Steem Voter Issues Part 2 - The solution!

in steemit •  11 months ago

It's been a while since I talked about steem voter but I'm still experiencing issues logging in so I decided to share the story so far. You can check out the first post here. The sort version is I got errors while trying to login in and then when I tried to change the password:

Basically it would load indefinitely when I tried to change the password. So I contacted the team on their discord channel. They sent some new login credentials but I still couldn't login in even with those, so in frustration I decided to leave the problem as it is and come back later. My hope was that a new update would come in the meantime and solve the issue.

And here I am month later and the problem still isn't fixed, although the last voting setup is still in place and working. So at least I can say that I benefited from steem voter's services during this time.
But at the last moment, one of the moderators on their discord channel @furious-one (who is an awesome guy whom I can't thank enough) came to the rescue and suggested I login from my phone, which surprisingly worked.

So If you are experiencing these issues you should try a mobile device and it should work as a temporary solution. A new version of steem supply is in the works and it may solve this issue, fingers crossed :)
Take care,

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing such issues. I know it can be quite frustrating when things don’t work right, but I’m glad you were able to login through mobile at least. Unfortunately, you seem to be one of a small handful of users for whom Steemvoter exhibits incompatibilities with some aspect of your system configuration, and it has proven very difficult to investigate this particular issue.

However, we are working on rebuilding Steemvoter from the ground up using more widely supported web technologies. We aim to have the new version launch sometime early next year, and hopefully it will resolve this issue once and for all.


Thank you for the awesome support, I'm super eager to see what the new version looks like :). I hope I was as unbiased as possible in my post; I've tried disabling my antivirus but I still can't login from my computer, but at the end of the day the problem is easily by-passed by just login in on a mobile device so I think it's a good temporary solution. Thank you again for the support and promptitude