Power UP Before Investors Start Buying Steem

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Hello Steemit, 

I was member on steemit since months and as a trader I was following Steem and SBD on Poloniex and Bittrex, I have notice some strange things happen, most of traders when they buy a coin they try sell it immediately with higher price or they wait for couple hours or days and sell it when prices go up but with Steem or SBD it was not the same story there is a lot of coins they never come back to the trading circle life.

So I have start a small investigation on this coins, reading posts on crytos forums, thinking and analyzing, I want to know where this coins are going, are they sold some where else with higher price?

The answer was no, I was following some buyers, I have take a note of some number of coins but this coins never come back.

Smart Steem Buyers: 

Once when I was new at trading a smart guy tell me some thing that I will never forget : NEVER RUN AFTER A COIN LET THE COIN COME TO YOU!

This buyers they never buy all the time they wait that Steem go down to buy because most of Steem owners are selling their coins, miners too, when they start selling there is some traders panic and sell their Steem coins too, that's why usually the price go down.

Part of this buyers they never sell coins they just buy so like I said I start a small investigation where this coins are going?

The answer was front of my eyes: 

Yes that's true the answer was front of my eyes and I did not see it may be because I was busy with some thing else or some other reasons, these guys are investing in STEEM POWER (I will not give names because of privacy) I have found the exact amount of coins on their wallets coming from poloniex or bittrex and then they power up, some of theme are whales others are dolphins but the strange thing they have no activities on steemit, no up-votes, no posts or comments, nothing they just invest in STEEM POWER.

Whales with no activities on steemit:

I was always reading news about Steemit to respect the rules may be I have miss some posts but I have never read some thing about whales or dolphins without activities, I have discover this guys when I was investigating about Steem coins and I have discover more of them on http://steemwhales.com/ , I was asking my self are they partner on steemit, why they are investing in Steem power, how do they make money?

Here is some millions $ proof :

Image credit : http://steemwhales.com/

An Other answer was front of my eyes: 

Steemit give ~ 0.67% for his members every day for free in addition of what they are owning of steem power more than banks so this whales and dolphins are making money every day, they make more than 20% every month of what they have invest and I think it's enough as a reason to invest in steem power not in a bank, there is no job or bank that give you that %, I will just give you a proof for what they making now for just invest in steem power, this is Ned account :

This is my account:

Proof Images credit : http://steemwhales.com/

Why should we invest in steem power now: 

1/ Steem price: 

I believe steem now is on the bottom price, means the lowest price, it can be more shipper but I don't think so, if big buyers start buying we will never see this prices again because soon or later people will know about Steemit, steem power and what they can earn every day and every month if they invest in steem power, investing in bitcoin or other crypto coin is risky , I have lost almost all my money when I have invest in ETH before the hack of the DAO every one know that story but it's not the case with steem because people hate to loose, steemit make us always winners not only on steem power also in posting or up-voting so like I said people will start investing in steem power soon or later, we should be smart and start investing now.

2/Steemit is a baby: 

Most of people don't know about Steemit yet, in my country I'm sure that 99.99% of people don't know about steemit, social network means some thing for fun for most of people they don't know yet about the opportunities that steemit is giving for people, Steemit is growing every day and people are coming minute, so to not blame your self in a few months invest in steem power now.


Steemit will be the king of the social network, every one will forget about other social network in a few years, do remember the HI5 and the ICQ no body use theme any more, Steemit is the revolution so be part and grow up with Steemit, investing in STEEM POWER is the most better decision you can make in your life, this is my advice and this is what I will do in the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope it's was a helpful post.


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lol :) thank you for your comment , I was following you too

Hi ben99
Investors come to steemit, my companion and I see the same. It's just a question when they take a big bite of the cake.

