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Today is a big day for me, as I really put my money where my mouth is, and allocated a larger percentage of my investment portfolio to Powering Up with Steem!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 12.05.34 PM.jpg

I did this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I initially invested around $2k into Steem and my Steemit account was worth over $6.5k in less than 3 months. This doesn't have much to do with a shift in the price of Steem, but rather the influence of my account growing and earning more followers, visibility, and also larger curation rewards. Logic tells me that money makes money. I want to up my chances of earning on this platform.

Secondly, I believe in the growth of this platform. There just isn't anything like it anywhere else. Every time I take the chance to sit down with someone and show them how Steemit works, they are blown away. As part of a community of artists that for the most part have zero investment portfolio, the concept of earning small amounts of crypto every day for doing what we do anyway - sharing content on social media - is a total game changer! I think this will only accelerate over the next 12 months.

Lastly, there is an intangible "tell" about the future success of Steemit that is undeniable - A CULTURE IS BEING CREATED HERE. In the world of corporations, brands, platforms and marketing, this is the magic ingredient. Whoever creates culture wins. It is simple. The friends I have been making here, the Discord server chat rooms, the allegiances, and the depth of reflection on our shared goals and principles is AWESOME and SUPER RARE. This is why we cannot fail. Culture trumps the odds any day of the week.

It feels good to have some more skin in the game.

It feels good to be actively participating in this new economy.

It feels good to be creating a culture, and therefor success, every day.

Big love to you all,

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Thanks for your help in building the community! I hope my content can be worthy of your support. Please email me if there's anything I can do to help you help Steemit. adam@thefreedomline.com


Do you think upvoting your own comments with $3.93 is helping the community or yourself? I think its all good actually to up-vote yourself however I am not trying to run for president and prove to the nation I am not a selfish leader. Something for you to think about when your out there canvassing. If there is anything I can do to help you send me 0.001 SBD and let me know.

Right now is the time to buy more steem. The value for the #1 blockchain in the world is now.


Agreed, I wish I'd waited 24 hours but nonetheless! :)


amazing sir.

Me to , I have out a good amount in this platform , In time it should be hugr ,

I have been thinking of doing the same, increasing the amount I’ve got invested here. I put a small amount in last year and have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately I don’t have much tune to create content at present so I won’t be increasing as quickly as you. Definately something to think on!


For me, its been a steady increase in involvement and belief


I may start drip feeding more funds in now.


I am just writing stuff I feel like writing and seeing where it leads me without any attachment. It's funny. I hate marketing and writing for my massage blog, but put me on Steemit writing about all kinds of stuff and I have a blast. Go figure. Best of luck.

It still blows me away how positive the culture is on Steemit. Somehow even the trolls are positive here. There are also a lot of developers all over the place, building new platforms on top of Steem, and I expect that to continue.

I'm glad to see you're having such a great time on here. Greetings from Newcastle!


So true! Cheers mate. Best to you.


I know right? So many social media sites are just butthurt toxic echo chambers of negativity and I love how much intellectual discourse Steemit offers us. It is refreshing, and most of the time people can agree to disagree on stuff without the hostility. I love it.

Nice bro that's more Steem Power then me and I have been here just organically growing since last year. Cheers! ^_^

Fantastic work Ben. I love seeing how intensely you get out and promote Steemit. :)


Thanks for leading the way in all of this Ben!


Following my heart and the good vibez!

I have also invested my own into Steemit knowing all well that the future for this platform is bright. I have experienced phenomenal growth just on the little bit I contributed and hope to watch it grow even more as time progresses. Keep on Steemin!

There is a lot of good stuff going on here - of that I am in no doubt.

But before we all get too excited about a future where trickle-down economics suddenly starts working (for the first time ever), we might spare a thought for those new steemians who do not have thousands of dollars to spare on powering up, sometimes because they only earn a few dollars a day, and often because they need that money for rent or food.

Steemit, and indeed the whole steem ecosystem, has massive potential - otherwise I would not have spent so much time here (my time is worth more than my money). But as we think of the future we are creating, I hope we give consideration to what kind of future that is, and who, other than ourselves, it will benefit.


Well said man, the work will only come to fruit if those with worthy upvotes (0.10 cent upwards) go out and actively find the bottom of the barrel posts (worthy ones of course) made by those who are on the breadline. Some of those bigger up-votes are life changing for people in countries in which the monthly income is less than $250


I agree with this sentiment - but we can each begin where we are. For me that means directly supporting the community of artists around me who live paycheck to paycheck with no financial security. I think this is a big step forward. And yes, as we grow, we can have greater and greater philanthropic impact on our wider world.


