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Hi, all!

I would like to share the statistics of the powering up of the @brupvoter bid-based votting bot.

As one can see, we are right now at around 15k SP. The unit of the vertical axis of the graph bellow is 1k SP.

I would like to thank our sponsors:

Also, I would like to thank @minnowbooster and @blocktrades for supporting SP delegation plataforms, from where most of the SP of the bot come from.

You can also support the first #pt bid-based votting bot delegating SP and sharing proportionaly the daily earnings of the bot, or getting paid daily 1.2 STEEM per 1000 SP delegated.

We are currently accepting investors from a minimum of 50 SP.

Best regards!

BR-UpVoter, 25 de fev/18 em

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Realmente, tem sido um grande desafio e aprendizado diário na plataforma STEEMIT. Para crescermos o bot precisamos sensibilizar mais investidores! Contamos com todos para divulgar o Bot... Obrigado!

Indeed, it has been a great challenge and a daily learning on the STEEMIT platform. To grow the bot we need to raise more investors! We count on everyone to promote the Bot... Thank you!

Your first post in English. I came on over to see what you have to offer.

@brupvoter, you left a message in my wallet asking me to consider delegation to you. I am lacking information on this. You said "share proportionately the daily earnings of the bot". How much has been paid in recent days? I would like to compare it with other delegations I made.

How does one delegate to you? - can you provide a link?


Hi @swissclive. Thank you for your attention. I have a 17 day statistics of the bot's earnings. It has shared around a daily average of 1.33 STEEM per 1000 SP delegated to the bot. It is an average just to give you a number for you compare. Some days the earnings are above this average and other days are bellow. At the long term the bot trends to have even better results! But if one does not want to have variable gains based on the results of the bot, We can pay at a daily fixed rate of 1.2 STEEM per 1000 SP delegated. If you have more doubts we can talk at steemit chat or at discordapp. Please, let me know if you got interested in sponsoring the bot delegating SP to it.


You can delegate 50 SP or more. Right now I have investors with 50 SP, 100 SP and 2600 SP. You can use the following link to delegate 1000 SP, for instance:

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@isotonic is the Bid Bot of the @runningproject community.
Earnings obtained by this bot, after paying to the delegators, are fully used to increase the SP of the @runningproject from which all affiliated members are benefited.
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