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Previously i made a post for 3 web service/apps that is essential to use for beginners. You can have a look here

I made this post to update the list from a post here by @webosfritos

This post is a respond from a comment on my post. Right here.

OK here is the full list of all web service/apps regarding Steemit


  • SteemWatch: a notification tools link
  • SteemJ: An API Wrapper for Steem written in Java link
  • Piston: a tool to interact with the STEEM network using Python 3 and piston-lib link
  • SteemFollower: Check follower link
  • Steemchart: Check Steem price link
  • RadioSteem: Consensus based radio link
  • Simple Instruction for Steemit : link
  • Real and historical price for Steem link
  • Whale Sonar: Observe curation activity: link
  • Inertia: Find users and posts: link
  • Steem Bookmarklets: List of all bookmarks: link
  • Ask Steem: Search engine: link
  • SteemDown: See which whales powering down: link
  • Steem Friends : Extra Steemit page : link
  • Steem MVP: Find out who your Steem MVP : link
  • Steem Paper Wallet : link
  • Steem Dice: Gamble Steem and SBD : link
  • Steem O Graph: Explore Steem data : link
  • Steem Story: Explore a user: link
  • Steemit Board : Check your achievement : link
  • Mapala : Wiki for tourist: link
  • Steemit Pond: Animated data :link
  • Steem Data Notify : Alert for account activity : link
  • Steeming : Hosting service: link
  • Steem Center: Wiki for users and developer: link
  • Steem Whiz: Display post: link
  • ChainBB : Forum: link
  • Steem Dollar: link
  • Steem Whales : see ranking link
  • Steemmd : Block explorer: link
  • Steem Data : Database layer : link
  • Steemnow: Dashboard: link
  • Steem Stat: Data from blockchain: link
  • InSteem: Native apps: link
  • Steem URL: Url shortener: link
  • Power Down Wealth Checker : link
  • Steem API explorer: link
  • Auto Steem : Auto tools for curating, voting and browsing link
  • Steemit Ideas : Ideas for contents : link
  • Steem Files: Upload/download premium contents : link
  • Peerhub: Marketplace: link
  • Steem Style: Markdown editor: link
  • RandoWhale : @randowhale, auto vote contents for you : link
  • Steemmb : Reward report: link
  • Steemit Chat: Official chat ; link
  • Steem Roll : Realtime comments: link
  • Steem Stars : View your follower and follow: link
  • Steem Poll : Polling website: link
  • Steem SQL: Public SQL database with blockchain data : link
  • Catch a Whale: Whale sighting : link
  • Jen is playing with you: ^_^Comment 'Jen's awesome' if you see this lol : link
  • Slider: Generate GIF or JPEG: link
  • Steemit Estimator: Estimate curation reward: link
  • SteemSupply: See when you are going to be paid: link
  • Steem Mcap: Mcap data: link
  • Easy Edit: link
  • Steem Writer : Editor: link
  • Wordpress Plugin: link
  • Reprint: Blog engine : link
  • Anon Steem : Create Steem account : link
  • Steem Stream : View activity: link
  • SteemitX: Visualization of Steem Stream: link
  • : Feed :link
  • Wordpress Steem: Publish for WP : link
  • Streemian : Schedule post and other : link
  • Steem Cool : Reputation view : link
  • Steem dead follower: link
  • Steemy : Vote hot Steemians : link
  • Steem Help: Guide: link
  • Steem Lotto : Lottery : link
  • : Url shorterner : link
  • Steem global : Daily faucet: link
  • Steem Buddy: Connect same interests: link
  • Steemit Random: Random post: link
  • Steem Viz : How much to spend on promotion: link
  • Steem Share: Post list organizer: link
  • Steem Spot: Spot fellow Steemians around the world : link
  • Steem Leak: Donation for wiki :link
  • Telegram Chanel : link
  • Steem Value: Price link
  • Steem Boost : Boost your Steem post : link
  • Steem Link : URL Shorterner: link
  • Steem Calculator: Estimate reward share: link
  • Steem Phist : History post: link
  • Steem Speak : Radio : link
  • Steem Blog: Blog feed: link
  • Steem Docs : Developer tools :link
  • Steem Who : Who guide for Steemit: link


Steem Monitor

DISCLAIMER: Data checked as of 15/7/2017. All websites/apps at least working in display at checking time. I also disregards GITHUB data.

Wehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I spent around 3 hours to copy and check this list !! Congratulation to me LOL.

Upvote to motivate me!

Until then,



Look! Somebody is reading yay!!!!! Hahahaah tq

Thanks for your hours of hard work! Great bookmark article!

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