroy Korean Community by Killing Dolphins

in #steemit6 years ago

Fuck the flagging is what he said a week ago, but this seems turn out to be a hypocrisy. He actually is flagging innocent Korean community posts, using his other accounts @engagement and @thecyclist. Here is the list of them:

고이꾸온 월남쌈
과거를 대하는 태도, 베트남과 한국의 경우
빗피넥스 Bitfinex 체인 스플릿 토큰 BCC + BCU

These posts are mainly supported by Korean members and there is no whale problem with them, and his downvoting seems intentionally targeting kr tag, unlike his other downvotes on certain accounts. It is obvious that his behaviors discourage a growth of Korean community, which is one of the most active non-English community in Steemit. Furthermore, his attempts also bad for STEEM - Korean dolphins are real purchasers of STEEM and they are now enjoying their power, but his downvotes are ruining the positive feelings.

Note: Some of you may not notice that kr members are big investors: they bought over 1.5 million STEEM (over 3,000 MV) from the peak price to now

I publicly ask @berniesanders (@nextgencrypto) to remove flags immediately and to stop to try destroying kr community by downvoting innocent authors. Until the action is done, I politely ask a favor to other whales to counter-upvote (He uses about 3,000 MV so I alone cannot do)


It would make sense for the 'counter-voting' to also be applied to downvoting (as well as upvoting), for the 'experiment' of neutralising whale-voting to be consistent.

This cannot be allowed. Why he could be like that?

Probably hard feelings toward me? :D

Clayop u still on bitsharestalk forums?

Sometimes. Why?

The current flagging system has got to go!

First flagging power should be based on reputation NOT steempower.

Secondly the use of flagging needs to be limited by code to only platform social violations (ie, plagiarism, trolling, spamming ect)

Thirdly the flagging system needs to have a way for the community to vote for/or against the original flag(reason given) as the of the flagger losing or gaining reputation points.

The original decision to keep the system based on game theory is completely in error with actual reality.

Disagree with you:
Because only people who hold large amounts of steem know what's good for steem(it).

Which one gives your post money, reputation or steem power? this is how you have to take things "Logically"

Steem on and step by step until successful

You may find a user with a score of 65 in reputation but s/he has less than 2,000 steem power. Does his reputation make him able to curate as a whale who holds more than 200,000 SP. Of course not. That why flagging connected to steem power as an opposite of upvoting.

Yes I have argued exactly the same logic repeatedly, couldn't agree more:

While downvoting is perceived as a flag and rightly so as it is refereed to by the system as such, and constantly refereed by the community as downvote, it will garner all the negative attention associated to flagging, and act as a confusion and misunderstanding primer. It's kinda a flag but it acts as a downvote with the power to also hide content, not just decrease rewards based on VP and SP. Downvote and flagging should be two different systems, flagging is for abuse and flag abuse, and that should be equal in power across the board, and the current flagging should just share a place next to the upvote as a downvote and it should be much more draining on voting power, as a means to balance it out and de-incentivize abuse and then remove it's ability to hide posts and give the new flagging function that ability and also to negatively affect the reputation, as well as allow for flags themselves to be flagged, and if there is a consensus of 2 or more affect the reputation of the flagger, as to stop sybil attacks with flags peg the flagging ability to a good reputation score that can be achieved by new users, maybe 50ish.

On the flatter reward curve voting test thread by clayop

Btw if my comments are automatically flagged it's because @fyrstikken, he is flagging me after I pointed out his immoral behavior in a thread dedicated to him. I asked him very pertinent questions about supporting anonymous blackmail and voting purely for gestural reasons and to antagonize people by voting two opposing views with those votes worth 0.03%. He has lied about that and only recently in that post has admitted to voting like that while before he said he votes automatically with 1% and now just like before he deflected answering for those purely gestural votes, this time lying and saying he was out of voting power when in fact during those days he voted like that he barely voted compared to later times. Now after admitting he votes like that he started to slander me and attack my character and never answered as to why he support whoever runs blacklist and their extortion and flag attacks without reason or justification for the flags. He closed as you will see, by attempting to appear like he was open to discussion and even saying that he doesn't care about me slandering him, which I have not as I simply stated the truth/facts, but then when he came back all he did was flag my comments and post that had nothing to do with him. He doesn't seem to want to talk and has resorted to only attacking my character/petty name calling.