We certainly do begin where we are - how could we start anywhere else ? :)

Also, sorry for being such a grump. I've had an increasing number of conversations with steemians trying to make ends meet. That, and my work is about to bring me into contact with some of the most marginalised people in Australian society (in Melbourne at least). I'd be happier of more people here were mindful of these people and how our wealth could help them. Reflecting on this, rather than reacting, I know that you are aware, and acting for change (in a good way).


Yes! Moment by moment, we ARE creating change :)

That is great! That is where value for all users increase: when people put faith in the system. As people realize what powering up does and the larger influence you gain, that increases the overall demand for steem and that is good for everyone on the platform.

Side note: I do a weekly streaming schedule through @dlive24hour. If you would consider doing a stream once a week on a schedule let me know!


Yes I agree if we have the resources its important to allocate them where we see the best integrity/possibility. Otherwise we are hypocrites.

Love your post Ben, I have always been a huge fan of your music, glad to see you and fellow musicians have a platform like Steemit now to showcase there talents and enjoy the spoils this platform has to offer.


Thanks mate. Much appreciated.

Sadly I can´t do the same :( but it gives me confidence to see people trusting in this... I believe!


Everything at the right time ;)


I am not in a hurry :) There was a time I made a living from my music and art and then there came a time where it did not. But challenges open doors, I am not discouraged and in many ways I have stepped back to move forward. ❤️💪

ALERT,ALERT Big 🐳 whale sighted
@benleemusic .I seriously wish I had a 👄 mouth as big as yours talkless of the 💰 money. We minnows have to compete in the Hunger Games to even get anywhere near the big boys dinner table. Congratulations it's a very profitable decision on your part. Enjoy the rewards.




lol @ The Hunger games comparison, you make it sound so serious. Its an online bloggin site mate, if its not making you enough cash get off your computer chair and go earn some cash. Visit the beach and collect some driftwood and shells and make something and sell it on ebay. Become a labourer on a building site. Distribute leaflets, work in a bar, Get a degree and earn money for your specialty. Etc. My point is steemit is nothing like the ideas presented in the hunger games.


hello @thesimpson. Maybe I went overboard with the comparison but it's not my intention to come out as whiny and insensitive in my comment.If my comment has offended anyone.please accept my humble apology.


Pragmatic advice :)

hi Ben, you are a rare breed, many artist with an existing fan base would not bother coming onto a early platform until a sufficiently large number of their fans or potential fans have already arrived. You're early, and when even 1-2% of artist gets on Steem, we would have started exploding and a lot of your peers will be looking at you like the way most in the music and R&B industry look at Fifty for envisioning the potential in btc.


Following you now, thanks again for bringing Donal into Steem, that really got my attention, cheers!


He's a cool guy. Looking forward to getting more fascinating people on here!


excellent, your timing couldn't been better....it's during these quiet period that we do our serious growing....where deep roots form with new Steemian.

when you need to destress and just have fun on steemit....go over to #comedyopenmic .....lots of us there cracking jokes and practicing our routines and bits, we try to reward the talents and hopefully breed talent here in our own backyard and someday attract stand up potential comedic talents over

This is articulated so well. I'm going to have to find out how you're explaining it to people because when I tell people about it they think I'm mad.

I feel like the community and platform for all kinds of art, topics and curiosities makes it pretty special.


Ha. Yeah gotta refine that gift of the gab :) I just focus on earning for what we are doing for free on other platforms.

I would love to do this right now all of mine is held up in freakin Poloniex for over a month now!

we cannot fail.

Can I get an Amen?


Awesome! Still an early investor!

I love your "Ned's Perfect Hair" song! :) I'm glad you are here and investing.


Cheers - thanks!

Awesome work Ben!
Over time people will flood to Steemit as the word gets out.
Many, including myself, lost interest in the business models of Facebook, Reddit and other social media platforms.
Here's to the future of Steemit!



Thanks Ben you're way ahead of the game. I'm hopeful more successful musicians will jump on board initiatives like Steemit and Musicoin. Keep thinking outside the box and thanks for your infectious enthusiasm.


When passion leads the way, its more fun!

You have made a wise a great decision to power up ;)

Yay!! Well done @benleemusic! I saw you popped in discord yesterday, that's really a game changer. My Steemit career/experience changed as soon as I figured out discord. As much as so much happens on Steemit, there's even more going on on Discord.

You should come by @SteemPh Discord one day and pop in on one of our all day karaoke sessions 😁


Yeah the Discord chats have been a great support over the months. All the best.

Congratulations on the achievements @benleemusic. I have followed you since coming to Curitiba, and I have known your work through steemit friends. A big hug from Brazil!


