Adding Steemit logo to Font-Awesome

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Font-Awesome is a font that can be used to show icons and logos. CSS is then used to control the font's size, color etc when used in a Web-application.

My small contribution to Steemit community

I forked Font-Awesome and added a Steemit icon. You can use it to link your Steemit on any contact page you might have.

An example, list the social media where you can be found/contacted in a footer on your page:

With a larger font

How to use on a Web page

Clone my forked version of Font-Awesome:
$ git clone

Then copy fonts and css directories to the root directory for your web site.

To the <head> section on your page add:
<link href="/css/font-awesome.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

To add a list item with the Steem logo and a link to your Steemit page like in the picture above just do:

  <a href="<steemit-username>">
  <i class="fa fa-steemit"></i> Steemit

Font-Awesome contribution

Font-Awesome don't accept pull requests on icons so I have not bothered to do a pull request. However, they do have a system for icon requests using github issue system, there is such a request opened 25th of February.

I'm far from being perfect at graphics design. The logo looks ok in a small font but I made the drawing on free hand so it's not an exact copy of the logo. I may improve the icon if needed.

If you feel you can improve the graphics I'm happy to get any help with that.

I made the logo in FontForge where it was possible to open the font and add the logo

I hope this helps anyone that wants a Font-Awesome Steemit logo!

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Yey! Thank you. I will take the time to test it in my site when I have the time.


Nice, that would be great!

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This is great, thanks a lot!

Sweet! I just found this when I was trying to find logos on FA's site. Any plans to do the same for D-tube?


That's a great idea! I'll try that when I find time for it.