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RE: Discussed Steemit on Alex Jones Infowars Today

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Alex Jones has millions of loyal listeners. Many of whom post their views on social websites are getting censored. Steemit is looking for more content creators and commenters, this is a good place to market!


"this is a good place to market!"

I see the demons as inbred psychopaths...haha!!!

As in crony?

crony capitalists are just the successful ones and the other kind are just resentful at how the government doesn't let them oppress people too

You could call it crony capitalism, you could call it corporatism; but what we have in the West is not a free market.

I never said it was......
I'm just saying market socialism is the closest to a free market your ever going to get.
you might want to read this ;)

Brzezinski described Marxism as a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision... Tension is unavoidable as man strives to assimilate the new into the framework of the old. But at some point the old framework becomes overloaded. The new input can no longer be redefined into traditional forms, and eventually it asserts itself with compelling force.

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