🌼 How I Am Handling Declining Numbers On Steemit re: "From The Mud The Lotus Blooms"

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Yikes! My Steemit success indicators are dropping. Here's how I'm working to remedy that, trusting this is a temporary challenge on an upward journey.


The Challenge

From The Mud The Lotus Blooms

These past few weeks, I've explored the mantra: "From the mud the lotus blooms." These are meaningful words, rooted in Buddhism, suggesting that the deep inner work we do, a.k.a. "shadow work," is nourishing–this is the very act that allows us to grow and flourish.

This was the focus of our most recent Steemit Vision Quest, where we saw many facets of interpretation. As it relates to my Steemit account, I'm looking into the muddy waters, examining all of the seeds I've planted here, and searching for signs of growth, trusting the waterlilies will spring up soon!

Specifically, my account value is roughly 30% of what it used to be, I've lost 100+ followers this past month, and I seem to be stuck at a reputation score under 60. I'm watching these numbers with a soft gaze, knowing some wavering is natural, since Steemit is new and evolving. I feel further peace seeing that "beta" sign, knowing it's still finding its roots.

As the minnow I am, the challenge is to remain calm, and move steadily forward in my healthy practice of creating, commenting, and curating. For now, I can appreciate the fact that Steemit is a nurturing and nourishing pond, helping me to find my voice, stand for what I believe in, and build meaningful connections. On the sunny side: Steemit is a stage, a spotlight, and an amplifier for the new age, when we thrive by our creativity.


The Opportunity

Steemit helps me to be in the flow, pursuing my passions and finding meaning in life. Here, I'm able to enjoy seeing the world through other people's lenses and filters, living vicariously through their fascinating stories. Steemit gives me a wealth of different perspectives, while also bringing my own life into perspective.

Currently, I'm finding that the community challenges are among the most rewarding ways to participate in Steemit. For example, the Steemit Open Mic (#openmic) is a sponsored event, with valuable Steem prizes for the weekly winners. For me, the main rewards come in the form of practicing and performing in front of an audience, which is making be a better musician. I've entered 30 original songs in this event, and it's easy to see and hear signs of progress.

Personally, I'm interested in the arts and spirituality. These are my favorite subject matters, and two areas of Steemit with great possibilities for improvement. I'm seeing that spirituality is closely related to art, focusing on belief (the heart), while also considering logic (the mind). To explore this area, I created Steemit Vision Quest (#svq), and we've launched 20 Quests, thanks to some wonderful supporters and participants.

To me, Steemit is a sign of positive change. From the futurist perspective, Steemit gives us a glimpse of the new reality, where individuals are more self-reliant and self-sustaining. While the old way was industrial, favoring big business, the new way is entrepreneurial, favoring small business. While the old way was hard work, the new way is gentle and graceful.

Steemit gives us a place to practice blooming where we are planted, wherever and whoever we are. I love seeing the success stories from people who bud and blossom in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Ghana... There are many nations represented on Steemit, and many individuals around the world finding their footing with the support of this great platform.

It is brilliant and beautiful the way Steemit is building a global community. Here, we talk to strangers. We imagine other cultures, through music, photos, and stories that bring us closer to other people. We learn about power, privilege, and politics, questioning and re-defining progress. We grow together.


The Re-Introduction

A long time ago, I participated in a "Humans Of Steemit" questionnaire. This was an awesome initiative, launched by @ashleykalila, and I eagerly anticipated the day my story would be told. It never showed, though. So here's my story, in video format, followed by the highlights from that questionnaire.

This video encompasses all of my favorite elements of Steemit, including the Steemit Open Mic. It also reveals my passion for documenting: (1) the art; (2) the movement, and (3) the love.

The Highlights

What’s the best advice I've ever received?

Bloom Where You Are Planted. I saw this written in my dad's handwriting, soon after his passing. I was 16 at the time. My dad fell into a whirlpool, in a Wyoming river, and his body never surfaced. This became the core fatherly advice that I received from my dad, and it continues to move me in my adult life. To me, it's all about showing up and doing my best, wherever I am–like a dandelion. "I Bloom" is now a song I sing with the kids, and it's my daughter's favorite.

My daughter, singing with me.

What's one significant event in life that made me who I am?

I mentioned my dad's disappearance. He was my best friend, and a role model, and an exemplary human being. A saint, really. My whole world whirled and spiraled away from me in the instant when I looked into that whirlpool, wondering why. I had to stand on my own two feet. I learned to slow down, look inside, and ask questions.

A documentary short film, exploring my dad's mysterious passing.

If I could be an animal for a day, which animal would I be?

Golden eagle. I love the idea of flying high, soaring through the clouds and being above the world for awhile. To me, the eagle spirit brings insight and inspiration, as if my higher self is here to guide, through keen vision and awareness of my surroundings from a higher level. In my energy work, there's a practice that embraces the energy of this bird, called "eagle cry whistle," which is a burst of air extended to the point of silence, releasing that dizzy feeling that comes with excess force.


