Where Is Steem Headed In 2019?

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A short post to get engagement going since this is a social media platform, afterall.

What are your predictions for Steem and Steemit in 2019 -up, down, goes the way of Myspace, or stays where it is for a while? Why?

I have my prediction based on my gut - which is astonishingly accurate - but I won't share my predictions until later.



My gut instinct tells me that steem will go up - latest by the end of the quarter.

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Do you think way up or around $1?

If I had to make a wild guess, i would say $1.50 to $2/-. We shall see! :-)

I hope you are right!

I have never been hopeful for Steem or Steemit BUT I think it will go up soon. Probably around $1. My gut says Steemit will survive because social networks are beginning to fracture and people are looking elsewhere for niche sites. This is where the apps built on Steem come in. I hope they play it smart.
Also, people who ditched Steemit during the great exit four months ago are trickling back in. Overall, I think crypto will have a good show in the US as our economy turns into a big dumpster fire. That should help it go up across the board now that the bad coins have been eliminated. So yeah, my prediction has turned positive for Steemit and Steem for the first time.

I don’t plan on going anywhere, I’m faithful to #steemit. Whatever Steem does today, tomorrow, etc. is fine too. The lower Steem goes in Value, the more chances we have at increasing our wallets. The more steem increases in value, the more activity we’ll have on the platform.

It’s a win-win.

I admit that I don't understand the inner workings of Steemit or if it can survive when it reaches X number of users +/-, but this is the year it can take advantage of refugees from other platforms. That has to be a good thing. It is also a good time to get rid of some of the bad code leading to bad behavior which drives users away. Overall, I am cautiously bullish on the platform and crypto. Maybe this will be the year of Steem.

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