Thank you. Which part did you find most helpful?

As i am new to the community. I found the whole information helpful. Resteeming not of value, flooding ones page, your followers and muting.
Kind of the stuff that is useful so you don't annoy your followers.
My approach to this community is upload new content as i get it. I really didn't get the whole resteeming. So that was explained to me here.

I suddenly have the feeling I left out a paragraph! Rereading. No. It's in there. Thank goodness. Not every Resteem is bad. It's just really important to know what you're doing with them.

Nice to meet you. I have a daughter in Oregon. It is beautiful!

You might enjoy following people in this list
And this one Steemit Friend Train - Homesteading Topics

Hi @marillaanne, thanks for mentioning my list. I've actually produced an updated version now with over 50 steemit preppers and homesteaders :

That's really fabulous! Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you. I was focused on the topic of annoying people. Cause thats the reason i switched from facebook. I came accross wrong and didnt mean too.
Thank you for the other links and will be exploring them. :)

LOL no no. You were so precise on what not to do, I was afraid I had left out a big point. It just gave me pause. It's just a side hazard of writing the way I do. Sometimes I edit out too much.

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