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There is a new bot in town. It doesn’t take payment, it takes gifts. I recently wrote about proof-of-care. This is it. You prove to the bot you care and then it upvotes back - FOREVER.

@spinbot is not a person. It is a bot with programming. Even if it did not enjoy upvoting, it would have no choice. Thankfully, it enjoys it very much.


It is an upvote bot that remembers you forever when you send it 1 STEEM minimum. That means that if 10 people send it 1 STEEM there is 1/10 chance you’d get an upvote. A gamble but one that drastically goes in your favour if you send at least 1 STEEM. Think about it, you’ll be remembered forever.


Right now Spinbot has got about 31,000 SP so when it finds you, you will feel it!

The upside:

Sundays are for everyone! Wednesdays too! Two days a week @spinbot doesn’t care how much you sent it, as long as you did. Everyone has an equal chance of getting an upvote.

The downside:

It isn’t free. I know it sucks, but there it is.

Why I will be using it:

Because like with everything in crypto, it’s good to get on board first. Whenever I have a bit of extra or it upvotes me I’ll show some love back. That is actually a good rule of thumb here in Steemit. Whenever someone likes you, shovel some of it back because you can never have too many friends. Spinbot doesn’t even care about your personality, it gets along with everyone.

Testimonials from all the giddy users from @spinbot's wallet

  • Another tinny little push. Cheers!
  • Remember me, please! :)
  • Adding to bot investment
  • Eat, dear Spinny, and dont up others but meeeeee
  • great project, good luck!
  • Hello from @edthecanadian
  • @outerground forget me not
  • Feed me Spinbot!!!
  • My first time, please be gentle..LOL
  • @spinbot I WANT YOUR BABIES!!!


Don’t be a square, use it! Ask around in their discord:

Official info links:

Keep track of how much you sent it already:

Keep in mind that Spinny runs on fuel of integrity, honesty and good will!

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So it's not like randowhale where you send link in memo? 1 STEEM? .. oh jeez only have SBD.. Steem is to power up. Wouldn't want to power down lol ;) - and also one time payment forever or weekly? Just wanted some clarification. Upvoted you for first time.. ;)

Thanks. It is for forever. It votes once a day for 10 people. You can use internal market to just buy 1 STEEM. Quite simple to do. Ask away ;)

sounds like a great investment.. just used my SBD for some random upvote service (cuz no whale gives a shit lol). So I am gonna def try to remember to send 1 Steem to the bot. It's worth it. I use minnowsupport all the time and it was like 0.001 sbd

How many people have invested?

I think the project has been scrapped

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sounds like a lottery, where the lottery ticket doesn't expire after the first drawing. So as time goes on, the pool of ticket holders increases, and the effective payout drops, because the probability of "winning" keeps decreasing.

If that's right, the lottery owner will receive increasing funds in the beginning, but as time goes on, marginal revenue will level off and then go on a steady decline.

Isn't it all about the odds? Spinbot will accept up to 10SBD/STEEM per day and will credit you with it, increasing your probability of winning its affection (upvote). But 2 days per week it will upvote completely randomly adding a socially progressive element (robinhood like even..). Investment made in the bot will cover expenses (for delegation, hosting etc...) and be reinvested into making it even stronger. There is an inflationary element but what if you had a 1/1000 shot of winning 100$ twice per week and it only cost you 1 steem to get in the game? Do you feel lucky?

You might be right. I didn't go into it as deep. There are the two days where everyone has the same chance though.

That looks tempting. Is there any catch? Or as simple as described? No "conditions apply"?

It seems it is as they say. I sent a few already. Fingers crossed.

Pretty cool concept, I have a feeling this one is going to be a serious hit.

Spinbot did remember me. He/she/it gave me a couple dollar upvote on my last post.
Now, should I send another donation?

That would make it more likely to get another, but you have a chance of getting more without sending any more.

Sounds interesting, and I might check it out. For now, here's a manual upvote and a manual comment from an actual human bring!

Interesting. Resteemed :-)

Thank you! Always glad to get your attention!

I show you love everytime you hit my feed brother

And that is appreciated. Loving your pixel art contest! Quite unique!

Thanks I had been curious about what exactly it was thanks for the info

Interesting innovation and cool deviation from the normal upvote system! Will take note and definitely participate!

God Speed Brethren.

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