Before this I had a good suspicions that he is not only running the anonymous blackmail/extortion racket of blacklist but also runs iflagtrash because in a previous encounter where I asked him about the voting behavior the bot iflagtrash turned on right after I was literally egged him on to turn on the bot because nothing was going to stop my inquiry, and I believe my suspicions were warranted because of his post about anonymity at the time that iflagtrash was founded/created/activated along with his blatant support for blacklist and their 40 steem pay up extortion to be removed form their list, whoever they are, and that only made me more determined to pursue that even more. His troll behavior is now only showing even more, and so until he is either open to discussing it and/or more people start to recognize and question his actions, I will simply continue to point out that his behavior is not only disingenuous, but abusive and detrimental to the community.

This is the thread/post I was referring to link, and if you want I'll be more than happy to link you the previous one where I suspected him for running iflagtrash and blacklist.

Rather than get into these arguments, why not migrate the Korean community to Golos? 8337 accounts from steemit were set up there automatically, and if your korean members are not amongst them, then they can quickly register from scratch.


Just set up the kr tag over there and you are good to go.

Also - the golos price is pretty cheap right now, which means anyone can become a whale! See


In steemit have some who don't use SP responsibly. and they want just power. He is one of them.

Love the art doh...

Sad! I like Koreans! They visit Zagreb a lot. I wonder how come they like Croatia so much....

i am sorry to disappoint you. some of them are plagiarizers.

Edit: actually, all of them are plagiarizers.

This is false accusation. Maybe some images are from the internet without linking sources, but they are original contents.
Can you read and understand Korean? If no, how are you sure they are plagiarized?

Maybe some images are from the internet without linking sources, but they are original contents.

Here is an interesting post (and replies).

"images from the internet without linking sources" is not too good imho.

why dont you check yourself?

I always check and if it's plagiarized I downvote them. So I can say your claim is wrong.
(will remove downvote when you confirm they are not copy-pated)

get over it @clayop. Smooth doesnt like korean community too?
Schermata 2017-03-19 alle 20.32.18.png

Just anti-whale voting and we already talked about it.

come on, you understood my point. playing the racist card is low, even for you.

Edit: my plagiarism accusations are right for the above mentioned posts. believe whatever you want. not bothering to discuss with you anymore.

What racist card from me? I am arguing your "plagiarism" accusation is wrong since they have original contents.

you dont have to remove the downvote. dont care. the photos are stolen from all over the internet.

@thebluepanda - you are so full of shit. Accusations without evidence is rumours. What you are doing is creating FUD. Stop it! Grow Up!

@fyrstikken you got a problem with me? stop stalking me.

The photos are reused with adding original contents. They maybe in public domain or have unclear copyright.
And are photos in this post also from the web?

I have been long time work as a SG Curator. we're read all of post in #kr and checked there have plagiarized or not. most of post no have plagiarized. How you can be sure about plagiarized ? can you explain ?

Even this post have photo and this is from the internet then you can say this post also plagiarized ??....

maybe you should ask the guys in steemitabuse. even stolen photos get flags.

i saw your post and there have a lot of plagiarized because of you stolen photos from the internet.

most of photos are from pixabay or free for distribution. the rest of photos are taken by me. if you think they are stolen, then flag them. but can we stop wasting time here? using the racist card to overshadow someone else, it's a crossed line.

I will not downvote like a trolling. but you should think more before you reply something. you said "Edit: actually, all of them are plagiarizers." this means all of Korean authors are plagiarizers. we can stop wasting time to here. but I'm sure that you crossed line and most Korean authors are not plagiarizers

lol I meant the posts mentioned above.

i dont need to do the job for you. just google reverse the images.

Burden of proof is on the person making claims 😅 Otherwise it's unsubstantiated.

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