Spinbot Official Announcement 10-21-17

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What can Spinny do for you?

Spinbot is an artificial lifeform spreading happiness in the form of up-votes. To join the revolution simply send a minimum of 1STEEM to @spinbot to gain a place in Spinny's heart.

Every user who sends a minimum of 1STEEM to @spinbot will be remembered forever and earns a chance to randomly receive one of 10 Spinny upvotes per day.

Isnt't that fantastic?

What's New?

Spinbot recently received a significant amount of delegated Steem power from the ADSactly society (@adsactly). We are very appreciative for their support!

Currently Spinny's up-vote is worth almost 3.00SBD! This will allow Spinny to grow at an exponential rate.

More Exciting News?

Spinbot has recently acquired the domain name : www.spinbot.io and will soon be offering users the ability to review their current investment amounts in addition to providing other useful statistical information. This will provide additional transparency to all our customers.

Keep in mind that Spinny runs on fuel of integrity, honesty and good will!

Finally we would like to announce that from this point on Spinbot will accept SBD at a rate of .8 Steem per 1SBD.

We would like to thank you for your support and encourage you to drop by our discord room to discuss Spinny with other members and how we can make it even better! Please, find the link in the bottom.

What can Spinbot do for you?!

Upvote PostsSBD / STEEMEarn a higher percentage chance of upvote based on total Steem investment
Comment on PostsFREEPromote your blog when Spinny upvotes on other people's posts


Minimum Feeding Amount1 STEEM / 1 SBDMinimum STEEM you can send to @spinbot to be remembered
Daily Feeding Limits1-10STEEM or 1-12SBDMaximum STEEM / SBD limit you can send to @spinbot is 10STEEM / 12SBD per day
Chance of gaining upvote10 Random Votes Per DayChance of Upvote depends on the amount of STEEM you have fed Spinny with. One day per week Spinny ignores amount feed (assuming user has fed him a minimum of 1 STEEM) and votes randomly regardless of total amount sent.

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your thoughts!

Join our Discord chat

Get support, promote your posts, and connect with many Spinny's fans!


Good concept. Kudos to you guys. Thanks to @adsactly for the support.

I have come and made sacrifice to the great spinbot. Please reward me with your glorious upvotes!

Great. I hope I am still in early enough!

You are! I will pick you many times! - Spinny

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Only 10 votes per day? If 100s of user send money then how much chance i will get? 1 vote in 10 days?

You only need to send it 1 steem. Spinny will continue to grow stronger. Its a winning play just send it some money and be patient.

Looks amazing. Glad I bumped into you. I tried my luvck and donated a few bucks. Crossing fingers!

I have sent 1 SBD but looks like my name is not registered here: http://www.spinbot.io/@hafiz34

What to do?

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