Behind Steemit #15 - Money out of Steemit

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In this project we will not accuse anyone, we will only show the information that goes unnoticed by the common user, and even, for the whales.

Report nº15

Users involved: @eeqj, @c91c2dfbf2f5.

Picking up with the last post, we have this user. No posts and money received from accounts that also receive money from Steemit official page in a sort of money circle to not leave traces.




All this money is getting out of Steemit to individual wallets and the powering down just begun.


Proof of the above. One of the accounts that transfer him money receiving money from Steemit itself.



Where did he got his money? Steemit. No word from nobody, we don't even know if it is an internal worker but... thousands or even millions of dollars for a work... hmmm, that sounds too awesome to be true.

Edit #1: This account belongs to sneak, from It adds up.

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have tons of information that we will we posting eventually. Hope you guys can support us to make a more clean and transparent community.


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i wonder if the truth matters to people.

Regardless it matters to me. I'll always back these things to the extent i can....and greatly appreciate what you are doing to help.

Truth does matter. It has to.

Indeed without truth there is no progress, only downfall, eventually.


Think about a good journalist. He may not have the power to change things by himself, but when exposing truths behind the scenes, It start to hit people that can actually do something.

the truth brings more value for the community as a whole. i like how this just gives facts and doesnt really tell people what to think.

Give info, help people see connections when there may be some...and just leave it to the readers to figure out.

So as not to cause any kinda uproar.. Love the approach.

It certainly matters to me, as well! I upvoted your post and hope to read more valuable content such as this from you in the near future!

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Liquidation from founders and early investors, well see if steem survives, regardless, social media on blockchain is not going away or getting put back in the tube

I would like to do a new behindsteemit talk with you if you are interested. Please contact me on discord. Its very important to support efforts like these.

Exposing such truth is important for us all to be aware of the matter as well as for us to remediate to such situations rising in the future.

Thanks a lot for sharing, namaste :)

I guess someone is misusing Steemit. We must take some actions by reporting these users.

I think the account user might have bought Steem Power and now it's cashing out. What do you say?

Personally I like to watch @dan's transfers :-)! It always makes me laugh.

Wow, never spotted that before. If so much steem is going out of the platform like this I am surprised the price of steem is going up so well at the moment... But I might be totally misreading this.

I won't be able to tell you more, because I don't know more. I'm just having fun to see that Dan takes out a lot of Steem every day, anyway he deserved it, thanks to him we can enjoy this platform :-D !!

@ned has given @dan plenty of reason to power down. now with that said, dan's transfers are also transparent and not through a sock puppet account either. So hard to compare (though I am pretty sure you werent to be clear).

At least he's consistent.

Exactly, too bad he didn't go through Bitshares, it would have been nice for me :-D !

Upvoted and resteemed. I'm interested to know where the rabbit hole leads.

Greatly appreciate what your doing here. We new to know the truth. It’s quite unfair that lots of people do nothing and yet cash out on a daily basis while there are people who actually have content and yet nothing to show for it. Oh well it all good. Nice post bro👍

Power and money attracts bad dudes and so we need good dudes to weed them out. Thank you for your energy in doing this.

This is definitely one of the best post I've read today. The investigation is top notch.
I wonder how this continues to go unnoticed.

Wonderful post!

it didnt go unnoticed by you! :)

Perhaps someone uses steemit as a payment system?

Saya sangat menyukai posting anda👌👍👏👏

Unique Taste U GOT!I @Upvoted & @Resteemed U...

Didn’t know about this kind of modus before. Woah.

Thank you for this great investigation and I think it would be very good for the community if you give us all the tons of information you have.

Wow, that's concerning, to say the least.

Thanks for sharing this content! It does seem unfair to the users who are creating original content and only have pennies to show for their efforts. One of the traits that I continuously mention in my posts here and on other platforms is honesty! I want to see more transparency here at Steemit as I deem it of greatest importance that everyone is treated fairly and truthfully, not just those with a high reputation score and tons of SBD!

Hi, is there a way to contact you? I find this kind of Work Very helpful and needed. For this platform work we need transparency, so this kind of fact information must be visible, so i would help If i could.
Also some tracking must be some in the @haejin case. Berniesanders might have good intentions but he doesnt work with facts, only emotions, and that is a problem.

I dont think he has good intentions when you look at what he does. "good intentions" never start with demeaning others. this self censorship of people because of threats of downvotes from whales has to stop...

its going to kill steem and my $1m stake in it.

just my two cents...but then again ive been kicked by bernie from a channel and community i was helping. he'd kick me from here too if he could.

Like they say: the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions

I just discover your works. Auditing the blockchain and reveal what is public but difficult to see at first sight is more than necessary. Also this kind of news must be known and massively publicized so that Steem "citizens / members" know what is happening in the ecosystem.

Thanks for bringing attention to this!

Interesting post, ties well with my post from a few days ago
I also came across some strange transfers on whales accounts but as my technical knowledge isn't that high, I am not sure that I drew the right conclusions, would appreciate your input to these matters.

It's good to know the truth. I'm busting my butt providing content and curating and someone is trying to take a shortcut. That's just totally not right. Yeah, we want and need to know the truth.

if you want to do a real expose then look into what is going on with the upvote bots, that whole market place is rotten to the core, scammy as scam can get

I remember when I started calling out the Steemit account on my weekly exchange transfer reports. Then, they no longer showed up but I started seeing the random string of characters accounts which Steemit is funding. Most likely they are just trying to make things a little more difficult to track as far as their expenses.

I wish Steemit ran as an open company with open books. Wouldn't that be interesting.

open books.... might as well ask to "audit the fed". Seems about the same likelihood.

luke...yes it would...

I wish i had known about all these things you were finding. Please feel free to message me when you see odd things. If we self govern well...steem price only benefits, and this helps whales most...

I try not to read into the numbers too much, but each of my weekly exchange transfer reports are interesting in their own way. Each one links to all the previous ones as well.

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