Steemit will surpass other known platforms soon and that people earn on writing / posting on steemit will sogså change their profits to the positive.
Powerup what is possible and buying while the stock exchange is low
Regards the Viking @xpilar

Thank you so much bro for your comment , you are absolutely right , thank you for up-voting too :)

Rigth time is now

You're right bro

Some of those zero activity guys are probably just storing steem in the wallet and taking the interest, without any concern for posts or curation.

check http://steemwhales.com/ and check what they have exactly, I can't give names because of privacy bro , thanks for the comment my friend :)

my account is growing in steem power excellent, but is loosing value, I had nearly 2600 dlls there by tomorrow i will have 2100 dlls, steem is for the rich my man, if you have plenty of steem power may be you will see some gains but will be very hard to catch up, I dont see steem honestly lifting this roof because in a few months from now the coin supply will go 2ble, that means your money will be cut in a half! even if the 90 porcent of this money goes to steem power holders, why in life do you want 10000 steem power in a coin that will be worth 15 cents????????? as an investment Buying Steem power is the worst thing that you can do because the values of steem is no stable why to put 1000 dlls now if in a month or 2 you can buy probably 30% more with that nomey, you not going to miss the train because the price is not going anywere but down,and will be under a dollar, I hope i am wrong but is my perception, steem dollars gives you less but with a nice 100k there my man u are having the best interest in the world!
winning steem from publications that guys are the real winners, because you get the free steem and free steem power. unless the price of steem goes up or something unusual happens we will see something different, now i am 400dlss to catch up, but i will leave my steem power on for at least 17 years to give it to my kid as a 21 first years present, so I hope i don't give to him a bunch of worthless coins.

like I said in my post Steemit still a baby, no body know about it if we compare steemit to facebook or reddit or twitter, when steemit grow up these social network will be like icq or hi5 , no one remember them now, keep faith bro and invest all you get on steemit on steem power , all coins are dropping these days not only steem I'm a trader and I know what I'm talking about

for normal world investors ( no crypto) will be very hard to eat the idea of steem power knowing that the value of steem is going down and down and down, Steem Dollars for a passive investor is more attractive because is in to parity with the green, 10% a year is uge comparing with what Banks offer to you. I want to steem to succeed 100% i just wanted to taste the watter before to go all in with 4 BTC and today honestly '!m just adding 3dlls may be 4 a week until I see real progress on the price. I mean i like to buy wen is blood out there but why to buy now if steem price can go down under the dollar mark.

unfortunately I am not the best writer to gain some steem power but I can improve and fix that bringing good content. Steem Dollars is for me a key player in this project and probably what will lift the value of this project, here is simple, the small guys pay to the big guys simple as that! steem Dollars are different a nice 100k on steem dollars in 5 years my man will be amazing to have, I hope I can add steem dlls soon to my account.

I personally prefer Steem power because pays you more right? but the reality is u don't know what to expect until steem finds his real price in the market.

Hope you take the good decision bro, I hope you the best from all my heart :)

the nature of bitcoin is 21 million coins ever to exist, steem will duplicate the coins every year, there is not point to compare them, u need a massive market cap to reach that and double it every year just to sustain that value not even to make it bigger just to sustain it. but any ways, I give you my up votes and in that way I help to share the steem economy and I hope in 10 years we will still around talking about the good and the bad, the dreams and the reached goals, at the end we do this just for fun. Bless you bro and I hope we can make some nice profits from this project.

about BTC tell me about it, i was about to buy 100,000 of them in 2009, even i had no idea what i was about to buy, i was like I have no idea what is this but i like the idea to have 100k of them just to be cool and give away to people!, so I went to my wallet and i had my card ready to buy them, but they didn't accept master card payments or pay pal, and i was man how do i buy this???? so then i just let go and look now, probably if i had read the white paper at that time could help me to understand the future of BTC back in 2009 but well that's it, I still have some just in case in 20 years they are worth something.

i have already 1300 steem power and growing nicely, if the price of steem goes up i will be benefit with that also as i mentioned before this account will not power down in the next 17 years, so I expect a massive amount of steem power by then, my question is will steem be around us in 2033? Will steem have value in 2033? will steem survive up to 2033? for me if you take great pictures or you are a great writer you have a life time opportunity here to make big money, because the platform has been created to award that people! is not a ponzi to make people rich fast, if you add value to the platform with good content then you get the awards, 1000, 3000, 15000k or 500 dlls, has been designed to work like that.

@ozzy-vega do your remember the story of the 10k bitcoin in 2009, some guy has buy a pizza for 10 000 btc did he know that bitcoin will be at 600$ , no , so now body know what will happen in 2033 bro, am I right?

