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About 2 weeks ago I was introduced to a new website called steemworld.com which was said to provide me with all the stats I would need instead of jumped from site to site such as steemnow.com , steemsupply.com and others. I decided to take them up for the challenge and have been using it for the last 2 weeks and here is my review on it.


Above is an overview shot of my account but if you go to https://steemworld.org and input your steemit username you can load yours. As you can see I am a bit below 80% on my voter strength (I use to have a really bad habit of taking this down to 10% when I first started but now try to keep it above 80% it seems to take replenish 20% every 24 hours and I thought it replenished 100% over 24 hours I guess that has changed)

Since there was so much to go over I decided to make a quick 3-5 minute video instead. (I do like doing quick videos instead of wasting peoples time with fluff)

Watch The Full Video Of.png



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Hello again, dear @bitcoinflood! Great post, thanks! I hope this post will go viral to all English speaking Steemians. Please support the developer of this amazing tool! He — @steemchiller — only lives for that, not earning any money else ... Thank you! Keep up your good work! Nice having met you :) — upvoted & resteemed!


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Love using it, it's really neat :)

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thanks for sharing my friend👍👍👍👍

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This is a great site, thanks for sharing!

This is a really cool tool and i am checking it out right away.

Thanks for sharing @bitcoinflood

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I will use it definitely.

Thank You @bitcoinflood this is very helpful to me, im following you and hope u can visit my post to. Godbless

good luck

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Hey bitcoinflood,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!