Introducing Steemit Vote Weight Calculator - A Tool To Maximize your Curation Rewards

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Introducing Steemit Vote Weight Calculator - A Tool To Maximize your Curation Rewards

Ever wondered what kind of impact your vote would have, before voting?

Is it too early and the thirty-minute penalty will eat all the weight of my vote? Or is it too late and I won't get a cent after all the whales that voted?

Wonder no more! Introducing Steemit Vote Weight Calculator, a simple online tool that will let you know the impact of you vote, before voting!

No use wasting my Voting Power on this one right now.

It will show you the estimated Reward Shares you'll get when voting right now, according to your STEEM Power and Voting Power, and the estimated Vote Weight and percentage you are expected to get. Early vote penalties are also displayed.

A bit too early for me to vote on this post. Better keep checking.

Hopefully, you'll find it useful to determine just the perfect spot to maximize your curation rewards.

This looks a bit better. Will it get popular?

Warning! Not recommended to use it to dream about whales upvoting your posts.

You'll just get frustrated!

Thanks to @jesta from steemstats for the support on figuring this out, I wouldn't have made this without him. Do you have any suggestions or improvements you would like to see in this tool? I've got a few ideas, but let me know yours!


This is interesting and may be quite useful for figuring out things with voting yourself, but not very convenient if you have to check every post you want to vote for... :)

Well, this is just a start. Now that I figured out the math I can work on making it more convenient :)

thanks for this tool to help us to use our curation power more efficiently.

Thanks for the tool.

thanks for the great tool.. its gonna to be helpful for future votes..

Really cool! I hope that it can help me.

Great info. This will make me a better curator

yes, please. i want that.

This is badass, I've been trying to track my curation rewards to find out the best method of voting and it looks like you've solved it for me.

The tools seems to have stopped working.

Does the calculator still works? Or its only me? I click "calculate" and does nothing. I think that is a must tool and can help a lot to figure out voting. Please reply if its possible. Thank you.

Steem Vote Calculator did not work for me either.

not work, just a blank page show up!

I'm a 5 day newbie and don't know how to fully use the calculator yet since I don't have the numbers but I'm gonna bookmark this post.