Never regret bro , hope for you the best in the future , I do my best to make some profits but the only post that make me good profits is the one I have write to give up , strange world, any way thank you for all your comments and up-vote I really appreciate your generosity , thank you :)

if my numbers are not wrong in 17 years i will accumulate 57,671,801.957088 steem power, if steem still around valued at 0.01 cents in 17 years i will cash in 575,718.01957088. lets say half million per every cent of steem value, if steem is valued at 0.02 cents then i will cash in 1,153,436.0391417 I hope my man that steem still around but my steem power contributions still minimum now will see what happens. after the numbers may be i will put another 100 dlls in to steem power haha!

You may believe that steem is now at the bottom, and that the price is only going to go upupup! But the fact is, there are "price hype" posts like this all the time. @ozcharts has effectively gotten $2k a post for weeks to be wrong almost every single time about this impending price increase.

Many of the accounts you list are just miners or proxy accounts for the founders/early investors. (for example, i heard val-a mentioned as a company employee). The idea that these are investors simply doesnt make sense.

may be you're right bro, but what about people with 3k or 4k with no activities? , thank you for your comment

often theyre miners. Especially early miners (from when the POW reward was higher).

if you look them up on steemd, youll almost almost always find a lot of XXX found a pow on t heir account. for example ashliegh or any of the badgers...

Incidentally, it looks like "michael-a" and michael B were created by the steemit account, and got all their vests from there... this makes it look some kind of accounting thing.

As an Investor, I am differently starting to consider my first steem investment. My confidence is growing day by day. Nothing too serious but a $1,000-$2,000 is likely start. I like the constant changes to the platform, people are really keeping steem up to date.

Good choice bro , you're the first investor who comment on this post :)

Well said bro, we should really power up because steemit is going to be the next evolving social media network ...

Thanks for the reminder though!

Thank you for your comment bro , hope this post help you :)

I am powering up my Steem as I earn it. I just quit my job so I am going to be posting a lot of new and original material drawn from my blog on facebook that I shut down recently, but I archived it thinking it really deserves to be kept online and I could benefit from reading through it again myself. The fact that Steem is not only a way to reward and help curate content, but also a speculative instrument, means that this will grow bigger, inevitably, because the people posting will continue to increase. And it can't be shut down, so long as people keep hosting nodes, and if there is money in it, they will.

Truly, Steemit is an example of anarchocapitalism done right. Thank God there has been this persistent, and strong cypherpunk community that has gradually found ways to realise the visions of the cyberpunk movement. Really, we are building a new system of government, where no single group can force their will on the rest. This will start off a great renaissance, and I think, most importantly, is how we will gather the wealth required to build what we need to expand beyond the boundaries of this little blue planet.

Ideally it will be the content providers who are have the Steem power but for now it is the investors. In order for Steemit to be successful this transition must begin otherwise the quality of posts will decay over time.

That's right bro , thank you for your comment :)

I am a bit concerned that the coin supply is expanding too rapidly, coupled with a low daily trading volume. 12% of the total supply was generated in the past 3 weeks.

I think this is the reason why it is 'tied' to the US dollar, it wont grow in value like bitcoin but instead it will have predictable money creation supply. Same as the mining of gold, they may have to patch/adjust it in the future but I still see your concern. I still see it way more stable than fiat currencies because we have no fucking idea have much the federal reserve is going to print in the future, let alone who owns it.

Yeah you're right I have see that too

Well, I join you. Investments should be profitable.

Good decision bro , hope you the best, thank you for your comment

While I don't agree on most of your "fundamental" analysis I think Steem found its bottom and if it continues to grows from here it will definitely be a reversal signal.

May be you're right bro, I have just tell what I found and give proofs :)

Sure and you did a good job. I personally would like to wait and see how the platform evolve in the next months before investing. It still needs a lot of work and it won't hit critical mass anytime soon in my opinion. We are early adopters already so no need to rush.

Great post! I'm just starting to look into the trading side of things. Thank you for walking through your analyzing process, it is really helpful.

Thank you for your comment bro :)

Thanks for the info. I think that this is a revolutionary thing too. I will invest in SP soon ;)

Good decision bro, hope for you the best :)

Should i convert my SBD to Steem?

yep, and then power up, but steel your decision bro

But leaving the SBD gives me interest...
So a powerup is better?

it's the same with steem power you will get interest, you should compare on your account before making a decision , I see you get small interest for sdb , any way try both and make your decision

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