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RE: Review of Spinbot - a New Kind of Voting Bot

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So it's not like randowhale where you send link in memo? 1 STEEM? .. oh jeez only have SBD.. Steem is to power up. Wouldn't want to power down lol ;) - and also one time payment forever or weekly? Just wanted some clarification. Upvoted you for first time.. ;)


Thanks. It is for forever. It votes once a day for 10 people. You can use internal market to just buy 1 STEEM. Quite simple to do. Ask away ;)

sounds like a great investment.. just used my SBD for some random upvote service (cuz no whale gives a shit lol). So I am gonna def try to remember to send 1 Steem to the bot. It's worth it. I use minnowsupport all the time and it was like 0.001 sbd

How many people have invested?

I think the project has been scrapped

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