service for generating JPEG or GIF to promote/announce your blog posts

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Hi to all!
First of all, it will be useful for photography, art, food or some DIY post with photos. With this service you can generate content jpeg or gif (it use only main images from posts).
Here are some examples:


The post for Steemit Photo Challenge #17 with generated gif


How does it work?

Two simple steps:
STEP 1 - enter steemit author name and choose the site:

Wait few minutes and
STEP 2 - make settings for your image

Through few minutes you will get image


Tell me if you have some improvement ideas


where exactly do we use this service? What is the website?

here example in post footer

thank you brethren

okay I tried it but it only posted the url/link of my gif

can you be a little more specific on how to?
this is what shows up

the image doesn't show on my posts

sorry, did not see your comments)
get image and upload it to somewhere other place or use tag img

I think this is a good idea. For new readers: What I get from this (with a partial test) is that if you have posts with pictures, you can scan the blockchain usng t3ran13's site to make GIFs etc. It seems pretty cool. You can post stuff and then go back and pick from what you did. If you don't want to hold files yourself, that is.

thank you for feedback!

You're welcome :)

Yes...fallow me. @jeygupt

никогда кстати не умел гифки делать

Я тоже не умею, а в коде оно по-другому все)

Great idea brother.

you are welcome)

거기에 있는 게시물을 가져다가 사용해도 되는지 묻고 싶네요.

what do you mean?

kr newbie 행운을 빕니다.
덕분에 많이 깨닫네요

you are welcome)

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