Awesome! Can't wait to get back to Brazil!

Nice work Ben. Great to see people who put their money where their mouth is. I agree too, that there is something special about Steemit, and it makes sense right now to have some exposure to crypto as an investment strategy. What better place than somewhere where you can personally influence the performance of your investment!

We're not just investors here, we are all employees and business development as well.

It's a pretty unique situation.


Thanks mate. Indeed. Thanks for taking the leap!

Nice, Ben. We need more people to do this. I am glad you have, your contributions to the Steem blockchain are appreciated! This is a great experiment. With a fragile new ecosystem, and multiple currencies pegged to it. Hopefully we can become much more robust and get the wealth distributed more evenly. As it stands, you have one of the top 2000 most powerful accounts now probably.


I also like the term "experiment". This is where the artist in me gets excited.

Thanks for being so dedicated to our little community here, and for bringing in so many of your talented friends. It is great to have you and them all here!


Nice to be building a great creative community here.

Good work! It's great to see action from people that believe in Steemit rather than just talking about it!

when steem gets expensive, I'll buy it, too.

Congrats on the investment. Glad to see others who find so much value in this platform. I just wish I had more time to participate. Soon.

Woo! Nice Ben. I'm pretty happy with my investment (although my goal is to get to 50K SP).


Solid goal - I like it! Thanks for all your great support and advice.

That is EXACTLY my plan too. I’m in the process of moving funds around so that I can buy more steem. I think I will call like-minded steemians, steemmates!


excellent way to motivate other people to join this community

I think you’ve got the right idea here. For an initial user/investor Steem has the potential to be by far the most profitable social network. Just look how much interaction whales get! And it’s only going up from here!!!

Oh i’d Really like to learn how to power up my SBD to SP do you know how to go about this?


use internal Steem market (in wallet) to buy Steem with SBD, or use blocktrades to exchange


Yeah so just click "Market" next to your SBD and purchase Steem. Then click "Power Up" next to your Steem once its in there.

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The faith in the steemit platform is what makes us want to invest! I have invested some money too but not able to dump in too much since the advice is always not to invest more than you can afford. Thanks for sharing your power up in seem. It is an exciting thing to do.

You have such a great heart man... you motivate me a lot by this post.👍

Nice. That's inspiring. I have been trying to get some money together to invest in the platform. I've only put about $90 of outside money into the platform so far, but would love to get somewhere closer to $1,000. We'll see if the fiat is there :D

Great work
Thanks for sharing:)

That's a great initiative by you sir. Lots of love

Good step, I wish you the best! Curation rewards are entertaining way of making money!

Good work on steemit

best of luck

congratulations buddy fr ur great succuess in this community so u hv to go ahead if u want to go highest level of this community..... u will surely reach ur goal......😃😃😆👌👌👌..thnxxxx..

I toast your success my friend. Keep up the content you are doing a fantastic job. @swt3df1

Thanks for investing in the platform and spreading a positive message!

This is awesome

Very well said brother. It's true if you invest then you will earn more. I'm happy for you ,you find your success here meeting friends and earning.

I am pretty new and thinking of how to invest time and maybe money into making more out of STEEMIT. This is a great motivation.

Very good!

Goof decision. That is what i think so of steem. Eventually,it will be on the top ten of the crypto world.

On behalf of the Steem community, thanks for your investment. Although I have a lot less, I power-up whenever I earn Steem to show that I believe in the community/platform and that I'm betting/investing it its success vs. converting my money as soon as I earn it. You are giving so much to everyone with your posts and presence and powering up just reinforces that - All the best Ben


To you too mate.

Amazing work. Truly, hardwork and perseverance does pay. Love your zeal.

Leading by example! Well not that I wasn't a fan already, im just a bigger fan now.

Cheers mate


You offer such great encouragement and inspiration in this community!

Fantastic! Glad to see people like you share my vision and hopes with this platform

Congratulations-- and nice work! I think there's a lot to be said for being part of "building something" here; this is a community, a unique alternative to all the other forms of social media-- and it's awesome that everyone can become a stake holder here. I admire that you "have skin in the game;" so far all I have managed is "sweat equity."


Sweat equity is HUGE. Time and energy bring MASSIVE returns in all our endeavors.

This is a great write up! Very inspiring words here!
Its awesome to see other music orientated individuals who are excited for the future of this platform. Keep up the great work!


Thank you!

Hey Ben, I'm a massive fanboy from way back. I saw you and mr Folds at the 3 Bens concert in Adelaide. Nice to see you on here man, I just joined up - im a music producer from Melb. Look forwards to following your stuff man - keep up the good work.


