Just Convinced My Friend to Join Steemit!

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Earlier today one of my friends just made his first post on Steemit. I was quite excited to have someone join me on my Steemit journey.

Look at this sexy beast!

@Coriolanus is one my my friends I play Dungeons and Dragons with each week. If you've read any of my D&D posts he is the mischievous Bard that is constantly throw wrenches (and any other objects he can get his hands on) in my plans. We've been friends for a few years now mainly through D&D and other nerdy endeavors but we've also been known to have a few too many beers together on occasion.

I Coriolanus will be a great addition to the Steemit community and hopefully I will slowly be able to convert my other friends into becoming Steemit members.

If you have the time head over to his introduction post and say hi.




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You didnt convinced them, they just make the right choice

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