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Haha, Ya I have the same idea, I give free upvotes to people but they have to answer a question. Rules out the bots.


really that's interesting. Following you right away @bigram13

Dropping Crumbs for the newbies!!! Hopefully everyone realizes the 60 cents you are giving them today can be 60.00 bucks one day!! Keep on Reppin"


I dropped you some more crumbs above. Take my Quarter Mr. Broncnutz Sir


Oh please i need the crumbs hahaha. Thanks for being magnanimous @gatorbait

Thank you for saying this!!! I've read this info in posts but it's really helpful to see/hear it in a video, especially for peeps in other countries.

Snoopy fishing pole.... lol
I think I used to have one of those.

That's a good idea to just randomly upvote new users posting under #introduceyourself ... I've been curating lower-rep users for OCD so my voting power gets dinged, but I'm going to try to fit that habit in when I can!


Thanks so much for watching, I'm glad you learned one new thing. I learn new stuff here everyday from other users myself. I loving helping people succeed, it's so gratifying to me. I'll go fishing this weekend if you want but we can only use snoopy poles and live minnows.....I like reeling in big fish! 🏆🐬💪🏽

Thank you for posting @broncnutz.

Really appreciate these is true we have be active in the community....

'Whale fishing with a Snoopy fishing pole' ^_^

Too humourous.....

Thank you for rooting for Steemit.

All the best. Happy Christ-mas


Thanks for watching.


My pleasure @broncnutz.

This is bleujay's art account....sort of like starting over.


The goal is to post once a week from each account.


Following! 😎


Cool.....thank you very much. ^__^

Im still sort of new, and im always looking to learn ; since i have started and i have used the steemitfollower and i have my own referral link ; although i have not used the service itself enough to get a decent amount of SBD - and im always checking for new posts, some people even are hosting contests for people that have fantastic introduction posts, and reward those that find the introduction posts .
My referral link is right here -
It always helps earn not just the person clicking the referral links, but the person providing the link as well .

Now dont get me wrong, this is just a follower count ; you are getting down to getting a dedicated reader count, which is much better in my opinion, but for the most part getting the views as a newbie is also fairly difficult .
Im always making sure i check out your videos two or three times a week, love the information you give out, and yes i agree, quite a number of bots or even just people that are looking for a quick buck look for high upvoters, like yourself ; without contributing any useful information .

Im always looking to give out my referral links and i appreciate anyone that clicks on them and uses the service .
The last one i provided on one of your videos has gotten quite a bit of attention and has earned me like $4 in bitcoin - so im really loving the referral programs .

Perhaps some time in the future we can collaborate together and work on some projects or something . i would always love to know more information since im new to the crypto world ; but i love knowledge !


oh how do i get it the referral link @endymionoriax


if you have signed up with your steemit account, you click the " services " tab ; click the manual curation and you can find it on the right side under your post limit . dont forget to upvote at least 5 posts a day with the service to earn your points - once you have earned enough points you can use the market tab to sell those points for SBD !


This is an awesome response! Thank you. Thanks for the links and re steems!


You are the one really helping the community here, i only wish i could do the same ; i am currently looking to see if i can help anyone and everyone, if possible .
You sir, are a saint ; the information you give is a commodity .

I really needed this. I got good content but low traction


It's works!


You do music? I'll follow you.


following you back @ serenoblues 👍

Noob here. Thanks for the tips!


Your welcome, stay after it, make some friends and you will have 2k followers before you know it. It's a steady grind.

Awesome stuff, thanks for the info and the enthusiasm! You seem to really dig what we're all doin' here, that makes me feel more confident about this platform and coin as a new user. The Thumb is Up!


The first of many! 😎

Thanks for the motivation to make my first post. Definitely lucky to find this.


Many more to come!

Hi @broncnutz

I get the excitement factor when I created my introduction post, about $2.00 and it vanished fast as I started to post my content which received small amounts of views.

I don't mind that they aren't getting upvotes and money isn't being made but the view count is so low. It's easy to get buried by everyone else. I get it though, more follows more chance of someone seeing it.

This whole steemit thing is a good concept but it's rough because there is a monetary value attached to it so tons of people are all about just getting upvotes or following but not actually looking at your posts. It's being presented on other sites as a way to make quick money. At least that's my first impression of steemit.

Are you going to be going to Dtube?


I wanna use Dtube....tried uploading from my iPad two days ago. Wouldn't work.


I wonder if it just didn't like the iPad. I uploaded my first Dtube video from my macbook and worked flawlessly. Video is 9:21 long, not sure if that factors in.