Hey natvegas; Melbourne is coming along nicely.
Its no Adelaide, but you have to start somewhere ;)
@datascience and @just2random organise meetups there.


Do they organise meet ups in Melbourne? sounds cool, I would like to have some more peeps to chat about crypto with.


@choogirl posted earlier with the latest #teamaustralia membership update and details for a Melbourne meet.
Think it was in the next few days.


Yes, Matt is correct. Tonight (Thurs). The link is in my post. https://steemit.com/teamaustralia/@choogirl/team-australia-new-recruits-06-03-18-and-choo-and-kubby-s-girls-week

I also resteem meet-up posts from the @teamaustralia account.


Awesome! Looking forward to your posts. Following.


thanks for the follow mate

Great move, man! Powering up feels freaking awesome :)

Good Luck Ben, I have to agree that this is a cultural shift, I would think that is a very 'sound' investment, if you will forgive the pun!

wonderful work ben. i love seeing how intensely you get out and promote steemit.

Good for you Ben. You posts are always so reassuring. I agree this platform is the way of the future. It will be interesting to watch it grow. :)

When I was first getting into indie rock in the mid nineties as a teenager, I looked to you as inspiration. Now as a 38 year old man getting into cryptocurrencies, I am doing the same thing. :)


Glad to be of service!

Wow! That's exciting!
Leading by example and upping the odds of Steemit catapulting!
Inspiring, bro!



Thats was a great leap to make it further ahead... and i like it when you've mentioned about the Steemit as a culture..true indeed it open up more chances to everyone to expose what they had as the individual and some for charity..almost varieties and multi-purposes platform...Thanks for sharing

Woah you’ve stumped up some cashola there... with STEEM being off the boil price wise. I reckon you’re going to make a big impact.
You’ve been such a generous Steemian since joining, it’s great to see.


Its nourishing to give and receive. Its natural.

You know I like your good job

Its a good time to invest in Steem with the price just hovering above $3 USD. I like your thoughts on the idea of a culture being created here. Certainly in the music community steemit is changing the way musicians are earning. I can earn more on a good week in the openmic by playing just one song than I do for a full day busking my heart out in the subway.


Yes I think for most paycheck to paycheck artists, this is a seriously viable alternative.

Totally agree man. I've invested all my earnings in SP and trying to help other musicians get going. And I already made a lot of new friends and have several collaborations either dome or on it's way.


Excellent! Yes collaborating on this platform is one of the happy surprises.

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Good on you Ben! So important we get investment and entrepreneurs and new and evolving ideas to the platform. Helps us grow!

I intend to do the same as you just did, but I´m waiting for STEEM price to go lower, a little bit more. I´m not going to invest so much because I don't have the possessions for that, but I believe in the same as you, money creates money, especially true in this platform, I never was a daily social media user, but with Steemit I just have to do it, I learn so much everyday, meet new people and the potential rewards... only positive things!

Great that you have so much confidence in this platform. I really think it could be massive, but there are still some hurdles to overcome.

Excellent work Ben. It's always good to see new members of the community that are so excited by the platform.

Yo Ben,

I think it's a testament to the value of the platform that we have more and more people ADDING value to it.

Your financial contribution to the platform speaks volumes. But everything else you're doing - sharing great stories, unique music and your personal flavour within the community gives this space so much more. This is the true value of Steemit.

It's important that socially mobile celebs are encouraging like minded folk to take a look at Steemit. The platform doesn't need spruiking. It just needs exposure. It sells itself a the best upcoming social media platform for quality content providers and as long as we all carefully select who we follow, we will be fed the best kind of content - ad free!

Take care, mate.


I am still quite new to this and I also decided to power up. It is easier for me to reply to stuff sometimes than it is to write stuff, but I still enjoy the discourse that is Steemit.

Hit the nail on the head my friend, not been here that long yet but this is truly a way forward, a step, maybe small but a step towards a more self-determined lifestyle/culture. Too many folks getting distracted that this platform is a get rich quick trick, if you write good content (like this) it might be a quick trick, but it has so much more potential. I'm not a tech savvy kind a person but the blockchain tech that's suddenly become so much more available to us all sends a shiver up my spine! Be happy & smile often my friend :)

Super cool! keep on Steeming on fellow teamaussie. It's a great time to buy and it won't stay this cheap for long

You've come so far in such a short time, well done!


I've been looking for more information on the benefits of powering up so this was an interesting post and I'm glad to follow your progress here on the platform also thanks for up voting me on my old musicians blog that means a lot🌝🌈🎥🎈

Awesome 🙃

Top job Benny!

Hope your investment will not be wasted.


Me too! :)


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