Which person inspires me the most?

My dad is the "simple man" I aspire to be. In his earthly life, my dad was an elementary art teacher, and I believe his work continues in the afterlife. He is like a gentle giant–a kindhearted mountain of a man, with the eyes of a child, lifting people up with his creativity and his playful energy. Through his example, he teaches me to embrace the child inside myself, full of wonder.

Another look at my dad's story, from the feature film, Wild Family.

My dad continues to inspire me, and this inspiration is literal, as I am currently learning to connect with him in spirit. At bedtime, when we sings songs with the kids, sometimes the kids as for a "Spirit Journey," which is a guided meditation into the imaginal realm. This is where we find "Grandpa Terry," living in his treehouse. The place is filled with light and color, loaded with instruments and art supplies.

As a Human Of Steemit, how do I contribute to Steemit?

My greatest offering is my lighthearted nature. I bring this on a daily basis, whenever I'm on Steemit. You'll see it in my comments, and in my posts. My heart smiles when I see harmony, love, truth, and justice, so these are the areas where I focus my energy here on Steemit. Seeing the lightness in others lifts me up too, and so I greatly appreciate this uplift whenever it is given. I am working to keep Steemit bright and colorful, like the rainbow stars, as each of us shares the creative fire inside.

A vision I shared in a community challenge by @stellabelle, expressing the importance of art and imagination as they work to co-create a better world.

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Your entire journey is incredibly raw and life changing, it is compelling in the since of how we can build good characters especially if we are fortunate enought to have parents as a role model. My mom was and always will be my best friend. I miss her dearly. The new best friend I have mirrors my mother's love. As far as Steemit. so many of us have experienced a decline our wallets and followers. I have wrestled with how much time I spend on Steemit yet financially I have less and less to show for it. For this reason many have left. What keeps me on Steemit is the relationships and the potential I see on the platform that allows all of us to get better at what we do and use Steemit as a launching pad to greater works on and off the platform. This is the way I have to live it to keep life balanced. Thank you @cabelindsay for sharing so much of what has to be a very personal and painful journey. I do hope you keep the SVQ alive and I will co-parent it with you if you allow me to.~Ren

What keeps me on Steemit is the relationships and the potential I see on the platform that allows all of us to get better at what we do and use Steemit as a launching pad to greater works on and off the platform.

I like the way you say it, and I feel the same way. Yes, as far as I see it we have all gained much from the connections we've built here, and from the creativity we've expressed / exercised / refined / activated. With this in mind, Steemit is a win-win for people like us, and I believe it will continue to nurture and nourish us as long as we hold this attitude.

You know what, I would love for you to carry the torch of SVQ. Thank you. Yes, I feel you're exactly the person to "co-parent," in whatever way you feel inspired. A motherly touch feels like a wonderful shift. I bow to you and the journey ahead. –Cabe

I don't look at my Wallet often. I have glanced at it just now, and I can tell you it was more than 10 times that value at one point.
Having said that, it is not the value of the crypto that brought me here and it is not what keeps me returning.
As my physical world withdrew or continued to roll perhaps outside my window, it was steemit people, real people not least of whom the 2 I respond to here who fueled my spirit and filled what could have been an emptiness where the apparent "real" world left me behind.

The vision quest spoke to me, not only for it's beautifully constructed weekly themes, each layer complimenting the last, but for the soul who looked down the barrel of the camera and through eyes of openness, of fragile giving divinity of rawness.

In the space between, remains to this day, not a mantra, no a mantra is too strong and intentionally ritualized. For me is is the softest of melodies, the song that I hear when I listen to the sound of spirit behind the noise of every day. When I take the time to step away from the clutter of life tasks and quarrels that too often come to define instead of assist true life purpose, in those moments of purposeful reflection (that are too seldom embraced), there it is rhythmic, melodic, innocently waiting, the space between where words cannot define, and time passed immeasurable, pain soothed.

The first song I saw you play and the place I go to when needing to connect with the higher self.

You gave me that Mr Lindsay. It cannot be measured against the fullness of a wallet, a statistical number or reputation designated by an algorithm or a fancy McMansion in an overpriced suburb. These things do not mean anything. Everything that is of value can be discovered in the layers of the vision quest. A community born from the heart of a boy. A heart who in spite of great sorrow chose to open wider rather than close. You honour your father in everything you do. The saint that you say he was in life and the angel he is in passing both of these reside in you. Shines from your eyes and sings from your voice, and vibrate in your actions and choices.
Thank you for allowing the divine to flow through you. For recognizing the golden eagle and giving it wings to take flight on the night quest, and for the invitation to take to the skies with you. 🙏🙌👫👭👭👫👬👭👫👫👬👭👬👫👫👭👭👬👬👬👭👭👬👫👫👫👬👭👫👬👭👬👬👭👬👬👫👬💃💗🎶✨💫


friend, it's good to know you more, steemit has provided this opportunity to make our art a world without borders, without color or religion, remember that storms come but then comes calm and new life is reborn, you are an example to follow in our community, and grateful for the opportunity to manifest my creativity in your weekly program, greetings and many successes.