I can see how not getting as many views or "up votes" might take away your steem ;) . The way I figure is I'm just going to post to this as I would any of my other blogs and enjoy sharing what I share. Hopefully some will find the content useful, informative, or at the very least entertaining. If not, well I've been writing blogs for a long time that I seldom even know if people are looking at just for the sake of sharing so I'll just keep writing as always and hope for the best.

Very good advice. You have to interact with people! A thoughtful comment doesn't take that much time to write. Just saying, "follow me" or "upvote me please" isn't adding anything to the conversation. I tried writing a welcome to steemit poem and commenting in the introdruceyourself tags, but only one person commented back. I may get back at it again after hearing your advice. :)


Use every angle you can, heck think up new angles people haven't even played yet! Right now is a gr at opportunity to collect a lot of Steem crumbs.

I (and I'm sure many others) seriously appreciate this. Not many people on new platforms enjoy discussing the algorithms that make up the site and would rather keep the wealth for themselves. The fact that you took the time to give a thorough explanation on how this site works is nothing short of selfless. Thank you so much! I'll be putting your tips to work!


Good for you! I am more than happy to share. It's gonna take every single one of us to get Steem token to rise.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
This helps me a lot. Now I just need a steemit walkthrough lol.
I literally just joined tonight and I'm still very confused about how this all works. But what you said here helped me a LOT and I very much appreciate it.


If you don't mind me asking, how did you embed your youtube video properly? I'm struggling with that one and could use a little advice. Thanks.

Appreciate the tips, just to add user engagement is probably one of the most important things. Engage with your audience by interacting with them in posts and comments. Much like YouTube user engagement is one of the most important things required to build a following! And... those damn bots!

Thanks for these advice. Will help me grow on STEEMIT platform.

@broncnutz sir...
I'm new comer in this platform...your this video and impormation is very useful to me...and all steemians...
I think follwers are very important to us...I'm always try graw day by day in steemit..
Thank for your valuble tips...
Gokd luck...


Stay after it...everyday.


Sure... @broncnutz I'm become your fan now...I'm always try followed your uptades in every day...bcz...your ideas very useful to me..
Good luck...

I see your post..your information is too good...thanks for sharing.. i steem it

This is why i tune in to your blog post everyday this post is the reason you give me the best tips to follow and i will keep following that :)

It's nice to hear that you randomly upvote new users to inspire them. That's the way it should be. $1 to us might be a nice gesture, but to some Steemians in underprivileged parts of the world, that could be a huge boost to their confidence that this can be an income stream for them, especially when they get 50% as SBD to 6x that portion and blow their minds. Nice message today.


Though i wont consider myself underpriveledge i got a 1$ upvote yedterday and i danced alot cause a dollar in my country Nigeria has a lot of value

Your post are really help us ,thank you broncnutz. Now i try to write a good
comment all steemit post.Thanks for again.

OG @broncnutz has very correctly said it...lets follow has been more than 6 months I have been following @broncnutz and lets follow those tips as mentioned and I think we will be successful.

Thank you.

Great advice from a pro blogger! I blew my introducemyself post because I didn't know anything about Steemit when I joined and I scored $0.02. Then I tried using a Charlie Brown fishing pole... ha ha. Finally getting the hang of it now... thanks for helping the new ones because it helps us all to educate so that Steemit will grow with good people and good content!

O.G. is correct. Listen to @bronconutz children. He's a straight shooter!

Thanks Bronconutz!



Thank you! I am a straight shooter.....

Your video really helps me get a better feeling of how much we are literally living in the future right now; on a new type of capital media that promotes the free flow of valuable information and content. IS this the online utopia we've been looking for?? The fact that we spread wealth here is just simply still so mind blowing for me and I'm working through comprehending this. I guess you could say I am a recovering facebook addict who is still shocked from the level of quality contributional individuals that make up this community. thanks for the insight brother! keep em coming!


Hey thanks for watching....really!

Yeah but what happens if you are not a natural blogger and starting to blog for the 1st time.
I mean isn't it little lame to post once per week +-...


Lots peeps only post once a week. It's all good.

OG @broncnutz, great name brother. Thanks for this. I've only been on here a month or so and am still learning the ropes but this was very helpful. Love your energy as well, it's infectious.

Entertaining and informative. Cheers. I have one small question, if you dont mind answering. I have been unable to figure out what the small graph icon is referring to on my account - its on the mobile app. I can see my 25 Steem Power. But the graph says 54.32.... what on Earth is that on about?
Cheers :)


I have never used the mobile app so I am unsure.

