If Steemit Died I will Continue to Flourish. Here's Why...?

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I do not think Steemit will die. Let me make that perfectly clear.

What I have discovered here is absolutely amazing and will make me excel in no matter what I do. If Steemit went away tomorrow, I would still flourish because of what Steemit created in me.

What happened?

I started to create each and everyday. Now everything I look at or get involved with, I look at ways I can expand and create projects from scratch.

This only took about 3-4 weeks of Steeming It daily to start to incorporate creating into my everyday life. Well I believe that is how long it took to instill the pattern within me.

I've come out my shell it feels like! Nothing can stop me now. I will continue to create everyday in anything, as well as creating content here and all over the web.

What I also learned... We can all create and add value by our own uniqueness! Do not hesitate on this beautiful gift. Connect and build flourishing relationships with everyone who has similar interests.

Steemit is the best community to come together and make great things happen. So glad that I am apart of this great community and hope you are getting all these great benefits from it also.


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STEEM certainly instilled my will to create. It's an amazing platform for sure! Hope you have a great week.

Yea it is! So glad it is having the same effect on you. Have a wonderful week as well!

Nice post love your courage

Getting paid for what you love doing is the best way to work...my perspective thou

Perfect [email protected] have a nice day😉

Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.

- Mahatma Gandhi

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