Dude, you're so cool. Yes, I'm grateful we share this vision of a world without borders, where people stand together as one unified rainbow, shining together every color. Rock on!

Thank you for giving us more insight into your radness @cabelindsay <3
You are one inspiring human bean <3
I am sorry about your dad's passing :´(

Thank you for feeling me! I feel you too. We must be mirrors of inspiration for each other. I'll keep on looking for you and growing through knowing you, I'm sure. Harmonizing in the cosmos, I imagine. 🎶

Thanks so much for reaching out on Discord, I'm sorry I've missed you there - somehow I'm not acclimating to that app yet.

I do, it's my thing hehe <3
That is absolutely true, we should & are <3
Thank YOU for putting such good energy & vibes out into the world/ universes.

No worries about Discord, happy to be connected at all!


Loved your flowing post @cabelindsay.

I feel further peace seeing that "beta" sign, knowing it's still finding its roots.

LOL, steemit will be in perpetual beta by the looks of things. Have you tried using Steempeak yet? It could be an injection of sunlight that offers the rising lotus new areas of growth and expansion :D

Life is Art, a living artwork. Yours is consciously so. This is wonderful to behold!

High-five. And a hug! Brother, you are a real light in the world. Thank you. Yes, I love that idea that we are living artworks. There's a song I've been singing lately that ends like this: "May we all be very peaceful, brilliant, warm, and colorful. Like the rainbow stars, art is all we are." ⭐️ 💫✨

Your mention of Steempeak is the first I've heard of it, so I'm grateful for the tip there. Yeah, man, looks great–especially the highly-functional search engine there. I searched for "Vision Quest" and found all kinds of fun.

Hey thanks bro 🔆 - great lyrics, reads like the true nature of who we really are 🔆

Also I blogged about SP if you're interested - gives an overview and links to other media and discussions.


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my gosh....this post is absolutely beautiful...and FELT! each image...and words written... brother. the videos! "life after life"....documentary....you made. you and your daughter. so so felt! resteemed with love. subbed you on youtube also. thanks for being here today...and sharing your love with the world. i am inspired! -jake

Aw, thank you, Jake. I cherish your words, brother. Thanks so much. Really glad to be connected with you now, and looking forward to knowing your more. Peace.

awwww brother...your heart is so felt! i am grateful to be connected with you...and knowing you more as well!

Hello cabe,
I have missed so many quests. I thought I might visit them, albeit a little late, and here you are practically inviting me to do so.

I am inclined to apologise for my absence on the flight, but I know enough of you (which is strange to say of a relative stranger, but I believe it true) to know that I don't need to apologise.

I was visited by a flock of ravens in my dream a few nights ago, and I kept waking up in the living room where I had fallen asleep, but still within the dream, and they were still there calling from my window, every time I woke. I became lucid and knew it was a dream, when I kept waking, I remember feeling like I couldn't see because I was still stuck in the dream, even through I was conscious. When I woke I was afraid.

I thought of my raven and the night flight, and I had to get up and go to him, asleep in our bedroom. He doesn't know that.

We are in the midst of difficult times, not between us, but around us, which is challenge enough for sure, when it has such longevity. We are very much in the mud struggling to imagine my lotus will thrive once more.
We are heading into spring time here.
I hope to find hope for spring.

Yay, happy to hear from you! According to my Animal Spirit Guides book, ravens are a sign there's magic in the air. I seem to remember their association with passage between life and afterlife too, similar to the owl. These "Night Flight" birds are meaningful symbols, especially since you were lucid and attentive in the dream. This is what I'm reading:

You're gradually shape-shifting to a more confident, powerful, and spiritually based you that will continue to emerge the more you let go of your old self.

I feel so grateful for this note of yours. Thank you, sister. Yes, just as you say, I understand the waves of absences and presences, and in fact I totally relate, because I've definitely had some wavering in my Steemit participation these past few months. I'm still greatly enjoying the Vision Quests, and anticipate launching just one per month in the future, because I have some other projects taking higher priority at the moment. Since you're heading into the Spring season, I wonder if you have a Spring-related idea for the theme of our next Vision Quest?

...awesome, brother...

Thanks for your encouragement, bro. High-five. 👋

i watched, only half of the wonderful documentary you shared with me, due to time constraints, but i do like what i saw. i will finish it ASAP. bless you.!

a thought.

your content, deserves to be streamed as a tv channel. like dlive , not a livestream but you get the idea, Cabelinsaytv your content. but on giant loop.. very educational and hopeful messages you bring to everyone.

Thank you for encouraging me in the area of sharing a channel to be streamed. I sure appreciate that thought. In fact I met with a person yesterday who mentioned something similar, and so I have it on my radar. Really good of you to see the educational / hopeful elements in these media creations. Thanks again.

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