Thank you for the advice. I will try to implement these tips. I really enjoy sharing travel blog information that others can use more importantly but I really never know if it's appreciated without getting a comment or upvote. PS: I am a huge Snoopy fan so that comment made me laugh. Snoopy always finds a solution, it's Charlie Brown we have to worry about.


Snoopy is a BOSS!

Great post for the new users of steemit like myself! Keep it up @broncnutz!

Thanks for the advice. I've been trying to find some good tips for getting started and this was the best I've found. Also, love that you are a huge Broncos fan like me.


Broncos win tonight! game video will be up tomorrow.

Thank you so much for this info!! I'm a 'newbie' and was definitely trying to fish with a Snoopy pole! :D Great advice @broncnutz


It's ok to be new and just getting started. I didn't build this following base overnight. One day at a time lil momma.....


Thank you :) it's FUN too.. that is what's important, right?

Great reminder. Why not post this video on Dtube?

By the way Snoopy fishing poles dissapointed me when I was a kid, and now they dissapoint my son. I think they were designed to not work out of the box. LOL....


They sure are not the best quality but they at least keep a youngster interested for a little while.


hi, i watched your video on youtube thats what brought my here, you got some good tips and some obvious ones, overall you are doing a good job, keep it up


Awesome! I loving seeing YouTube users smarten up and get paid for what thier effort is really worth.

like it, spread the coin ! influence at 25 !! looking for a mad run !!! Cheers


Here ya go cuz...

Hey thank you for sharing. I haven't done my introduction post yet as I have been too unsure how to use the editor and didn't want to just jump in naked! haha your post here really inspired me to get off my butt and do it. Thank you for the information!

Great tips for noobs! I made a lot of mistakes when I started and these tips will def help. Keep ‘me coming broncnutz.

Thank you SO much for this! I'm new to the community and even though I read all the FAQs, I wasn't quite sure how things worked. I'm still debating making an "introduceyourself" post... I'm a bit shy and definitely don't want to make a video!

Thanks dude. Made a lot of valid posts dude look forward to hearing more from you.

Just posted my self-intro and found your video, so I'm following your advice to comment here ;) Thanks for the tips!

Good video this will help alot of new people. It is dumb how many people are using the Introduceyourself tag for every thing else. I just made a Introduceyourself post and it is buried in all the other crap

@broncnutz, you're friggin awesome, man!


Excellent video and your advice is directly proportional to success. I agree with you that comments are very important for the post and we should reward these comments, this is the way the movement in our ecosystem is built. Using tags is also very important and timely. Thank you @broncnutz

Great video!! I just posted my first Steemit about being an over 50 old fogie on here trying to figure out block chain! It is an interesting experience but definitely rewarding, especially when I find posts like yours! Way to keep it real. Blessings, Gator

We are here in Steemit because gives us freedom and gives us a new and different idea of life....
Steemit is not just a source of sustenance.
Steemit is a Wonderful life and a beautiful future...
We're lucky we were at the beginning of Steemit.
I'll be proud of the future because I was a member of this great community

your video content education.i like your content. @broncnutz

Thank you are the post. I learnt he to follow anyone who upvoted my post or comment. Also learnt that introduce yourself hash tag should be used once. I learnt a lot, thanks again @broncnutz


I'll give you an A+ in my class!


Great tips! I know I over post and I am going to try some of these tips. I have seen pieces of these tips all over, but having them together on one video should help people new to this platform!

Have you seen Dlive yet? I would love to see some live "Streems" from you!


One post a day is perfect. Spend the rest of your votes on others as a curator.


That sounds just right to me! Solid advice.

Good post @broncnutz.

lol jk jk

No for realz thats how I started, and its a good reminder to go give some intros some love here real soon!

Thanks for the guidance @broncnutz. Making steemit a better platform.

Nice tips and thanks you dear Denver

@broncnutz - Sir you are pretty amazing.... No one else is doing such good work....

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Good advice, especially for a noob to help other noobs. It's probably a better tactic than begging for help from whales! Especially if you're in it for the long haul.

Good stuff. This is one of those things (posting) that I really need to do more of at this point in my steemit journey. I mainly comment and meet people but now that my following base has grown I'm certainly considering it more and more. Thanks for taking the time to make it clear for me. Much appreciated as always.

Hey @broncnutz! Posts like this one are one of the reasons i upvote each post of yours (unless i miss it and its more than 7 days). You are always helping the minnows and your followers with upvoting and i feel that this is the least i can do in return!

