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1. First, and most obvious question is what brought you here?
This is kind of a long story. The short version is basically that I need to find an income stream, and I'd try anything. I even got on to Society6 to try and sell "designs."

2. What do you plan to do here on SteemIt?
I have been here a year now. I haven't really gotten very far. I only accumulated 100+ SP, and nothing tangible as a income stream to feed me.

3. What are your first impressions of SteemIt?
I like it. The user interface need to be more polished though for mass adoption, and there is no built-in one to one or group communication.

4. Do you plan on making an investment in SteemIt? Ex) Buying Steem/SBD
If you have read the subtext of what I've written above, I am down-and-out and do not have any spare resources for anything. I thought cryptocurrencies would help me...for someone that is unbankable. I have no money and no access to financial services. This means I'm unable to buy Steem even if I had fiat. There is also no way for me to convert Steem to fiat even if I had lots of Steem. Fiat donations would not work either since I won't be able to receive them.

5. Is this your first time being involved in the crypto space?
I came across it in early 2017. I have been watching Bitcoin and Ethereum, and then later Steem.

6. How did you hear about SteemIt?
I probably was watching the top 10 or 20 cryptos, and came across Steem. I watched some Youtube videos on it.

Thank you SinLG @sinlg for taking the time to answer these interview questions!

We hope all of you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day!

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thank you.. still struggling.. but it's something to keep my mind wandering off

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