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In a previous post I announced that I have forked Font-Awesome and extend it with a Steemit icon. I have now also added the Steemit logo to bootstrap-social.

Social media buttons

Bootstrap-social is based on bootstrap and Font-Awesome and allow you to add good looking "Social buttons", that means buttons with liks to social media, to your web site.

You will be able to create this kind of iconized links:

How to add to your site

Clone my forked version of bootstrap-social
$ git clone

It contains font files from Font-Awesome in assets/fonts (which are copies from my forked version of Font-Awesome) and the Font-Awesome css file in assets/css.

Copy assets/css/font-awesome.css and the assets/font directory to the root of your web site.

Then on your web page you add in <head> section:
<link href="/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="/bootstrap-social.css" rel="stylesheet">

and in the <body> section where you want your Steemit button:

    <a class="btn btn-social-icon btn-steemit">
        <span class="fa fa-steemit"></span>

Enjoy your new Steemit button!

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