Btw, i've mentioned you in my latest post under a photo. If you'll have time you can check it out :)

Well i 'm going to focus all the time i have on raising my credibilty rating to 50 even if takes an eternity 😂😂 College Sucks ✌


Stay in college, the rest of life working sucks even more.

Thanks for the information. As a newbie. I need all the help I can get.

Looks interesting. Let's try! Anyone would like to upvote? lol

@broncnutz, great points!

I think the Steemit community needs to hit the "be a real human being" message harder. There are too many people making posts & leaving comments that add no value.

Garbage posts & comments only cripple Steemit and hurt everyone involved.


one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itself.... great times to be around....

lol video!!!"""

Thanks for the information. Helping this newbie! Btw, nothing wrong with a grown man fishing with snoopy.

Hey bro, I am searching this type instructional video. thanks for sharing such a informative video. When your next video will release?

Thanks for the good advice bro. I hope it helps me.

Another awesome talking style of steemit growing. @broncnutz, You giving great tips and advice to how to gain our followers. Appreciate you. Resteemed.

Nice video introduction @broncnutz. I respect your advice here.

Wow! That's some really helpful information! Gotta try my best to do those tips! Thanks! :D

Many many thanks my friend for your good tips and i need this post.your video is awesome and you doing good work.I waiting for your next post.Keep it up

i like your video and alwage resteem your post, resteem done, check my profile, thanks for this post. @broncnutz

Decent education tips. Best advantage ones.

@broncnutz my dear friend...
That is wonderful and very useful tips for all steemians...specialy I think followers are very good and important point this great social media platform...
And I'm always really respect to my active you...

Thank you for saying this!!! I've read this info in posts but it's really helpful to see/hear it in a video. I like and enjoy the video. resteem done.

Thanks for the idea.very good video sir. love it.

Thanks @broncnutz
Have a nice day

Total noob here. Thanks for this! It was very helpful.

Thank you very detailed and very detailed explanation

Thank you for help @broncnutz!
I always learn new things from your posts!


Thanks for the great breadcrumbs for us plankton sized noobs.
I can't stand the bots either Mr @broncnutz - I was actually flagged and lost quite a bit of reputation from them.

Ok so I am new to Steemit as well, you have definitely helped me see things a bit more differently now so time to become more active on the platform. Thanks again for this and if possible make more content on how to go about being successful on Steemit.

People always want to connect with them who take the time to read and contribute to the issues raised in their post, rather than just objecting. it is actually a win-win situation. I believe that this is something new users should pay more attention than trying to write two or three blogs every day, and it helps higher representative users increase your reputation, in fact one of the fastest ways to increase your reputation is higher comments

I like that idea to welcome the people that are even more new than you.

You're right, this is NOT the buddy system, this is the provide some read-able content system.

I'm happy that my steem power is back in the 80's, I feel like I can post again. I felt a little awkward creating new posts without having enough steem to even upvote.

PS Snoopy Pole hahahahha

@broncnutz Thank you so much for this post! I am totally new to Steem but I FREAKING LOVE THIS! I have been saying about a decentralized social media and here it is! I appreciate the insight on how to use steem. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will make an introduction video. Hope you get a chance to watch it!

Thanks for the tips they are great :)
Took me while but now every time i upvote give 1 or 2 cents lol. Is nothing but was built very slowly!!!

Great information, @broncnutz. I'm new here and am learning really fast. There's definitely a learning curve but it's worth learning!

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

Love your attitude man, that's the community spirit i'm looking for on steemit. I'm still figuring out my "introduceyourself" post, but i have some ideas that may be nice. Thank you for this video, as a newbie, it was really really helpful.

Thanx @broncnutz for such a great inspiration.
Am now feeling safe on the platform

Thank You @broncnutz for spreading the love. I wish all the members with high ratings would be as kind as you are. Great content, providing some well-needed nuggets to us newbies

Great bro its incredible it can belp us many more

nice topic Sir .................. Thanks for share this . Upvote and resteem

nice video
100% like and resteem

I am thankful to you for this great video awesome things to learn over it :)

Congratulations @broncnutz!
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excellent words nicely explained each and everything good work sir :)

nice post and steemit video.. I am new followers

now this will definitely help me a lot to make good followers organically :)

Thanks for the tips - appreciate the hours you must have spent gaining the knowledge. Any other of your posts that you recommended for newbies? A part 2?

Ya man correct say, thank you

very motivational
like it @broncnutz

New to the platform thanks for the video!

wonderful video great knowledge you just shared with your followers resteemed