Three Mobile Steem Apps

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I now know of three mobile Steem apps.

"Lookout" Steamboat
By Matthew Brady, Public Domain

@steemapp's Steemy is written in native Swift for iOS and Java for Android. @str11ngfello is doing the iOS version. @cyonic is working on Android. They plan to open source the crypto, but not the rest of the app. They tagged their single article so far with #steemy. They've promised a public beta soon. This is the most featurefully promised of the three.

@riensen's Steem app is iOS only. Looks nice. Open source ( Riensen has been helping me to get it to build on my Mac. They say they have a public beta, but my email asking for it went unanswered. No news since the announcement almost three weeks ago. And no GitHub commits.

@good-karma's eSteem app is written in JavaScript and HTML, using the Ionic framework. This makes it portable to both iOS and Android. It is also open source ( His frequent posts about it are tagged as #steemmobile. GitHub commits are also frequent. It is already available on the Android Market, and they're waiting for Apple to approve it for the App Store. I've gotten it to work in the iOS simulator on my Mac, and in my browser, using the Ionic web server. But they've added a lot since then, so I won't comment yet.


Great summary @billstclair . Mobile access will allow for SteemIT to continue growth and help tremendously with replying to posts. I hope there's a good notification system being built into these apps.

Steemy advertises "Remote push notifications for replies, up votes, follows and more". Nothing from the other two.

Right. Steemy seems to be the best for now.

Notifications are key. 👊

Thank you Bill, for writing this up!
I think, it is really important to have working or at least functional app rather than just post of screenshots imho. Because I have been interacting with Apple review team 2nd week now and it really takes time to review the app and they seriously dive into the code I suppose. In any case, I can promise more features after iOS approval, until then Android updates will continue to come regularly and more features will be added consistently. Thank you!

True that. All the fancy screen shots in the world mean nothing until you ship. You're shipping.

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