Thank you, I really hope he gets better soon. He's been terribly worried about the lessons he's missing from school.

And it's ok. Our names are confusing. John and Jonah - both guy names. Funny thing is, whenever I get something from promo mail, I always get addressed as he. Anyway, He insists I create my own account. I say we can just keep it this way. We both write, we both earn. And there's not much users here who share the same account. So its pretty unique. 😄

I love the conversation here. It only proves that there are still good and honest people in the world. I admire you people and I am following you @beatenegg and @bunnypuncher.

Ty I'm humbled by the show of support from steemit.

You have my support as well... ;)

Hello, @georgie84! Nice to meet you. Yes, there are still kind hearted people. They come out in the least expected situation.

Yes, and you are one of them! Pray and all good things will come to you. May you and your family specially the kids will have the best of health

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